Freedom APK Download: Get Latest Version of Freedom APK!

For all the android users those who haven’t yet heard of Freedom APK or till now not used it, reading this article you will not only get to know about Freedom app but also would give a thought to start using the app to the earliest. Freedom apk download update is available and is a very useful app especially for the android users.

With the help of Freedom APK App, you can buy coins in the games or buy gems to unlock levels, etc. It basically hacks in-app purchases and lets you make the purchases without spending a single penny from your wallet. It falls under the root-only apps category that is this app can be run only when your device is rooted before its installation.

And if you have already taken the pains to root your phone then in such case you must know how to fully utilize the opportunity as rooting your phone provides you with immense freedom.

Freedom APK Download

Features of Freedom App APK

  • Avails you with unlimited coins, gems and other premium options free of cost.
  • You can make in-app purchases.
  • Premium levels in games and apps can be unlocked.
  • Lets you have full control over any android game or app installed.
  • The latest version is bug fixed and can work perfectly in Android Marshmallow or lollipop devices.

Apps Similar to Freedom App

There are many more apps similar to Freedom apk download available in the market with which you can make in-app purchases free of cost. In all of the below mentioned apps it is required that your phone is rooted. Some of them are:

GMD Speed Time

No need to get furious when you have to wait to extract additional cash during gaming. GMD Speed Time speeds up the process to advance in the games. You can also give a try to TuTuApp APK which is an app that allows you download all paid apps for free 😛

 Market Helper

This app is not available on Google Play store for self-explanatory reasons as due to this app your rooted device looks completely different to the Google servers. It emulates another device’s finger print and gives access to apps that are otherwise restricted through Google Play. It can make your phone look like Nexus 7, Galaxy S III, Kindle Fire HD, One X+, Transformer Pad TF300, Nexus 4.

 Greenify *Root*

With this app you can set apps to go into hibernation mode after they have been in the idle in the background for too long. It does not interfere in Android’s memory management processes.


It can make your rooted Android device look like a handy USB drive without any problem. You can simply host the image over an USB to a PC by simply dropping a Linux ISO on your device.


It lets you use better app while you still have access to music from your Google account. It is a free app and lets you access locked up tracks to apps like PowerAmp. Cloud drive is mounted as local storage by the app so that it is visible to other apps and music can be streamed. It works on any device running Android 4.0 or higher.

 Network Log

There are always a number of apps running in the background in our devices and some of them keeps themselves connected to the internet. You can easily find what the apps are doing with the help of this app as it monitors IP tables and lists out the real-time active network connections for each app. Also don’t forget to check the latest Pokemon Go APK to know what’s new in Pokemon Go game.


Rooting a device gives you immense freedom from which gives immense power. It is free and open source app. You can map networks, fingerprint network devices, search for known vulnerabilities, crack flawed passwords, hijack sessions, etc.

Freedom APK Download

Freedom Apk downloader is a tool that can be used to download applications in your PC.

  • Go to Chrome and click on top right corner.
  • Toggle on the tools bar option among the different options shown.
  • Go to Extensions bar and click on Get more Extensions.
  • Now search for APK downloader in the Extension bar.
  • Login with your email and password when asked.
  • Search App downloader Extension bar from the Google Play Store on PC and click on it.
  • Freedom Apk Download on laptop/PC and start using enjoying it.

Extract the Freedom apk latest version file and install on the PC. Fill the details including email id, password, and device id and then save.

Download Freedom APK to the soonest and upgrade your gaming experience will every purchase becoming free of cost and no hindrance to your gaming world. And also an important thing to notify is that the freedom apk download works only on the rooted Android devices so before you use it you need to root your android device.

Hope this article was of your help. Keep gaming. If you have any doubt regarding the app usage feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. We will be happy to help you. Stay tuned to for more updates on Freedom APK download 🙂

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