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8 Best Browsers for Windows 11 in 2023

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After installing Windows 11, every user seeks the best browser. We all know that an excellent browser plays a significant role in day-to-day life and it may also impact the speed of your overall system as most browsers are RAM and CPU hungry!

By default, Windows 11 comes with Microsoft Edge, which offers good options for browsing, bookmarking, setting the default search engine, etc. But the only drawback with Microsoft Edge is, that most of the extensions/add-ons aren’t compatible and this is one of the reasons why users like you start searching for an alternative browser for Windows 11.

That said, we have curated the list of the 8 best browsers for Windows 11 by examining every possible aspect from privacy to speed. Let’s have a look at each one of them in detail!

Best Browser for Windows 11

Go through our list of the best lightweight and fastest browsers for Windows 11.

1. Brave

Brave Browser

This open-source and free Brave browser has secured the first position in our list of the fastest browsers for Windows 11. Bravo Software has developed this browser based on Chromium Engine. There are many features available in this browser, which make it different from others.

The first and most praised aspect of the Brave browser is that it is entirely focused on privacy. “Brave shield” is the privacy-oriented feature of the Brave browser, which blocks online ads, secures your online activities, and prevents other tracking trackers of websites. Secondly, the Brave browser provides its users access to the “Tor.”

Tor is one of the best browsers to keep your browsing history and location secure. Lastly, we can say it is the lightest browser for Windows 11 as it utilizes minimal resources. Owing to this, it has been observed that it consumes one-third lesser of the battery than other browsers.

All in all, it is the best and most convenient alternative option for you if you are concerned about your privacy while surfing the net.

Download Brave

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Undoubtedly, Google Chrome must be the second option after Brave. Of course, it was the 1st choice for Windows 8 users back then. It’s a widely adopted and appreciated browser. There are various features provided in Google Chrome that have made it the most exciting service.

In Google Chrome, you can easily access the Google services such as Gmail, Google Drive, and many more. Moreover, as it is a versatile browser, it can be used on your Smartphone and other devices.

So, while using it from a different device, you can access your entire data via a Google account. Just log in with the same Google account on other devices to sync your data using cloud storage services.

Moreover, you will get to use various extensions from its extensive collection at your convenience to make your work productive, effective, and faster. Of course, you can use the same extensions on your Brave browser too as it is based on Chromium

To provide security, it operates every website you open separately to prevent the harm of unsafe websites. However, you will get all of these services at the cost of high usage of RAM. You can easily tackle this problem by closing unnecessary tasks using the task manager in Chrome.

Download Google Chrome

3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

The majority of us know the Internet Explorer, which used to be the default browser of Windows services. Well, Microsoft Edge is the revised version of that Internet Explorer. As it is an upgraded version, many features are updated and added to give a fantastic user experience to the users, which are discussed below.

As Microsoft development is based on the Chromium engine, it is integrated with Windows 11. It has been given an aesthetic interface with handy features which assist in fostering our productivity.

These features include vertical tabs to perform any task appropriately, Reading Mode, Read Aloud, Smart copy feature, Security to your login credentials, and advanced tracking blocking options like strict, essential, and balance.

On top of that, a strong threat sensor is provided, which detects the harmful website and notifies you if it is not safe to open. Also, the InPrivate mode is improved along with tracking blocking services.

Overall, it is an ideal choice for you if you seek the best and most lightweight browser for your Windows 11, but there is cutthroat competition between this and Google Chrome. You will get Bing as a default search engine. But in case, if you aren’t happy with Edge, feel free to change the default browser to some other browser in your Windows 11 PC. 

Download Microsoft Edge

4. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Earlier, Mozilla Firefox was the first choice of everyone when it was to choose the best and the fastest browser. But over time, as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have started gaining popularity, the popularity of Mozilla Firefox decreased.

However, to stay in the competition, Mozilla Firefox has advanced its features and services to make it excellent and attract users. So we must recommend you make it your utmost choice.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the lightest internet browsers we have ever come across. It takes less time to load anything you search or desire to access and uses much fewer resources.

Eventually, it would be the perfect option to save battery and use your RAM effectively, especially if you are an avid game lover. At last, it is a privacy-focused browser. It prevents the trackers and blocks harmful websites if you try to reach them.

Download Mozilla Firefox

5. Opera


Opera is also one of the ideal browsers for Windows 11, which we have observed because of its unique features. We recommend you go with it because Opera is the fastest browser, consumes minimum system resources and memory, and gives optimum performance.

