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ESPN Plus Not Working? 5 Ways to Fix It!

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ESPN+ is one of the most well-known apps among the sports freaks, as it keeps them updated about the majority of sports games of every nook and corner of the world. However, as we all know, every coin has two sides, and this app, too, has a drawback among the other advantages. At times, you may notice that your ESPN Plus is not working properly.

As it is a versatile app, many people prefer to have it on their smart TV and Smartphone. But ESPN plus streaming issues have annoyed users. Thus, people are constantly seeking for its solutions to fix it.

ESPN Plus Not Working

Why is ESPN Plus Not Working?

Behind this issue of the ESPN+ app not working, several causes are associated, such as a glitch, an outage, slow internet connection, or corrupted cache and data.

Well, exact these kinds of issues are found in Disney Plus app as well. If you are also struggling with the same, fix Disney Plus not working error by referring to this guide. However, we are here to guide you and resolve the issue of ESPN plus in the best possible manner on various devices.

How to Fix if ESPN Plus is Not Working?

It is important to fix if ESPN PPV is not working. Because, even after purchasing ESPN Plus subscription, if it is not working, it would surely get frustrating as we cannot use it adequately. Hence, here are some tricks provided to mitigate this trouble.

Fix ESPN Plus Not Working by General Solutions

It would be best to try general solutions before fixing ESPN Plus’s not working error by indulging in complex solutions. This can solve your problem instantaneously.

1. Fix the Poor Internet Connection

If the ESPN Plus app is not working on iPhone or any other smartphone, this method is applicable for all devices. In this, you must check your internet connection. There are multiple ways to check this.

Like, by opening other applications on your device which can run on the internet, such as Youtube. Or you can directly check your connection speed via the speedtest website, and if you are an iOS user, then download a speed test application and check about your internet speed. The reason behind doing this process is that ESPN plus app is not working correctly if there is a slow internet connection.

If your connection is poor, try to bring your wifi closer to your streaming device. For faster internet, you may also utilize an ethernet cable. If your internet speed is still slow, you should seek assistance from your internet service provider.

2. Check for ESPN Server Issue

If the ESPN server is down, you may have an ESPN + not functioning issue on your device. Go to the downdetector.com website to see whether the problem is at ESPN’s end or not. You may also follow the outage on ESPN+’s official Twitter account.

Look for recent tweets regarding ESPN + on Twitter. If there is a wide outage, you can reach other individuals on Twitter who are reporting it.

Fix ESPN Plus Not Working on Android Device

It may be possible to resolve the issue by clearing the cache of the ESPN+ app on your Android smartphone. Follow the instructions below to delete the cache on your Android smartphone.

#1. Open the Settings.

Open The Settings in your android device
Image Credit: https://thedroidguy.com/

#2. Then navigate to Apps and Notifications.

Open Apps $ Notifications
Image Credit: https://thedroidguy.com/

#3. Here, select All Applications.

Click on See All Apps
Image Credit: https://thedroidguy.com/

#4. Choose ESPN from the list.

Choose ESPN Plus from the list
Image Credit: https://thedroidguy.com/

#5. Now, click on the Clear cache and Clear Storage.

Select Clear Storage and Clear Cache
Image Credit: https://thedroidguy.com/

Then, Launch the ESPN app and log in to your account after clearing the cache and data. Check to see if the ESPN Plus app is operating correctly.

Fix ESPN Plus Not Working on iOS

Even for iOS users, the solution is the same. Reinstalling the app on your iOS should solve the problem.

#1. Firstly, Uninstall the ESPN Plus App your iOS.

#2. Then Restart your device.

#3. Now, install the newest version of the ESPN Plus app on your device from the app store.

Check if you can watch ESPN + on your Android or iOS smartphone by logging into your ESPN account.

Fix ESPN Plus Not Working on Smart TV/Samsung TV

We can enjoy various entertaining things on Android TV, as we are given access to store Android Apps. But if the ESPN+ app is not working on your smart TV, one of the best and most basic solutions is provided here.

1. Power-cycling the TV

Your smart TV’s power cycle might assist you in resolving the ESPN plus not working issue. This fix is suitable for most smart televisions, including Samsung TVs, and will assist you in determining the ESPN Plus app problem.

#1. Unplug your smart television and push the power button for 10 seconds.

#2. Wait 10-15 minutes after unplugging your router.

#3. Next, switch on your router by plugging it in.

#4.  After the router has fully loaded up, connect it and switch on your smart TV.

#5. Now, open ESPN Plus on your smart TV and see whether it’s functioning.

Many problems can be solved by this method. You can also try this method if your Samsung TV’s volume isn’t working. And if this problem persists, refer to this guide to solve the Samsung TV volume not working issue.

2. Reinstall the ESPN Plus App on Samsung TV

In case if it is still not working after performing the above method. Then try to reinstall the ESPN Plus App by following these steps:

#1. Open the Applications in Samsung TV.

#2. From the top-right corner, open the Settings.

Open The Settings in TV
Image credit: http://blog.zeuspng.com/

#3. Here, select and Delete ESPN Plus App.

#4. Then, Restart the TV.

#5. Now, Install the latest version of ESPN Plus.

This method will surely help you to fix this issue.

Fix ESPN Plus Not Working on Roku

Here is the immediate solution: if the ESPN Plus app isn’t working on your Roku, you may repair the problem by reinstalling the application. Follow the steps below to reinstall the app.

#1. Go to your Roku’s Home screen.

#2. Select the ESPN Plus App.

#3. On your Roku remote, press the * button.

Press star Button on Roku remote
Image credit: https://www.cnet.com/

#4. Select Remove Channel.

#5. Restart the Roku.

#6. Search and install the most recent version of ESPN+.

In this way, this guide will resolve ESPN plus not functioning issue after reinstalling ESPN + on your Roku.

Closing Thoughts on ESPN Plus App

We believe that you have received the appropriate solution to fix your device’s ESPN Plus not working problem. We have tried to derive every possible solution for this issue. I hope you have liked it! Let us know if you’ve any queries and keep an eye on the tips category to read more how-to guides!

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