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Download Pokemon Go on PC with Bluestacks & Nox

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Pokemon Go PC is Now Working with Bluestacks Latest Version Update. It has been a while that we saw an update to play the latest version of Pokemon Go PC with any of the emulators. But Bluestacks has finally come up with a solution. All you need to do is, uninstall the older version of Bluestacks and download the new version.

It’s now possible to play Pokemon Go on PC using Bluestacks emulator. To install the latest version of Pokemon GO PC game on your laptop or computer, Bluestacks is a must. So if you want to play Pokemon Go on an App Player, you must download Bluestacks Android emulator now!

Bluestacks Pokemon Go PC Download

How many of you are those who watched Pokemon cartoon way back in 1990’s? Well, if you have landed here, you are sure to enjoy the Pokemon Go on computer. I know that many of you are going crazy by playing the Pokemon Go game on your Android and iOS devices but how about playing it on your PC? It’s possible through an Android emulator!

There are many emulators that let you play games and apps on your Windows PC and even Mac operating systems. And one of the best amongst them is Nox Player emulator. This player is the finest of Bluestacks alternative too but not better than LeapDroid these days which is working fine with latest Pokemon Go update. Nox App Player is loved by many in the recent past due to its awesome design and simple interface which is easy to use. Well, not talking much about the best Android emulators now, let’s see what’s Pokemon Go game is all about!

Gameplay of Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go game has already taken the world by storm with billions of downloads within a week! The real-time users of Pokemon Go are more than Twitter these days. 😮 So you can just imagine that craze in the people for Pokemon Go PC game. The gameplay of Pokemon Go game is very simple. All you need to do is Download Pokemon Go game from the official Google PlayStore, launch it and get started to find your favorite characters around you.

Bluestacks Pokemon Go PC Download

Pokemon Go Characters

Do you remember Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Charmeleon and many more characters in the Pokemon Cartoon show? If yes, then you are surely going to love this game! Pick your Pokemon Go character around you, find someone who already have one and start battling with them to show your class. The more games you win, the more Pokemon Go characters are under your belt!

Pokemon Go Bluestacks and Characters

When you play Pokemon Go on PC, there are certain changes you need to do in the Nox App Player to run the game in a perfect manner! At the end of this post, I have provided a YouTube tutorial which will guide you the changes to be made in your Nox App Player to play Pokemon Go for PC! Check the below-given procedure to know how to download Pokemon Go PC game and how to play it without any hassles!

Download Pokemon Go PC Game on Windows 10 using Bluestacks or Nox App Player

Before playing take a note that Pokemon Go for PC is available in the selected countries. So make sure that you change the default geolocation in your Bluestacks to the USA or any other country where the game is officially released! So here’s how you can start the Bluestacks Pokemon Go PC download!

#1. The first thing is to download Bluestacks on your PC. Once done, install Bluestacks and sign in using your Google Play account. Next, install Pokemon Go using the built-in Play Store.

#2. Once you are done with the downloading process, launch the game and change the geo-location so that there ain’t any restrictions for you if the game if not released in your country!

#3. Once you change the Pokemon Go PC settings in your Bluestacks, it’s time to get into action now!

#4. Now that you have changed the location, you will now be able to find the Pokemon Go characters around you. Just pick your favorite one, find someone to play with and start the war to collect more in your Pokedex!

#5. Keep moving, keep hustling around the world to get the best of fighters in your team. It’s an adventurous journey to start with.

I am sure you will have lots of fun and at times, you will remember your school days where you used to watch Pokemon Cartoon.

So now that you know how to download and play Pokemon GO PC game, it’s now time to have a look at the minimum system requirements to run the game in a smooth way!

Pokemon Go PC

Minimum System Requirements to Install and Play Pokemon Go on Bluestacks or Nox

As the game is highly graphical, tracks your location and lets you go anywhere to search your favorite Pokemon, it takes a lot of space on your laptop or computer. So to make sure the game don’t stuck in between, you need to have the below-given system requirements on your PC. And most importantly you most have Bluestacks.

#1. Make sure that the RAM in your Laptop or Computer running on Windows 7/8/10 is at least 2GB

#2. The processor must be above 2.2 GHz and it would be better if you can go with i3 or higher versions

#3. Minimum of 2GB disk space is required to store the game

#4. And last but not the least, the Graphic card must be at least of 1GB. Although, 2GB video memory will perform well!

So these are some of the system requirements to play Pokemon Go Bluestacks game!

Just hold on, it’s not over yet! There’s more to this post guys! Before you start playing Pokemon Go for PC game on your Bluestacks or Nox Player emulator, you need to note few points to play safe!

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Take Care of These Things While Playing Pokemon Go Nox on Your PC!

  • This game is just a trail version of original Pokemon Go game. So Nox App Player doesn’t guarantee that game will run all the time. It’s the location which you use will decide how long the game will run on your PC.
  • Don’t move too long when you are playing Pokemon Go on Nox! It may result in Ban as it might be considered as abnormal action.
  • And if the Pokemon always run away from you, maybe it’s due to ban. So make sure that you don’t get banned from it. Of course, the ban will be removed after half an hour. But still, beware!
  • As said, this is just the trial version, you just wait for the official release to get the perfect results for all countries across the globe! These points were taken from the official Twitter handle of Nox App Player. Thanks for letting your users know about these attentions.


Here are few frequently asked questions by Pokemon gaming freaks! I’ve tried my best to answer the most of them.

#1. How to get Pokemon Go to work on Bluestacks?

Whilst a lot of users are facing authentication issues while playing Pokemon Go on Bluestacks, I’ve found that re-installing Bluestacks and sideloading latest APK file of Pokemon Go can solve this issue.

#2. Can I Play Pokemon Go on PC?

There are a plethora of Android emulators available these days but the best that works are Bluestacks, Nox Player and MeMu emulator. So yes, you can still play Pokemon Go on PC using these emulators.

#3. Can I download Pokemon Go on my laptop?

Yes, you can download Pokemon Go on laptop just like you do it on your computer with the help of Bluestacks or Nox Player emulator.

#4. Is Bluestacks Legal?

Bluestacks is 100% legal until you do not use it in any wrong work. If you’re using it to run games and use Android apps on PC, it’s completely fine, but if you’re using it to modify a device’s hardware, it’s considered illegal.

#5. Can I install Google Play on my PC?

Of course, there’s no direct way to do it, you can still use Google Play on PC using the web version. But to download it, you need to use Android emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MeMu etc.

#6. How to play Pokemon go on PC without emulator?

To play Pokemon GO on PC without an emulator, you need to install any third-part simulation software like iAnyGo, dr.fone – Virtual Location, etc. Take note that these simulation software are sometimes limited to iOS only.

Conclusion of Pokemon Go for PC

So, I hope that you got enough information on Pokemon Go PC game in this post. I am damn sure that you are going to enjoy each and every moment by playing this game on the best ever Android emulator, Bluestacks! If you face any issues, you can check this guide on Bluestacks Pokemon Go unable to authenticate error which solves the issue of all inabilities of PoGo while playing it on PC or laptop.

Don’t forget to share this post on your social media accounts so that you can play this amazing game with your friends or loves ones! Happy Pokemoning.

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