5 Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery Cases Reviewed!

Earlier, we have reviewed the best cases & covers and best power banks for iPhone 13 Pro Max. I hope you must have read those two articles. However, is carrying both of these things the whole day irritating for you? Then here is the cure to this problem. We have analyzed and selected the 5 best iPhone 13 Pro Max battery cases for you. We can describe these cases as a jack of all trades, as they will assist you to charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max along with providing excellent protection.

Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery Cases

Considering every aspect of the ideal battery case, we have listed the 5 best battery cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max for you.

1. Gin Foxi Battery Case with Heavy Safety Protection (7,000 mAh)

Make your iPhone 13 Pro Max’s battery life double or triple. 7000 mAh powerful charging of GIN FOXI battery case can charge your iPhone twice or thrice. Place your iPhone 13 Pro Max in the charging case and press the power button for 3 seconds to initiate the charging process.

Extraordinary protection of these cases must be appreciated. In-built smart security chip provides protection from short-circuit, overheating, and overcharging. While raised bezels and hard shell backplates resist damages from scratches and collision. The best part is, it comes with a screen protector too along with a 7000 mAh battery case. Given the large capacity, it makes it on top of our best iPhone 13 Pro Max battery cases list!

2. Alpatronix Slim Fit Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Due to the reliable charging abilities of the Aplatronix battery cases, it has secured the top position in our list. By means of a 6500 mAh UL-TESTED battery, you can easily get charged your iPhone 13 Pro Max without any troubles. While you can charge your iPhone case using wired or wireless chargers.

In addition to this, a durable and tough case will guard your iPhone 13 Pro Max against sudden falls and drops. Also, Raised bezels provide excellent protection from scratches along with 1- year warranty and kind customer service.

3. Newdery Battery Case with Qi Wireless Charging Pad

The Newdery battery case is one of the best battery cases we have found because of its Qi wireless charging pad. Qi wireless charging pad allows you to charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max and the case simultaneously. Exciting! Now there is no need to waste time to charge both of these things separately.

As far as protection is concerned, a rigid shell plate will provide exceptional protection to your iPhone 13 Pro Max. And, built-in smart chip resists overheating, short-circuit, and overcharging damages. All in all, this is one of the best iPhone 13 Pro Max battery cases we have observed.

4. SNSOU Portable Charger with Raised Rubber Frame

Are you also facing frequent repairing costs of the dropping damages? But the SNSOU’s portable charger case with an extraordinary rubber frame can provide protection from drops, falls, collisions, and scratches. Also, you will have proper access to the various ports, buttons, and functions due to its appropriate cutouts.

The charging installation process is also very convenient. You have to slide your iPhone 13 Pro Max inside the case and hold it for a few seconds. Charging will be started! After purchasing, if you face any difficulty, you will contact their services and also avail the benefit of the 12-month refund warranty.

5. Jerss Battery Case with Sync-through Technology

With the sync-through technology, you can easily sync your iPhone 13 Pro Max with another device such as Mac or PC without removing the battery case. There is no threat of any adversity with Jerss’s battery cases as these 8500 mAh battery case is approved by CE, FC, and RoHs. Moreover, this battery case is competent to charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max fully within no time.

One thing you should keep in mind about the Jerss’s this portable battery case is that it is only compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max, and it does not support wireless charging. However, charging cable is included in the package, and it also supports headphone which comes with your iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Our Top Pick – The Best Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Overall, every above-mentioned case is the best iPhone 13 Pro Max battery case. However, among all of them, we have observed GIN FOXI battery case with heavy safety protection has given excellent performance to charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max and guard it against external damages. Keep following us to read the detailed description and honest reviews of various iPhone 13 accessories.

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