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Disney+ Error Code Complete List with Possible Fixes!

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Disney Plus has failed to find solutions to the error codes that users are seeing on their iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, Xbox One, PS4, Roku, Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Firestick, and other devices, at least for now. Maybe after a few days or weeks, we can expect all these errors to be fixed by Disney+.

You can always contact the Disney Plus help center or support team to get these issues fixed. But looking at the long hold calls and no response to DMs on Twitter, I can understand the frustration of the users who have already started using Disney+ on their respective devices.

So to make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a detailed guide on all Disney Plus error codes with the best possible fixes to try before you connect with official Disney+ support.

Disney Plus Error Code List

Disney Plus Error Code List

Here’s the complete Disney Plus error code list with the best possible fixes! Go through it now!

Disney Plus Error Code 93

Disney Plus error code 93 is a result of suspicious activity. This happens if you’re trying to use Disney Plus on multiple devices from different locations at the same time.

Possible Fix: Sign out of your Disney Plus account and sign in again to see if the error code 93 fades away! Moreover, you can try to re-install the Disney Plus app. And if nothing works out, you can connect with Disney Plus support for further information on error code 93 suspicious activity.

Disney Plus Error Code 90

Error code 90 appears on your Disney Plus accounts because you might be using Spectrum internet service. Many Reddit users have complained about the same error a week back (as of April 10th).

Possible Fix: A Reddit user mentioned that switching back to mobile data worked and he never got the error 90 on his Disney Plus account. Simply log out of the Disney Plus app, close the app and re-launch it again and see if it works. So maybe there’s some issue with Spectrum service.

Error Code 87 Disney Plus

Error Code 87 indicates that Disney+ had problems finding your profile when you were trying to log in. Of course, there’s nothing to do with the user end, it’s a Disney+ internal server problem.

Possible Fix: Log out of the Disney+ profile if you have already logged in. And try to login again to see if it works.

Error Code 86 Disney Plus

Error code 86 means your account has been blocked because the email address associated with the Disney+ profile is someone who is under 18. Or it might be blocked due to suspicious activity or using it against the terms of service.

Disney Plus Error Code 86

Possible Fix: Ensure that the email account holder is above 18 and doesn’t use your account in any inappropriate way.

Error Code 83 Disney Plus

The error code 83 indicates that your device is not compatible to play Disney+ shows or movies or maybe you have connection issues. This is how the error code looks on your device.

Error Code 83 Disney Plus

Possible Fix: You can switch between devices to see if it works and if you’re having connection issues, try using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi. You can check this article for more details.

Watch this video that explains in detail about the various error code 83 fixes.

Disney Plus Error Code 76

If you’re having connectivity issues or trying to stream Disney+ on slow internet connections, you get error 76 on your Disney Plus account.

Possible Fix: Ensure that your internet speed is at least 20 MBPS and it’s used by just a couple of devices or a single device. If it doesn’t work on Wi-Fi, reset the router or create a hotspot from your mobile to connect the respective device.

Error Code 75 Disney Plus

Just in case, if you’re using multiple devices (more than 4) with the same Disney+ login credentials, you will get error code 75 while streaming the content.

Possible Fix: Don’t use your Disney+ account on more than 4 devices simultaneously.

Disney Plus Error Code 73

Error code 73 indicates that Disney+ is not available in your region or the internet you’re using is being pointed from a location where Disney Plus isn’t available. Using a VPN will also show error 73 on your devices.

Disney Plus Error Code 73

Possible Fix: Many users from the USA complained that despite being in the USA, they are getting 73 error code. In such cases, check the internet which you’re using and see the location from where it is being connected.

Try switching to different networks or switch to mobile data if you’re using Wi-Fi. Check our detailed post on error code 73 for more possible solutions. You can also watch this video to know more about error code 73.

Error Code 72 Disney Plus

Just like error 82, this code also means that Disney+ is having a few issues with your account.

Possible Fix: Try to log in again if you’re already logged in. And try to use a different device or internet connection if it still doesn’t work.

