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Geometry Dash PC Download Full Version Free for Windows 7/8/10/11

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Geometry Dash PC

A side scrolling game that involves running and challenging with wide levels that are to be crossed, Geometry Dash PC has acquired popularity of its own, especially among the gaming community. It became prominent on smartphones and tablets with millions of users downloading the game across the world.

Geometry Dash PC has been developed by the Robert Tapola also known as RobTop Games, a franchise which developed and released many other Android and iOS games since few years. Launched in December 2015; this game can be played on different platforms including Android phones, Windows phones, Microsoft Windows, OS X etc.

It is a game with a rhythm of 20 levels and an exclusive background theme to go with it for each level. The user of the game, unlike other games, doesn’t have to complete the entire level to proceed to the next one. As the levels increase, the difficulty of the game also increases with new features being added in each level. Also, in the recent version of the game, many new features are added including the level editor, few new modes, hidden coins, several map packs.

Geometry Dash is a 3+ rated game even with a small file size say 3M, and therefore it doesn’t occupy much space on your device. It is a dynamic and addictive game and only after playing the game for a while, you will get to know the difficulty and yet you will keep playing the game.

Geometry Dash PC

Features of the Geometry Dash PC

In Geometry Dash PC, you can jump, fly through your way and reach next levels with ease. While you think that you have crossed a danger, you will find a challenge waiting for you at the next level. You can push the limits as you fly, jump and flip the way through obstacles and passages with this simple one touch game that has the ability to keep you entertained for hours.

  1. Various levels with different soundtracks for each level.
  2. Action platforming with rhythm synchronisation.
  3. Build the levels and edit them using the editor. Share the levels with your friends and neighbors.
  4. Unlock new colors, themes, icons to customize the character.
  5. Flip the gravity and fly few rockets.
  6. Play in the practice mode to sharpen the skills.
  7. Get rewards in the form of XP points, coins and rewards.
  8. It is a free game which doesn’t involve any in-app purchases and which challenges you with unpredictabilities all the time.

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Geometry Dash for PC – Game Play

The control of the game is as easy as taking a walk in the park. You just have to single tap the screen to move in the game and interaction can take place whenever the player presses on the screen. The speed of the icon is impossible and should be controlled by the user unless until you change it. However, the rhythm and time are the important parts of Geometry Dash for PC. The goal of the game is to overcome all the 20 levels by finishing them or by reaching the end of the game.

Unfortunately, if the user bumps into an obstacle, they have to start the particular level from the start. All the levels are unlocked from the start so that you can play any level that you want. Apart from that, a player can collect around three coins on the ground and air to complete a level. Geometry Dash PC has the similar game dynamic as the floppy bird and many other games.

Geometry Dash PC Download

However, this game has been removed from the Google Play Store because of the addictive phenomena. To the point of the removal, games like Geometry Dash PC have gained huge popularity just on the internet.

How to Play Geometry Dash on PC?

A total of six different forms are available to be occupied, and these forms act in varying ways when interacted. The forms can either be reformed or changed with different portals, but the actions can only be changed using mini-portals. For example, if you want to change the gravity of the form, you can use the gravity portals to turn the gravity upside down, causing a whole of 32 variations of Geometry Dash for PC game.

Many portals have a wide domain of shapes, and they have the ability to affect the pace, size and shape of the main form. Achievements are considered to be the important factors in the game as they can only be unlocked after performing certain actions, for example, getting stars, covering levels, adding acquaintances, liking activities, rating levels, special achievements etc.

After attaining few achievements, the user can be rewarded with points, colors and coins which can influence the customization of an icon.  After covering any level of the twenty levels in Geometry Dash PC game, you will be rewarded with particular things. For example, it might seem that getting three coins in a level, poor but with levels passing, the difficulty of collecting them hikes that you might wish they turn into one. All the levels are sorted by complexity and difficulty.

Sounds and Visuals of Geometry Dash

Talking about the visuals, Geometry Dash PC is beautiful and pretty with a lot of animals, vibrant themes, colours, solid framerate being included in the game which complements the gameplay but will not distract you at any cost. The colour scheme is flexible, and it changes from one level to another which is impressive and confusing.

The soundtrack of Geometry Dash for PC is remarkable as it is an amalgamation of both techno and house music. Even the levels that are created by the user base using the level editor has decent music inscribed in it with each level playing a new song.

