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How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83 on All Devices!

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Many users have reported the Disney Plus error code 83 when they try to stream the contents across their accounts. Be it Safari, Firefox, or Chrome browser, a lot of them are facing problems with this recent error code 83! Now the question is, why do you get such errors on your Disney+?

Why Do I Get Disney Plus Error Code 83?

Error 83 is displayed when Disney+ is unable to process your video, device compatibility, has a connection error, or has some issue with account itself. You may also see something went wrong notice at times in error 83.

Irrespective of iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac, a lot of users are getting Error 83, at least for now until the Disney Plus officials fix the issue. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox or Safari,  a lot of users have reported of same error while trying to open Disney Plus on their respective devices.

The devices that are displaying Disney Plus error 83 on iPhone, smart TVs, laptops, Roku, Firestick, PS4, Xbox One, etc, might also display errors such as Error 41, Error 42, Error 76, Error 24, etc.

Here are all Disney Plus error codes and possible solutions you must check out now if you’re facing any of the errors on your Disney Plus account!

Disney Plus Error Code 83

It’s well-known fact that whenever a popular company releases an online platform for streaming, there’s always a breakout with lots of users trying to log in simultaneously.

And the same is the case with Disney Plus users who are getting multiple error codes while they try to login into their devices. As of now, more than 129 million users have subscribed to Disney Plus.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83?

Here are the best possible ways to fix error code 83 on Disney Plus. Let’s see all the possible fixes in detail.

1. Try Different Browser!

A lot of users have reported that just by changing the browser things worked like a charm. So if you’re getting error code 83 on your Disney+ try using Internet Explorer if you’re using Chrome and try using Firefox if you’re using Internet Explorer or vice versa.

Try Different Browser for Solve the Issue

Changing the browsers might seem funny but believe me, it can change a lot of configurations of the device you’re using. You can check the compatible browsers for Disney+ from here.

2. Ask Disney+ Help Center to Unblock Your IP Address!

Thanks to one of our readers Rory, for sharing this method. Many have suggested restarting the router or changing the router’s Mac address but this didn’t work either.

Instead, users found that their account was taken down and their IP address was blocked. So if you want to get your Disney Plus account working, you need to contact Disney plus help center and get your IP address unblocked!

Disney Plus Help Center

This solution has fixed thousands of Disney+ accounts that are getting error code 73 and error code 83 as well. So give this a try and you’re sure to resolve all the issues with your account.

3. Switch to Disney Plus App

If Disney Plus isn’t working on your PC or laptop, or if you’re unable to login into your Disney Plus account, you need to change the PC or that particular browser. The best part is to try the official Disney app on your iOS or Android devices and it actually works sometimes. Do give this a try!

Install Disney Plus iOS or Android App to Fix Error code 83

However, if you have TVs such as Apple TV, Samsung TV or LG TV, you can stream on those devices as well and see if it’s working for you.

4. Use Chromecast or AirPlay on Smart TVs

If you’re using browsers on your Smart TVs and you’re getting Disney+ error code 83 on it, you need to try it another way to get it working. You must use Chromecast or AirPlay on your Smart TV and see if Disney Plus works on it or not. The same goes when you get the error on your Roku too!

5. Get a Premium VPN

A lot of forum members on Reddit suggested that using a VPN solved the issue of all the errors they faced on Disney+. So I would personally recommend you to get a premium VPN to fix this error code 83 forever! Apart from getting rid of Disney Plus streaming issues, you can also unblock a lot of other premium applications with the use of the same VPN account! Now that’s just like icing on the cake, isn’t it?!

6. Check Disney Plus Server Status

A lot of times, Disney Plus servers are down, and seems like a good number of people have already reported the same. The server status of the Disney+ streaming platform can be checked from the down detector website.

Check Server Status of Disney+

If you are facing streaming issues on Disney Plus, then there’s a possibility of the server crashing or going down for some time.

7. Check Your Internet Connection & Speed

If your server status seems to be fine, there must be some issue with your internet connection. Make sure you have the fastest internet connection, at least 50 MBPS speed, as streaming high-quality content requires decent internet speed.

Check Internet Connection and Speed

You can check the internet speed from Fast.com easily. It gives you accurate results and shows any speed issues too if any. Another platform to check is SpeedTest by Ookla which gives you furthermore inputs on your internet speed.

8. Device Compatibility

Not all devices in this tech world support Disney Plus. There are a lot of operating systems and devices that don’t support streaming content from Disney Plus. Go through the list of compatible devices for Disney+ and see if your device is on the list or not!

If you do not find your device in the list, it would be at least possible to say that you can solve the error code 83 on Disney Plus.

9. Restart Your Device

Nothing works better than this, to be honest! Whenever you face any issue (not just Disney Plus errors), restarting the device (modem & router if available) is the best solution to get rid of these pesky errors.

10. Check System Updates

This isn’t the best way to fix the issue but sometimes updating the system might work as it does with several other apps.

Check System Update to Solve Disney Plus Error Code 83

Do give this a try from your device’s settings and see if there are any pending updates. If any, update them right away and re-launch Disney Plus to see if the error has been fixed!

These are the solutions to fix Disney Plus Error Code 83 on your devices. Even after these fixes, if it’s not working, you can fix Disney Plus not working with our guide.

And if nothing works for you,  you can take suggestions from the Disney+ help center from here directly! If you find any other fixes for Disney Plus error code 83, do let us know in the comment section right away so that we can update our list!

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Here are some FAQs that Disney+ users ask on various forums!

Q1. What is error code 83 on Disney Plus?

Error code 83 on Disney Plus occurs typically due to device compatibility issues, connection errors, and sometimes the account itself. To solve the error, check device compatibility, and an internet connection and see if your account is blocked or not!

Q2. What do I do if Disney plus isn’t working?

There are numerous ways to fix this problem. Restart the Disney+ app, clear cached data, restart your device, update your operating system, uninstall and reinstall Disney Plus, and a lot more!

Final Thoughts!

We hope that Disney+ will soon start supporting operating systems like Linux and other devices as well. Moreover, there are many more browsers in which the Disney Plus accounts aren’t working.

Keep an eye on Genius Geeks blog for more updates on Disney Plus error codes and other guides. One fine day, we hope that Disney Plus servers will be able to handle millions of traffic without throwing error codes. Do share this guide with your friends so that they can get the error code 83 Disney Plus solved in their respective accounts.

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