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Disney Plus Not Working? Fix it Now!

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Disney Plus users are having a hard time accessing their accounts, and the reason is the flurry of errors popping up on every device. It’s due to server issues, Wi-Fi connectivity, device compatibility issues, and a lot more. Ever since then, users have been going frenzy by searching why is my Disney Plus not working?

If you’re one of them, you can fix this issue with our detailed troubleshooting guide. But before that, find out a reason why Disney Plus is not working at your end.

Why is My Disney Plus Not Working?

Here are the issues that Disney+ users are facing right now!

  • Disney Plus internal server issues.
  • Unable to connect to Disney Plus.
  • The Disney Plus login button isn’t working.
  • Disney+ Signup not working.
  • The device isn’t compatible with Disney+.
  • Disney Plus app not working issue.
  • Cannot log in to the Disney Plus account.
  • Disney+ isn’t loading, aka, connection issues.
  • Disney Plus keeps freezing.
  • Disney Plus shows a black screen on Safari.
  • This webpage is using significant memory Disney plus
  • Disney+ cannot load your profile (error code 1027)
  • Your account is blocked, and a lot more problems are faced by users.

The above given are the issues regarding why your Disney Plus account isn’t loading or working on your device.

Disney Plus Not Working

As you are using your Disney+ on various devices, we’ve created a guide for each device compatible with Disney Plus. Just in case if you’re getting error code 83 on your device, you can refer to this guide to fix it right away!

So let’s start with Safari (iOS and iPadOS users) first!

Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Safari (iPhone or iPad)

If you’re trying to access your Disney Plus account on your iPhone or iPad through the Safari browser, you must try using it via the official Disney Plus app on your iOS device. And if it’s still not working, then try these below given possible fixes.

#1. Connect your device to mobile data if you’re using it on Wi-Fi. This will mostly solve the issue, but you may face streaming errors as the videos are of 4K resolution, and mobile data might take time to stream them.

#2. A simple solution is to restart your iPhone or iPad if Disney Plus isn’t working on your Safari browser.

Disney Plus Not Working on Safari

#3. Log out from the account and sign in again to see if this makes Disney Plus work on your iPhone or iPad.

#4. Reset your router and change the Mac address to fix Disney Plus not loading on iPhone or iPad.

#5. Specific browsers aren’t compatible with Disney+, and it seems like Safari isn’t living up to the expectations. So try using it on the official Disney+ iOS app instead of going for the Safari browser.

#6. Apart from this, if you have a slow internet connection or Wi-Fi, make sure that you check the speed using websites like www.speedcheck.org in your Safari browser or install a speed test app on your iPhone and iPad if you’re going to use it frequently. With this, you can cross-check the internet speed and know if it’s a significant issue with Disney Plus not working.

Note: Consider changing your internet plan or service provider if the speed is slow all the time because Disney+ requires a stable internet connection.

If your Disney+ isn’t working on your iOS devices or even Safari browser, these are the possible fixes. Let’s now see what has to be done if you’re using MacBook.

Fix Disney+ Not Working on MacBook

Disney Plus Not Working on MacBook

Not just Disney+, but users who have subscribed for the bundle pack of Hulu and ESPN isn’t working as well along with Disney Plus. Here are the possible ways to fix unable to connect Disney Plus on Mac systems.

#1. If you have connected your MacBook via Wi-Fi, you can try connecting it directly with LAN or just reset the router’s address so that you get a unique IP. This should mostly resolve the issue.

#2. Try to use Disney+ on your mobile phones such as iPhones, iPad, or even Android devices with an official Android app. We have noticed that most desktop users are getting solutions with this method. Of course, this doesn’t make sense, but there’s something better than nothing at the moment.

#3. Disney Plus is available in certain regions only. So if you’re trying to access it from a region where Disney Plus isn’t launched, you will surely get an unable to connect issue on your screen. In this case, there’s no solution as you have to wait for Disney Plus to launch in your region officially.

At times you may also see errors like “this webpage is using significant memory Disney Plus” or “this webpage is using significant energy Disney Plus.” To solve the error, you can use adblockers to reduce the browser’s memory usage, update your macOS, deactivate certain extensions, clear the cache, or force quit Safari.

These are the only possible fixes if your Disney Plus is not working on MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. If these fixes don’t solve your equation, the only way is to contact the Disney+ help center to resolve the issue.

Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung TV/Smart TV

Be it a Samsung smart TV, LG TV, Apple TV, Sony TV, or any other Android or smart TV compatible with Disney+, all the devices are unable to connect to the Disney Plus. There might be several reasons, and here are the possible fixes for Disney Plus not working on TV.

Disney Plus Not Loading on Smart TV

#1. If you’re getting error code 83, you need to connect Disney+ with a different browser than the existing one, or the best way is to switch to your smartphone to access the videos.

