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Download & Install HipStore on iOS 15/14 Without Jailbreak!

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Are you tired of using the official iTunes & Apps Store, which no doubt has the highest security but doesn’t let you experiment with your apps without costing you a dime? Do you want to save all that money you have spent on paid apps? Then, HipStore is your way to go!

Well, it’s time that you know how to get free iOS paid apps for free. The developers have come up with an exclusive app known as HiPStore which allows you to download all the premium iOS 15 apps for free.

HiPStore is a one stop solution for everyone who is looking to download iOS paid apps for free of cost. To save money and as well to get the apps for free, you can download the HiPStore app and that too without jailbreaking the device. It’s pretty much similar to TutuApp VIP and AppValley VIP as well.

HipStore iOS 14 Download

Features of HipStore 

Gaining popularity since its launch, the app has been proved to be efficient among the users without any complaints. In case if you’re searching for alternative apps for the HiPStore, you can find few apps like the VShare, Zeusmos, Installous, Kuaiyong etc but none of them can provide you the full cracked version of iOS apps.

Also, HiPStore supports different languages and therefore you can choose the language that you’re comfortable in and that’s why it has been gaining audience across the globe. If we see most of such apps, all of them tend to be in Chinese or Japanese without any settings making it hard for the users to use the apps.

So, it is preferred to get HipStore on your iOS devices rather than using any of its alternatives. It comes with many apps, instant messengers, games and a lot more which are not actually officially available on the iTunes. The downloading and installation of apps from HiPStore is similar to that of the iTunes installation and therefore it’s not a rocket science to get apps from it.

How to Install HiPStore iOS 15/14 without Jailbreak?

#1. Open the device and then launch the Safari browser on your device. Click on this link and wait for the page to load. It will directly download HipStore iOS 15 or iPadOS on your iPhone or iPad respectively.

Note: If the page is not found, it can be understood that HipStore is no more available for iOS 15 or earlier devices.

#2. From the page, tap ‘Install Profile Screen‘ and then tap on the ‘Install‘ option against located on the top right of the screen.

#3. You will find one more ‘Install’ button towards the bottom again. Tap on it and click on the ‘Done‘ button. Exit from the website screen and go to the system tray menu.

#4. Here, open the iOSEmus app and scroll down the list of apps that are installed on your device to find the “HiPStore” option and tap on it.

#5. In the “Signed Installation“, find the “Install” option and tap on it to get a prompt saying api.builto.io would want to install HiPStore. Tap on the Install button once more.

#6. Now, get back to the home screen to see the app installed on your device. Open the HiPStore download version and start getting cracked versions of the iOS apps for free.

ios.hipstore.mobi for iPhone and iPadSo this is how you can install Hipstore iOS 15 & 14 for iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak. In order to visit the official website directly, you need to enter ios.hipstore.mobi from your Safari browser to directly download the app. Confused? Follow the below given procedure to understand it completely and download HipStore.

An Alternative Method of Installing HiPStore Without Jailbreaking the Device

#1. The other way of downloading and installing HiPStore on your iOS device is by opening the Safari browser on your device.

#2. Enter the text ios hipstore mobi in the address bar (or hipstore.mobi) and wait for the page to load. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and search for the iOS icon with an Apple symbol. Tap on it.

#3. A page will pop up with a message displaying “redczn.com would like to install HiPStore“. Tap “Install” first and then tap on the “Dismiss” button effective immediately. Go to the Home screen and now check the logo of the HiPStore app.

#4. You can simply open HiPStore and start using the app effective immediately.

All these procedures are for non-jailbroken devices but if your device is jailbroken, you need to install iNoCydia on your iOS devices.

How to Change Language in HiPStore on iOS 15?

#1. Changing the language in HiPStore is an easy thing to do. Firstly, download the app and launch HiPStore from the tray menu.

#2. Now, on the home page go to the top left and click on it to get the Cai Dat option. From the menu, click on “Ngon Ngu“.

#3. This step will give you a sub-menu with the list of languages. Tap English and wait for the app to gets translated into English.

So this is how you can easily change the language to English in HipStore if you are facing issues with the default language.

Conclusion of HipStore

Having said that, you can download countless cracked versions of iOS premium apps for free using HiPStore, and in case you have doubts regarding the installation or usage of the app,s approach us so that we can get back to you with a proper solution. We at GeniusGeeks blog will post more tutorials and guides for iOS users regularly!

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