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4 Android Video Editing Apps Your Smartphone Must Have!

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Are you struck with nostalgia, the moment you see photos or videos of your childhood days? Yes, indeed as photos and videos have their own importance in bringing special moments in the lives of everyone. We cannot get back our childhood days, but our happiness and joys know no bounds. Our ancestor says, a picture is worth a thousand words.

However, the new saying in the town is a video is worth a thousand pictures. Such videos could be seen in the comfort of a cozy room of yours through already available video players in Google play store. But, before scribbling those unforgettable moments on video, you need to edit the videos through some of the video editing apps, so you can add a unique dimension to them.

Perhaps, you would want to tag them or add a watermark or add some notes so you remember the occasion when the video was taken. On the other hand, you can simply create no watermarks videos on Clipchamp. Apart from this, Android video editing apps comes in very handy when you want to edit some beautiful memories captured on your smartphone or Android tablets.

Gone are the days when, video editing was done on the powerful PCs only. Today’s smartphone has become sophisticated and powerful enough to handle such errands. Smartphone has passed the fecundation period and is now matured enough to handle such resource intensive tasks.

Quad-core, dual-core process on smartphone no longer surprises the people, as they have heard about them already. The sinewy processor and open source nature of android has allowed the growth of the applications as well.

The same development has led us to write down this post about best android video editing apps. We have multiple options with us. You may want to check out must have android music players too.

By using these apps, we can shoot highly sophisticated videos or take photos which stand out to be quite special in our lives. What better way to make such priceless and coveted moments dearer than ever before with Android phones. They help in editing as well as capturing great moments worth dying for. After all, android devices have been instrumental towards instilling never ending happiness. Isn’t it? Android video editors help towards adding charisma to your videos

Looking for coveted Android video editing apps, then the following article is going to arm you with not one but 4 of the top video editors for Android.

Free Android Video Editors

Considering the huge interest in video editing apps for Android, we have listed some of the most popular apps over here.

Filmora Automatically Generate Thumbnail for Video

1. Filmora

Filmora is a powerful thumbnail generator which mainly has the following functions:

• 3 Best Shots Analyzed From Video Content
• Effortless Thumbnail Customization
• 58 Preset Templates for Different Themes
• Supports Advanced Text & Image Editing

Automatically Generate Thumbnail for Video

vidtrim pro

1. VidTrim Pro

Such highly acclaimed and renowned software is readily available. It is considered to be the best Android video app, as it is synonymous with highly sophisticated features along with easy to use interface. There is a free version called trimmer app available in the Google Play store. It just trims down the video for you. The functions which are provided in VidTrim Pro are trimming, frame grabbing and Trans coding of your valuable videos. Although, it is not free, yet you have the luxury of getting a free trial to test its endless and everlasting benefits which will surely bring never ending smiles on your face.

videtrim for android

The pro version also includes some cool video effects, such as B/W, Negate, Pixelate, Posterize, Glow, Tint0r, Edge Detect, Luma, and SwapUV. It even has a function to share your video via email or upload it to YouTube directly.

The compressing part is something which helps in not only compressing the video but also saving the space on the device. This is something very useful, if you are running out of space on your device. You can download VidTrim Pro from this link.

androvid video editing app

2. AndroVid Video Trimmer

This Android video editing app is popular for trimming videos quickly. Looking to upload your coveted videos in the internet in order to show to the world, your priceless moments? Then, do not wait further and take the assistance of AndroVid Video Trimmer as it is able to effectively trim your videos to enhance the charismatic beauty of the video by equally doing it in smaller in size so that it gets uploaded easily.

This useful app also allows you to make a ringtone. This nifty little Android app also converts videos into MP3s, so you can convert and collect your favorite videos into much shorter audio versions. Other impressive features include some unique video effects like mirror, negate, slow/ fast motion, fade effect, etc.

Advanced functionality like grabbing a video frame and setting them up as a wallpaper is also easy like a piece of cake with AndroVid. Even, you can split the videos into two pieces if that’s what you want. In case, if you want to showcase your videos, you can share them on Facebook or upload them YouTube as well.  Download AndroVid from Google Play.

clesh for android

3. Clesh Video Editor

Clesh Video Editor stands out to be quite an advanced and sophisticated Android video editor since it edits the video in the cloud. It indeed becomes quite convenient and easy to pick up from where you left off.

As compared to other Android video editing apps, Clesh is only limited to video trimming. It has other enhanced and dedicated features in the form of filters, transitions, zooming as well as panning etc.

Note: This app is not available in Play Store any more!


The other impressive feature is that it supports a full HD (1080p) videos as well. From the application itself, you can share clips, stills and other things with your Facebook friends.

Even, you can upload video to Facebook and YouTube using this app. It is definitely deserved to be crowned as one of the best android video editing app. Unfortunately, it seems to be overpriced app. Many users are also complaining the speed issue, which should not be ignored.

4. AndroMedia Video Editor

Intuitive to use and easy to understand interface is offered by AndroMedia android video editing app. Although available for free, this app offers some of the premium features at no cost. Probably, this is the reason why people have started like application a lot. With the support for both 320/480p and HD video, AndroMedia has become the most favorite app in this segment.

Users can easily drag and drop videos for editing purposes. You can trim them, apply different filters, and apply transition effects to make the video more compelling. Some unique effects, like Ken Burns, fade-in, and fade-out, give your video a unique touch.

One can also make an audio in Mp4, mp3, wav format. Users can also capture stills from the video which can be saved in jpg and png format. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most complete video editor available in the marketplace as of writing this article.


Note: This app is not available in Play Store any more!

You can edit some of the highly priceless photos with Android photo editing apps as well. If in case your Android devices do not support the videos or movies then you can easily use a Video Convertor which will convert DVD videos and movies to Android devices supported video formats.

Now, these movies and photos will equally bring coveted smiles on your face as you proudly show them to your kith and kin in the future. After all, these moments will become dearer like never before. So what are you waiting for?  Just go ahead and grab your favorite android app and start editing videos like a pro.

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