Wormax.io APK

Wormax.io APK Download for Android: Play Wormax.io GameOnline

Wormax.io APK

Wormax.io is an improved version of Slither.io online game. If you already played Slither.io game in the past, I am sure you are going to love Wormax.io APK on your Android devices! 🙂 Wormax io was released few weeks back as a PC online game, but you can now play on your smartphones and tablets with the help of Wormax.io APK Download 😀

There are many other online games such as Zlap.io, Slither.io, Zmap.io etc but I personally loved the overall design and gameplay of Wormax.io Android game. It’s a simple yet effective game that keeps you hooked all the time and will addict you to play again and again 😉

Wormax.io online game has a greenish sleek design which is bit different than other worm games online. You can have a look at the below given image to get an clear idea about what I am trying to explain here! You can also play Xbox game NBA 2K17 on Android if you are a Basketball fan. 😀

Wormax.io APK

So this is how you start the game when you Open Wormax.io official website online. But if you want to play it on your Android device, you are sure in need to download Wormax.io APK on your smartphone.

Wormax.io APK Download

Well, to download the APK, you are not going to the official website or Google Play Store because there’s no such app developed till date. Instead, you need to trust few websites just like ours to get a safe Wormax.io APK. Of course, there are many other APK portals that provide this Android game to you, but not all can be trusted due to malicious content present in their APKs. So download it right away from this blog post today!

Before you rush to download Wormax io APK on your Android devices, I want to show  you something very interesting about this multiplayer game. That’s nothing other than the astonishing features of Wormax.io Game. Have a glimpse at them right now! Don’t forget to play PES 2017 on Android if Football is running through your blood veins 😛

GamePlay of Wormax.io

#1. Absorb colorful forms that come your way!

#2. Try to consume more worms and make your worm larger than ever before to top the charts with thousands of points.

#3. Stay away from other worms in the game, else you will be out the game right away! :0

#4. There are many skins, Mods and hacks in the game which you can learn by the time.

#5. Multi-player option is available in the game where you can challenge your friends online.

#6. No need to create an account, you can play it for free and share your scores on social media accounts too.

#7. Besides Android game, you can also play this game on your PC or laptops 🙂

So these are some interesting features and Game Play of Wormax.io game for Android. Now finally, let’s have a look at how to download Wormax.io APK for Android and play the game without any hassles on your smartphones and tablets!

Wormax io APK

Wormax.io APK Download for Android

So here’s how you can play the Wormax io game on your Android devices by installing Wormax.io APK 🙂

#1. Unlock your mobile or tablet and connect it to stable internet

#2. Now to download the APK, click on this link to get Wormax.io APK.

#3. Install Wormax.io APK once the download process is done!

#4. Open the app and start playing with the dirty worms around you 😛 and eat as many worms as you can!

So this is all about the most amazing game Wormax.io APK Download. I hope that you loved it, if so, do share it with your loved ones by clicking the share buttons below 😉 Have Fun!

Google Fit App

Google Fit App Download for Android Latest Version!

Google Fit App

If you are using a fitness band or a smartwatch, you surely need an app to track your activities! Don’t you? To make it simple, Google has introduced its own app naming it as Google Fit App. By using this app, you can easily track your fitness activities, calories burnt, insights in graphs etc. It’s always good to stay healthy and fit. Isn’t it? 😛

I will discuss more features later in this post and will also provide a link to download Google Fit App for Android. The latest update of Google Fit fitness tracking app was observed on 2nd September 2016. In the Google Fit latest update for Android, I saw some amazing changes in the app.

Some of the important features of Google Fit app are personal recommendations on your current activities and daily exercise. Now this is something which you often don’t find in other fitness tracking apps.  That’s not all about Google Fit Android app, there’s a lot more to it!

Google Fit App Features

Whenever Google comes up with an app or any gadget or technology, it always stands apart from the rest just like we saw with Google Allo App & Google Duo Video Calling App! And this is what exactly I saw in the Google Fit fitness tracking app. So let me show you the features of the fitness tracking app so that you can use it for your daily activities by downloading it on your Android devices. Here you go with the features:

Google Fit App

Source: Gadgets.NDTV.com

#1. No matter whether you are walking on your way or cycling, Google Fit calculates every activity of yours to show you perfect insights at the end of the day!

#2. Get real time stats for your rides, walks, runs etc right on your Android device 🙂

#3. Google Fit app records the distance traveled, the speed at which you walk or ride, your route, elevation (if any) etc.