Error Code 44 Disney Plus

The videos that cannot be watched at the moment due to rights availability are responsible for error 44 on Disney+.

Possible Fix: You can only wait and watch the video once the Disney+ has got the rights to stream that particular show or movie.

Error Code 43 on Disney Plus

The error code 43 appears on Disney Plus when there are issues with internet connectivity or logging in.

Disney Plus Error Code 43

Possible Fix: Either switch over to mobile data to Wi-Fi or start using a VPN. Get a detailed troubleshooting guide to fix error code 43 from here.

Error Code 42 Disney+

This error code also means that the video you’re trying to watch is unavailable due to the rights issue. This is an internal issue of Disney+ eventually.

Possible Fix: You can wait for some time until the video gets the rights. You can then watch the video without any hassles.

Disney Plus Error Code 41

The error code 41 pops up with a message “We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again.” This indicates that the service doesn’t have the right to stream the video, which obviously sounds odd because when you don’t have rights, why the video is even on the Disney+ platform? Alas!

Also, there might be several other reasons like local internet streaming issues or server problems at the Disney Plus end.

Possible Fix: Try playing another video and if it works, get back to the previous video to see if the error is solved. Try restarting the app and re-install if needed. A user on YouTube Shorts shared a method that has worked like a charm to many users worldwide, you can try it too!

Error Code 40 Disney

Error code 40 means there are some issues with the existing video which you’re trying to watch. It might be due to high traffic on the video or rights issues as well.

Possible Fix: Wait for some time or a few hours, and then try to watch again to see if it works.

Disney Plus Error Code 39

“If you are trying to access Disney Plus via the Xbox One app, the error code 39 appears on the screen. As far as we studied this, it means  that you cannot watch the video at the moment due to rights availability or various other issues.”

Possible Fix: As Disney Plus doesn’t support multiple-device streaming at the same time, ensure that the account is not being accessed from your other devices like mobile, PC or iPad, etc. Most of the time the error code 39 is fixed with this and if it doesn’t try changing the HDMI port which connects your Xbox and TV.

Error Code 38 Disney+

Make sure that you check the date and time settings on your device. Most of the videos on Disney+ are streamed and synced based on the date and time of your device.

Possible Fix: If you’re getting error code 38 on your Disney Plus, you probably need to check the date and time settings on the device and select the current time to let the video sync with perfection.

Error Code 36 Disney Plus

The particular video you’re trying to watch isn’t available currently. This might be due to the high demand for the video or internal issues of the Disney+ platform.

Possible Fix: Try after some time or try switching the device if possible to make it work.

Error Code 35 Disney+

This error is similar to error 40 and error 36.

Possible Fix: As said earlier, you need to wait for a few hours or days as well until the video is available.

Error Code 34 Disney Plus

If you’ve tried creating more than 6 Disney+ profiles, you’ve reached the maximum limit and at the end, you get error code 34. And if you still want to create a new profile, then you must delete the existing profile first to get started.

Possible Fix: The only way is to delete your Disney+ profile on the respective device you’re logged in to.

Error Code 32 Disney+

It indicates that your account cannot be connected. The error code 32 appears when Disney+ is having problems connecting your account when you log in.

Possible Fix: You can fix error 32 on Disney+ by logging in to your account again. Just in case, if you don’t remember your password, you can change it by using this guide.

Error Code 31 Disney Plus

Error code 31 indicates that your device is having issues verifying the location on the Disney+ app. To get rid of this, you need to turn on the location services on your device.

Error Code 31 Disney+

Possible Fix: If you’re using an iPhone, enable location services and tap on the Disney+ app to select while using the app option. And if you’re using an Android device, turn on the location services and select the High Accuracy option to get the issue solved.

Error Code 30 Disney+

It clearly indicates that your device couldn’t be added to your Disney+ account. This means that you’ve reached the 10 devices limit or there might be some unexpected error while linking your device to the Disney Plus account.

Possible Fix: Make sure that you are not connecting more than 10 devices for a single account. And if your device is already linked, try to log in again to get things sorted out on a quick note!

