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Disney Plus Error Code 1027 – How to Fix It

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Last year, many Disney Plus users got errors like error code 83, error code 43, error code 90, and a lot more on their devices, but recently a lot of them are facing Disney Plus error code 1027.

While most of the users from the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, United States, Australia, Canada, & Italy, are facing the error code 1027 on their smart TVs – such as Samsung TV and LG TV (mainly on Sky TV) – it’s still unknown that whether this error has crept in other devices or not. I’ve observed few users complaining about the error on their Play Station and Xbox devices too.

Why Do I Get Error Code 1027 on Disney Plus?

Error code 1027 occurs because your Disney+ profile isn’t loading correctly. It displays “Profile_Service_Init_Faliure” when you launch the application on your devices.

Disney Plus Error Code 1027

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 1027

Although you can try the temporary fixes if your Disney+ isn’t working, I explained earlier; there’s no concrete information on how to get rid of Disney Plus error code 1027. 

So, I decided to connect with the live chat support of Disney+ that solves such errors within a fraction of minutes!

Upon contacting the Disney+ help centre, I did the following things to fix Disney+ error code 1027 on my smart TV as per the Disney+ representative. 

  • Update the software of your device
  • Reset the device using the factory reset option from the settings
  • Restart your device
  • Log out from your profile and sign in again to see if this fixes the problem
  • Re-install the Disney Plus application
  • Switch to the Disney Plus app (on Android or iOS)
  • Reset the modem or router
  • Use a reliable VPN

Out of all these options given by Disney Plus live chat representative, I tried restarting my device firstly, and to my surprise, it worked like a charm!

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 1027 on Samsung TV

If you’re getting the Disney Plus error code 1027 on Samsung TV, here’s how you can fix it.

  • Head over to your Samsung TV Settings.
  • Select these options: Support > Self Diagnosis and press Reset Smart Hub.

Many Disney+ users have got rid of this error 1027 on smart TV, especially Samsung TV users by following the above given solution.

Also, I had a glimpse at the Sky TV forum, and I noticed that a user shares his views on how the Disney Plus live chat helped him solve the error.

The error code 1027 was solved by doing a factory reset and restarting the device as per instructions given on Disney+ live chat.

This method should work for most users as the Disney Plus live chat themselves suggest checking the Sky TV forum to get rid of 1027 errors.

Wrapping Up!

In my case, the error code 1027 on Disney Plus is solved just by restarting my smart TV, but it might not work for all. The reason is, you are indeed using a different device and located in another country. But from the above fixes, one of them should certainly work to fix the error code 1027 on your respective devices.

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