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pCloud Review: Best Cloud Storage with 500 GB and 2 TB Space

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Getting your hard drive corrupted with loads of data is the only thing you don’t want when data is most important for you. To ensure that your data is safe and secure, it’s always recommended to use cloud storage.

While there are a plethora of options like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, etc, pCloud stands way ahead in terms of pricing.

pCloud’s Pricing with Lifetime Deal Offer!

The monthly pricing of 2TB data for most of the cloud storage providers is around $8 to $9.99 per month, whereas, pCloud offers a lifetime deal on 2TB for $350 (as of writing this).

Isn’t that a cool deal? Well, if you feel, the pricing or storage is large for you, you can opt for a 500 GB lifetime deal plan too which is available at $175.

Given the fact that you just have to pay once for cloud storage, you need not worry about running out of space when you share large files with your loved ones or office mates working around the world.

Get 10 GB of Free Space on pCloud Sign-up!

You get 10 GB free space for a lifetime when you sign up for pCloud. Now this space should be more than enough to save your favorite photos and a few important videos if any.

Moreover, you can save your daily work files without worrying much about running out of space. Of course, if you feel you need more space, topping your existing profile with a lifetime offer from pCloud is the best decision you can take!

That said, let’s see some of the features of pCloud you might not get in all other cloud storage providers.

Features of pCloud 

From file sharing to inviting just to view particular folders, pCloud has come a long way. Here are some jaw-dropping features of this best cloud storage provider.

1. USA or EU Data Regions!

Two server regions of pCloud

On purchasing pCloud, you get 2 options to select your data servers. You can either choose USA or EU servers to store your data safely. pCloud owns its servers and does not host them with any other third-party service providers, unlike other cloud storage providers.

Irrespective of the data region you choose, all the features and functionalities of pCloud will remain the same. It’s just the data is saved in your preferred data region.

2. Backup and Sync from 3rd Party Apps!

Backup and Sync in pCloud

Be it Google Photos, One Drive, Facebook, Dropbox, or Google Drive, taking backup of your files, photos, videos, documents, etc in pCloud is easier than ever before!

Just with a click, you can backup all your existing data of 3rd party apps to pCloud. And meanwhile, you can keep the synchronization ON too so that your data is safe.

Of course, apart from the 3rd-party apps, the files and folders present in the pCloud folder are automatically synced in real-time. This way, you do not have to sync everything manually.

3. Share Files and Folders Securely!

File Sharing in pCloud with Folder Access

Sharing files with your colleagues or loved ones is much easier when you have them in pCloud. Moreover, you can always restrict the person you’re sharing with to view a particular folder from your account and not all the folders.

This ensures that your data is private and secure from the persons you’re sharing files with. Apart from sharing files or folders directly, you can also share a sharable link. But make sure the link is private or if it’s public, anyone with a link can see the data in it. So use the link-sharing option wisely.

4. Cross-Platform Support!

Cross Platform Support

Be it Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS, pCloud is available for everyone! Irrespective of the device you’re using, all the files are synced in a single account.

So irrespective of the platform your device is running on, the files and folders can be viewed on any device. The synchronization is done in real-time, within a matter of seconds! That’s lightning-fast, isn’t it?!

Moreover, you can either use the web version (in browser), mobile app, or desktop app to access your pCloud account and sync the files on respective devices.

5. Encrypted Cloud Storage!

Encrypted Cloud Storage

While this feature isn’t included in the cloud storage you buy from pCloud, it is the best option for those who’re looking to purchase encrypted cloud storage at a reasonable price of $125 for a lifetime.

This probably is the best storage option for those who save their important information related to crypto and trading. It’s safe, secured, and it cannot be hacked, not even by the best hackers in the world according to pCloud.

Closing Thoughts!

The best part about pCloud we loved was the ability to revive the files back to the original from your hard drive, theft, or ransomware attack. Of course, you need to sync your drive with the pCloud desktop app to revive the files.

Moreover, you can get back your files from trash for up to 1 year while most of the cloud providers do that for up to 30 days only. So that’s an added advantage overall considering you can get pCloud for a much lesser price as compared to its counterparts! So what keeps you waiting? Get your pCloud 10 GB free storage space now!

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