Error Code 29 Disney Plus

Due to the internal connectivity issues of the Disney+ servers, you might get error code 29 on your device.

Possible Fix: There’s no fix to this until Disney Plus responds to it.

Error Code 28 Disney+

If you’re trying to watch a video that isn’t available at the moment on Disney Plus, you will see error code 28 in your account.

Possible Fix: You have to wait till the video is available on the Disney Plus platform. That’s the only way to fix error 28 on the device.

Error Code 27 Disney Plus

As the rights of the video aren’t available with Disney+, you will get this error in your account on any device you try to stream a video.

Possible Fix: The only way to fix error code 27 is to wait till the rights are available for that particular movie or season.

Error Code 25 Disney+

If you have performed an incomplete action on your Disney Plus account, you might get this error.

Possible Fix: You need to perform the last action and then try to perform the next action on your device.

Error Code 24 Disney Plus

If you’re trying to play the video and your account isn’t connected to Disney Plus, you will get error code 24 on your devices.

Possible Fix: Make sure that your internet connectivity is super fast. If you’re using a Wi-Fi network with a router, try using mobile data and see if it vanishes this error code.

Error Code 22 Disney Plus

If a video is having the rights restrictions or rating issues, your account will display error code 22 on the respective device.

Possible Fix: There’s nothing much you can do in this error as it is an internal issue of Disney Plus.

Error Code 13 Disney+

Trying to download videos on more than 10 devices with the same account? Well, you are sure to get error code 13 on your Disney Plus account right away.

Possible Fix: Try removing the previous downloads from your other devices or the same device and then try to download a new movie or season again.

Error Code 11 Disney Plus

Few movies or shows are available in certain locations or they don’t have the right to display those videos where you’re currently located. If you still try to access such videos, you will see error code 11 on your Disney+ account.

Possible Fix: The only way to access those videos is to wait till they are available in your region.

Error Code 9 Disney+

It indicates that you have been logged out of your Disney Plus account as you have given wrong information about ZIP or postal code, security code, card expiration date, non-US-based card, government-issued cards, etc.

Possible Fix: Make sure that you are entering the correct information as per your card details and your billing address. That will solve this issue and you will be able to log in again.

Error Code 8 Disney Plus

It clearly means that you have used an incorrect email or password while you’re trying to login into your Disney+ profile. Or the password which you had entered didn’t meet Disney’s password requirements. And the other reason is you haven’t verified your email ID yet.

Possible Fix: To fix this error code 8, you need to use the exact email and correct password which you entered while creating your Disney Plus profile. Besides this, check your email folder and verify your email address.

Error Code 7 Disney+

If you have entered the wrong data while creating the account, you will see a pop-up of error code 7 on the Disney Plus account.

Possible Fix: Make sure that you have entered the proper information while creating the account and give a valid email ID as well.

Error Code 5 Disney Plus

While you update your account information, there are some restrictions from Disney+ which might result in Disney Plus not working issue. So when you try updating information against the restrictions, you will get error code 5 on your account.

Possible Fix: Enter the correct information and try to update it again to get the issue fixed!

Disney Plus Error Code 4

Just like error 9, in this error, your transaction is being canceled due to some issues. It might be an invalid postal code, non-US-based bank card, invalid security code, etc.

Possible Fix: Make sure you’ve entered the correct card details and ZIP code to make the transaction successful. Besides this, make sure your card is a US-based card.

So these were some of the Disney Plus error codes which users are currently facing on their respective devices. If you are trying to log in to your Disney+ account PS4, refer to this guide to connect it with perfection.

Final Thoughts on Long List of Disney+ Error Codes!

So which one of these error codes are you getting on your Disney+ accounts? Do let us know in the comment section and also try to fix the issues with the above-given solutions after each error code.

Make sure you keep an eye on our blog to get the latest updates on Disney Plus error code and more in-depth guides. Moreover, you can get in touch with the Disney Plus help center to solve your issues if you’re lucky enough to connect a call!

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