#4. You are all free to set your reminders, goals and lots more within the Google Fit app so that you never miss your targets and daily activities. 😀

#5. Set weekly targets to play 1 hour daily. Just like playing football on Wednesday evening, playing volleyball in Monday morning and lots more.

#6. Other goals such as taking 10K steps every week, be active for 30 minutes, running 5 times in a week for an hour etc or you can even create your own goal according to your needs.

#7. Keep an eye on your weight regularly. Because if your weight is decreasing up to 5KGs in a month or two, you are sure to be fittest of the persons in the world 😛

#8. Calculate the calories burnt during your ride or while walking. The Google Fit app shows at what speed you are riding or walking which is seen in almost all the fitness app.

#9. Check daily reports, weekly and monthly reports to compare your activities and calories burnt every day!

#10. You can also check your progress on the web by visiting fit.google.com or on your Android watch too. 🙂

So this is what Google Fit app provides as a fitness tracking app. It works with Android Wear, Nike+, Runkeeper, Lifesum, Withings, Mi Bands, Strava, MyFitnessPal and lots more.

These are the basic features of Google Fit app. But with the latest update, the app has got even better. Here are some of the updated features of the fitness tracking app from Google.

Latest Updated Features of Google Fit Fitness Tracking App

  • It’s now easy to edit your day to day activity.
  • You can now view all the daily stats at once with the new look of Google Fit app.
  • Set your goals for any time period such as daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.
  • Compare to other people in your area and see how fit you are 😛 Get inspired from them if you are not the fittest of all 😀
  • Many more bugs were fixed in this latest update.

So this completes the overall features of Google Fit app. Now let’s see how you can download the fitness tracking app on your Android device.

Google Fit App Download for Android

Fitness is the success mantra to stay healthy! If you want to stay healthy forever, you must keep a track on your fitness regularly. So here’s how you can download Google Fit App for Android:

#1. Sign-in to your Google Account if you haven’t on your Android device.

#2. Head over to Google Play Store in your Android device and search for Google Fit – Fitness Tracking App.

#3. Once you find the official Google Fit App in the play store, just tap on Install button and press on I accept button in the next step.

#4. Let the installation get completed, it might take few minutes to install.

#5. Once done, open the app, set your goals, connect to your required device and you are all set to get fit within no time 😛

Conclusion of Google Fit – Fitness Tracking App

This is all about your favorite Google Fit App. Stay tuned to our tech blog for more updates on this fitness tracking app and other APKs like Freedom APK and Root Explorer APK to get all Android games for Free!

App Source: play.google.com

Image Source: Gadgets.NDTV.com

Google Allo for PC

Google Allo for PC: Download Allo on Windows 7,8,10 & Mac

Google Allo for PC

Today, I will be showing you how to download Google Allo for PC for Windows 7,8,10 and Mac. But before that let me give you an introduction to latest Google Allo PC app. So here you go! Allo is an app by Google, as suggested by the name too, with the motive of providing users an all-in-one package that enables them to receive messages of all kinds along with different new emotions and smileys and many more features. 😀

It is till now one of the smartest messaging apps considered or present in the market. Its beta version was available till some time back which was launched at Google I/O conference earlier this year. Now you can enjoy the full version of the app which was launched very recently that is on September 22, 2016. You can also check our latest post on Freedom APK download right now!

Google Allo PC has come up with the all new smart reply feature which helps eliminate the frustration of typing as it adopts one’s messaging pattern as well as messages. It has the capability to deduce the entire reply as soon as one receives a message. The file size is also not too large and is only of 15.9 MB. 😮 You can also have a glimpse at Google’s latest fitness tracking app which is named as Google Fit!Google Allo for PC

How Google Allo is Different from Other Apps?

It uses Google’s own industry-leading artificial intelligence technology. The feature of ‘Smart reply’ makes it unique from all of the present competitors. There is also a thing called Google Allo para PC in it which recognizes the text in images or edited photos. If on receiving photos of the road trip of your friends, the app will automatically display the alternate chat replies like ’amazing’, ‘have fun’ or similar others. 🙂 You can also go through our most popular post Pokemon Go PC download to know the latest updates on Pokemon Go emulators’ support.

Google Now can be activated for searching purposes while you are chatting, videos can be looked for and shared straight from YouTube, finding addresses on Google map. All basic Google services can be accessed during group or one on one chat without leaving the app. 😮 The incognito mode while chatting is also great, incognito being very similar to the mode available in Google Chrome.

The user can set a disappearing time in this mode which will erase all the messages once the set time completes. There are some advanced options as well like you can set a nickname for the sender. Messages previews are not shown in the notification tray, pop-ups or lock screen. You can also give it a try to install TuTuApp which is an app that allows you to download paid apps for free.