On top of that, it has been observed that Opera is providing extraordinary built-in VPN services. If you are an avid game lover, then no other browser can give you a fantastic service like Opera, as Opera has a particular browser dedicated to the game, which is known as Opera GX.

Moreover, if we talk about its fantastic interface, then it includes a sidebar where you can add your favorite apps to access it quickly whenever you want it.

Download Opera

6. Vivaldi


If you found that using the predefined and predesigned browser tabs is monotones, then Vivaldi is the best option. Vivaldi is a customizable browser. It gives you numerous customization options.

Using them, you can adjust the browser appearance at your convenience. Likewise, in Opera, you can pin the sites you frequently use here, so it will save your time and make it accessible.

As the co-founder of Opera also develops Vivaldi, you will get certain identical services like Opera. Further, it is the perfect choice for power users.

If you do not have efficient time to open every tab and analyze the content, you can hover your mouse cursor on the tab to see the content.

Download Vivaldi

7. Tor

Tor Browser

Though you have not used the Tor browser ever before, you must have heard the name of the Tor browser anywhere. Tor is a private browser that, thanks to its excellent security and capacity, make a user surf the internet anonymously, and puts you on the safe side of the internet.

It’s free and open-source, and it lets you access dark websites even though such websites have blocked your ISP. This browser is a little heavy, but it has the most delicate security features.

Tor Browser is a fantastic browser to use if you don’t want to utilize a VPN on your pc. Because it covers IP addresses and provides complete privacy when surfing the internet, thus, it is one of the best browsers for Windows 11.

Download Tor

8. UR Browser

UR Browser

If privacy and security are your utmost priority while browsing the internet, the UR browser should be your top pick. UR browser provides complete privacy and identity protection, so you do not have to worry about your data.

In case you are downloading anything and it is harmful to your device, then the UR browser scan for the viruses automatically. It stops downloading process if there is anything harmful.

Moreover, you will get four times faster-downloading speed than the other ordinary browsers. Also, it is customizable to design as per your choice, and, using the filter, can access your desired news. VPN is also integrated for the protection of internet activities.

Download UR Browser

This ends the list of some of the finest internet browsers available for Windows 11. Also, did you know that you can use the Safari browser on Windows 11?

Well, I’m sure you must still have a few questions related to web browsers that are waiting to be answered. That said, have you ever wondered which one of these is the faster ever? Let’s find out the answers to a few such questions!

Which Browser is Fastest for Windows 11?

Brave is the fastest browser for Windows 11 as it uses lesser CPU resources and RAM. The Brave browser loads 2 times faster on desktop than Chrome and Firefox and it loads 8 times faster on mobile than Chrome. Now that’s really blazing fast considering we know how RAM hungry are other browsers except Brave.

Is DuckDuckGo a Browser?

DuckDuckGo is not a browser but it’s a search engine that offers private and secure browsing. It has an extension available for users that can be added to any browser to keep all your information private and safe. Of course, DuckDuckGo is a browser for Android and iOS users that can be used on smartphones and tablets. That said, a plethora of users are asking is duckduckgo safe or not, well, let me tell you that it’s far safer than its counterparts!

Is Chrome or Edge Better for Windows 11?

Chrome is a RAM-hungry browser and Edge is a Chromium-based web browser that also consumes more RAM and utilizes enough CPU resources. So in my opinion, Brave is a better browser for Windows 11.

Is Microsoft Edge Really Necessary?

Microsoft Edge comes pre-installed with Windows 11. So it’s up to you to decide whether you really need the Edge browser or want a better browser. It’s not mandatory to use Microsoft Edge, you can uninstall it if not needed.

Can Chrome be Used with Windows 11?

Yes, you can use Chrome with Windows 11 laptop or PC. It’s one of the popular browsers worldwide but if you’re worried about the browsing speed, it’s better to go for an alternative as Chrome gets slow when more tabs are opened!

Final Verdict on the Lightweight Browsers for Windows 11

These are the 8 best browsers for Windows 11 which we have examined and observed. You can choose any of the above browsers by keeping the specifications that you want in your browser in mind. If you ask me to pick the best of all, I would surely suggest you start exploring the Brave browser and you’ll never turn back to any other browser for sure. Stay tuned to GeniusGeeks.com for further updates on Windows 11 guides!


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