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How to Find What is Running in Windows 11

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If your website is running slow and lagging then it is very important to find what is the reason. Windows OS comes with some useful built-in tools that allow you to troubleshoot or diagnose issues with the system. One of the most useful tools is the task manager.

You can see which app is running in the background, and which app is using more RAM or CPU using a task manager. If you are experiencing lagging with your OS then the first thing you should do is check the task manager.

You will get a detailed report about all the running apps in the background. There are many other 3rd party tools that will; help you but task manager is a built-in and free tool.

In the task manager, go to the process tab and select the app that you want to kill or stop. Click on the End now button to kill the app. That directly ends the task or app that is open.

That said, if you wish to find what’s running in the background without your notice, here’s how you can find it with ease.

How to Find What is Running in the Background in Windows 11

You can use the command prompt tool to check all the running apps or view a list of processes. Here is a command to check all running apps in the background using cmd.

Step 1: Open the command prompt tool. Open the start menu and then search for cmd.

Step 2: Click on the Run as administrator option in the right sidebar.

Open CMD and click on Run as admin

Step 3: In the command prompt, type the following command and press enter.

tasklist (Command Prompt) or get-process (Powershell)

tasklist CMD command

You will see all the running processes and services in your terminal window. You can also use this other command to view a list of all running apps and services in the background in Windows 11.

Step 4: You can run this command both in cmd and Powershell.

wmic process get ProcessId,Description,ParentProcessId

run wmic process command

Besides this, you can also use an Antivirus program to view all running programs in the background.

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Final Words

If you are facing issues with your Windows 11 and want to check all background apps then this article is for you. Above we have shared how you can find what is running in the background.

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