#2. Check if Disney+ blocks your IP address. This happens when you try to log in several times on various devices at the same time. You can only get to know about your IP blocking by contacting the official Disney+ help center.

#3. Don’t want to wait on long hold calls with Disney+ support? You can reset your router and the Mac address to generate a new IP address. Connect your smart TV with Wi-Fi again with a new password and see if it works.

#4. You can try connecting Disney Plus using Chromecast, Firestick, or AirPlay as well. That would be a lot simpler as compared to the built-in browser of your Samsung TV or LG TV.

So here you go! These are the best possible fixes if your Disney Plus is not loading on Samsung TV, LG TV, or any other smart TV. Let’s now see what are the possible fixes if Disney+ isn’t working on Android devices.

Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick

Here are a few methods to fix the issue of Disney Plus not working on Firestick.

#1. Check if your Firestick has 4K playback or not because not all Fire TV Sticks support 4K streaming. This is the fundamental mistake done by nontechie users who aren’t aware of 4K compatibility.

Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick

#2. Clear cache on your Firestick. To do the same, press the home button and head over to the Settings menu. Then, select Applications > Managed Installed Applications > Select Disney Plus App > select Clear Cache.

#3. Log out and log in again to your Disney Plus account, and most of the time, this simple trick can solve the issue within a matter of seconds.

#4. Check your internet connection by using any other app on your device. If your internet isn’t active, get that done. Or you can also restart the router to see if it works for you.

#5. Restart your Firestick by pressing Select and Play simultaneously on your Fire Stick remote. It then turns off your Firestick and restarts again!

#6. Free up space on your Firestick by removing some unused apps. This is because Disney+ often crashes on Firestick when there’s lesser memory on Fire TV Stick.

#7. The best bet to get Disney Plus to work on Firestick is to uninstall the Disney Plus app and reinstall it again. This mostly solves the issue of Disney Plus not working on Firestick.

Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Xbox One

Disney Plus Not Working on Xbox One

The problem of Disney Plus not working on Xbox One is already discussed several times on various forums, and here’s what the forum moderator answers to the query.

Try to turn off the console and remove the power cord; wait for 1 to 2 minutes before plugging it back in and turning on the console!

If the issue persists, try these troubleshooting steps. Head over to Settings > Network Settings > Advanced Settings > Alternate Mac Address > Clear on your Xbox One.

Once done, select System > Settings > devices and streaming > blue ray > persistent storage > clear three times > restart console.

If the issue persists, try to reinstall the Disney Plus app, and it should be fine!

Fix Disney Plus Not Working on PS4

We’ve come a long way from getting PS4 on Disney+ to Disney Plus not working on PS4. Here’s how to fix the issue.

#1. First things first! Check your internet connection and restart your router to see if the internet is the root cause.

#2. Log out from your Disney Plus account on PS4 and log in again. It’s working for most PS4 users that are facing issues with Disney Plus not working on PS4.

Disney Plus Not Working on PS4

#3. Update your PS4 right away! Go to Settings > System Software Update > Update Now > Next. The updates will automatically get installed if there are any.

#4. You can also proceed with a Factory reset of PS4 if you’re okay with it. To do so, go to Settings > Initialization Page > Initialize PS4 > select Full, and it will reset your PS4 from scratch.

#5. Update the Disney Plus app on your PS4. Here’s how you can do it on your PS4. Head over to the main screen on PS4 and select Disney Plus with your controller > press Options button  > select Check for update (in right side menu) > press button on the controller. This will now check if there’s any update available. Once done, it will install the updates automatically in the background.

How to Fix Disney+ Not Loading on Android

It’s not all about Apple users and smart TV users; even Android users face difficulties connecting to their respective Disney Plus accounts. Here is the troubleshooting guide on how to fix Disney Plus not working on Android devices. Give it a try now!

#1. Use mobile data instead of Wi-Fi. This fix will solve most of the Disney Plus error codes on your device.

#2. If you’re using Disney+ on the browser, skip that and try accessing it via the official Disney+ Android app.

#3. Ask Disney Plus help center to see the issue with your account, and if the IP address is blocked, you can ask them to unblock that particular IP address to get Disney+ working.

#4. Try to log out from your Disney Plus account and log in again to see if this solves the errors you’re getting.

Editor’s Note: If your Disney Plus account shows that the video or movie isn’t available in your region, it’s highly recommended to use a VPN to solve the problem within seconds!

That’s it for today! We’re constantly monitoring the issues faced by Disney Plus users, and we are likely to fix them all one by one once we encounter the reason behind each one of them.

Is Your Disney+ Issue Solved Now? 

We hope that these fixes will solve the issue of Disney Plus not working on your respective devices. If you find any other solution for this, do share it in the comment section below so that we can update this post. This will help our readers to fix Disney Plus unable to connect issue as well.

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