Geometry Dash for PC

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How to Download Geometry Dash APK?

  1. Geometry Dash as an Android App is available on the Google Play Store. To download the APK file, visit the play store on your device.
  2. Search for the “Geometry Dash PC” and wait for the results to load. Make sure that you’ve found the official result and click on “Install” to download the game. After clicking the “Install” button, wait for the game to be installed with patience.
  3. One other way of doing it is by downloading the file from third party resources. To enable the third party downloading, go to the System Settings> Security. Move to the Apps>Unknown sources and check the box beside it.
  4. Open a web browser or a mobile browser and enter the URL in it. Wait for the page to load and click on the ‘Download Geometry Dash APK’ button to get the APK file.
  5. If you have downloaded the file using a web browser, transfer it to your phone using an USB cord. If you are using a mobile browser, access the notification bar and locate the file.
  6. Click on ‘Install Geometry Dash APK’ option and wait for the installation to be done before you launch the game from the home tray menu.

Geometry Dash APK Download

How to optimize Geometry Dash with Hardware and Software

A comprehensive guide that brings much confusion about the optimization of GD to light!

Geometry Dash PC Download on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

  1. As it is mentioned, the Geometry Dash is only available as an APK file till now, and to enable Geometry Dash for PC, one has to use an Android emulator like Blue Stacks player or Nox App Player.
  2. Initially, try downloading the Bluestacks Player on the computer by visiting the official website of Bluestacks. After downloading the Bluestacks, launch it by clicking the shortcut icon from the desktop menu.
  3. You can play the app on the computer by using one of the two methods, either by downloading the Geometry Dash APK file and playing it with the Android emulator or by launching it and then downloading the app from the Google Play Store.
  4. After downloading the Blue Stacks player, open it and go to the home page. In the search bar, enter the word “Geometry Dash PC” and wait for the results to load. Find the legit result and click on it to get the “Install” option. Tap on the “Install” option and wait for the App to be downloaded.
  5. The app that has been downloaded will now run on the Android interface enabled by the Blue Stacks player. Play the game on a bigger and better screen.

How to Download Geometry Dash for Mac?

The procedure of downloading Geometry Dash for Mac is same as downloading Geometry Dash for Windows. All you need to do is download the rightful version of Android Emulator and download the Geometry Dash through it. There are several competitive Android emulators like Nox, MEmu player, etc. which makes it easy for the game to be played on the bigger screen.

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How to Download Geometry Dash on Mac

The only thing that is to be taken care of is that you download the rightful Mac version as the software is different for Windows and Mac and they are not compatible while used vice-versa.

Geometry Dash PC Review

As claimed, Geometry Dash PC is created in many prospects making the game exciting and intriguing for the users to play. From the start, the game was intended to be created as Geometry Dash for PC, however; later the decision has been changed when the Geometry Dash became an APK file.

Robert Topala, the creator of Geometry Dash PC, said that the game had been inspired by Super Mario and it took him around four months to release the game on the Google Play Store. From the start, the game had only seven levels but with the introduction of level editor, the additional 13 levels have been added. The whole game has a play where you turn yourself into a small cube with the only goal of navigating through different obstacles to clear a level.

All you need t do is make your cube jump by pressing the spacebar and progress in the game. With the gradual increase in levels, the cube will be transformed into different forms say ship, ball or some other shape with its own pace, size and mechanics. It is pretty obvious that Geometry Dash PC is a game like Super Mario Run and expecting it to have a plot is moronic.

However, you don’t need a plot in order to be addicted to Geometry Dash PC game. The game even simple is customizable where you can use different unlockable things that come across your way while you play the game.

Conclusion of Geometry Dash for PC

The mechanics of the actual gameplay have different levels created by the RobTop and other members of the Geometry Dash PC community. The initial levels are somehow simple, but to avoid the spikes; the difficulty keeps frustrating day by day. The level of the game has small platforms with countless dangers, and sometimes you tend to lose the control of the character’s motion.

Concluding, Geometry Dash PC is a challenging game but still is explicitly enjoyable. Though you might get tired of it after dying multiple times, you will surely open this Android game to play after few hours and practice more by playing the game in practice mode. You can also try the normal mode or special mode in order to excel yourselves eventually.

Do let us know if you face any issues while installing Geometry Dash PC on your computer or laptop or Mac books. We will be happy to help you! 😀


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