Error Code 73 on Disney+ Explained: Here’s How to Deal With It!

A flurry of tweets on Twitter clearly indicate that a lot of users are getting error code 73 on Disney+ app, Roku, Apple TV and other devices as well. Besides this, a lot of Disney Plus users are reportedly getting error code 83 as well.

What is Error Code 73 on Disney+?

Disney+ is available in certain regions only. So if you’re not in a specified region, say, USA or Canada, you will get the error code 73 on your Disney Plus. Depending on the location, you may not be able to access Disney+.

Here are few reasons why you might get error 73 on your Disney+ accounts when you try to login.

  • Not Available in your Region: This the only possibility if you’re getting the error code 73 on your respective devices. Although, a lot of users from Canada and USA claim that despite of they are in their local region, they are still getting the error code which is pretty frustrating for every one.
  • Your Device Isn’t Compatible: Just in case if your device isn’t compatible with Disney+, there’s a possibility that you might the error 73.

Here’s the error message which most of the users on Twitter and Reddit reported to Disney Plus. And if you’ve landed here, you’re one of them surely.

Error Code 73 Disney Plus

Here’s How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73!

The fix is temporary and it might not work all the users. So if you’re looking for a temporary solution to get rid of Disney+ error code, these fixes might work for you.

  • Try Using VPN: I understand that you’re in the USA or Canada but if you’re still getting Error Code 73 on Disney+, you need to try VPN to try to login again into your account.
  • Use Mobile Data: If you’re using Wi-Fi data through your router, there are many users reporting that when they switched to their 4G network, the issue was solved.
  • Reset Your Router: Just with a simple reset of your router might help you get out of this problem.
  • Don’t Contact Disney Plus Support or Help Center: Well, that’s not gonna help you in any way because they are already overloaded with the complaints and they are unable to solve at the earliest!

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If nothing works for you, it’s recommended that you wait for few more hours or a couple of days so that all the Disney Plus error codes are fixed by the official developers. Till then, keep an eye on for more updates on Disney+ error code guides.

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  1. Too many users are logining in at same time thru wifi data and vpn have less volume therefore working beter

  2. Thank you.
    I was really getting frustrated!
    After switching to mobile data it started working!
    After a router reset, it’s now working on Wifi! Thanks again!

  3. I am unable to sign up for disney+ because of error code 73 and we are in the US in TN. I can try to log in on my phone when not connected to wifi but once I am connected to my wifi it doesn’t work and it doesn’t allow me to connect via my firestick. It is pretty frustrating. I am going to give up for now and check again next month.

    • I had error code 73 from day one and I too am here in the US. I found somewhere online that someone changed their router’s MAC address then disconnected power to their internet modem for a few hours and then was able to get a new IP address from their ISP and Disney plus began working for them. I tried this overnight and powered up the next morning and was able to get a new external IP address but continued to have the same error code 73. I was finally able to get in touch with a Disney Help representative yesterday afternoon and they took down my account info and my current IP address and said they would escalate the issue. By the time I arrived home from work it was working as expected and so we invited the neighbors over for a popcorn/Mandalorian night. I suppose they unblocked my IP address.

  4. Same issue. Error code 73 in Colorado. Can’t get through to Disney Help. Only help I have received from Disney Help twitter was asking if I was still having the problem. Really frustrating. We can watch with mobil data, but the streaming is glitchy when we do that.

  5. I was able to fix the Disney+ error 73 code. I loaded the IPVanishVPN and used New Orleans and it worked right away and every time since. Thank you!

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