All these features are for Google Allo Android app 😛 but you can experience the same when you download Google Allo for PC. Here are few more interesting features of Google Allo App. Have a glimpse at them before you install Google Allo PC.

Allo for PC Download

Amazing Features of Google Allo App for PC

  • It has included the incognito mode in which the messages are hidden with an end to end encryption that is once you get back the mode will erase all the messages of that time span.
  • Suggestions regarding what to reply after you have received a message from any of your friends.
  • Numerous stickers and the opportunity to be creative with photos.
  • The Google assistant. This is the best of what I like is Google Allo for PC 🙂
  • No message previews in the notification tray, pop-ups or lock screen. Now this is something new in Google Allo on PC. Isn’t it?!

How to Download Google Allo for PC

To run Google Allo for PC you need to install any one of the emulators first which lets you run all of the Android apps on any system (Windows and Mac) you want. The variety of emulators available are- Bluestacks, Leapdroid, Genymotion, Andyroid, etc.

  1. Download any emulator of your choice given above.
  2. Open it after you have installed. The installation process may take some time
  3. Log in or sign up whichever it asks for. 😛 Mostly, it will ask for your Google account.
  4. Open the emulator, go to the Google Play store, Type Google Allo in the search bar.
  5. Download it once you find the official search results of Google Allo App and complete the installation process.
  6. Once the process is accomplished, you will see an icon of Google Allo App. Click the icon to open it.
  7. Follow the steps as per official instructions given on Google Play store for using Google Allo App for PC. 🙂

Google Assistant in Allo vs Siri

Firstly, Google assistant is available for both iOS and Android Software whereas Siri is available only for devices supporting iOS. 🙁

Allo’s Google Assistant is young because of which the development team is fast and eager to please, trying to make its way to the spotlight. Whereas most of the original members of Apple Siri’s Team have left the company to pursue their independent enterprises leading to an upgrade of Siri on the slower side.

Conclusion of Allo for PC Download

Google Allo app can be thought of as a virtual unpaid secretary, bidding your orders and supplying you with results. 😀 Google Allo is an app made to compete with the leading messengers like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, etc. The app is launched for both Android and iPhone.

In short, this is an apt app for the teenagers with respect to the message hiding and related features. Download Google Allo PC to the fastest and enjoy messaging. We hope you found our article useful and all your doubts regarding Google Allo for PC have been solved. In case you have any queries, feel free to ask by commenting in the comment section below.

Wondershare Filmora Download

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor Download Free & How to Use Guide

Filmora Download

Be it a beginner or a professional video editor/photographer, Wondershare Filmora is an awesome video editor that got me goosebumps when I used it for the first time! 😮 Of course, I never used any video editor before but when I got my hands on Filmora Video Editor, I got to know how to edit videos like a professional! Just get the raw video, give some tweaks to the video using Filmora’s various options and leave the rest to it! 🙂

Today, in this article, I will provide you a link to Download Wondershare Filmora for free! Of course, if you are looking for pro features, you need to pay some bucks. But as a beginner or at an intermediate level, a free version would easily do your job. 🙂 Once I provide you the Filmora download link, I will explain a step by step procedure on how to use Filmora Video Editor in an effective way! Here’s the fist look of Filmora video editor software.

Filmora Download

Wondershare Filmora for Windows & Mac

Wondershare Filmora video editor is easy to use once you download it on your windows computer or laptop. The pro features of Filmora are beyond one’s expectation. There are many video editors available for free but I think no software is worth when you download Filmora on your devices! 😀

I know that you are pretty much excited to know how Wondershare Filmora video editor works. Isn’t it? 😛 Just hang on, let me first list some awesome features of Filmora Download video editor.

Filmora Video Editor Features

The best thing about Filmora is you don’t need to search for anything if you are not aware how to use Filmora like a professional. And the reason is the simple interface and multiple options available in the video editor. Here are some of the best features that I loved in it:

#1. Import your videos from your computer, camera or phone easily. But wait, that’s too common, isn’t it? Yes, it is, at least for me. But Filmora gives you an option to import videos directly from Facebook and photos from Instagram and Flickr. Now this is freaking awesome! 😮

#2. You can even record videos from your webcam, PC screen or voiceover. So even if you don’t have video, you can instantly record it within minutes!

#3. There are various options to add media, music, text, filters, overlays, elements, transitions, split screen and many more to make your video perfect right from the scratch. Confused about all these options I am talking about? You can know about them all in the below given how to use Filmora video editor section. 😀

#4. Once you create the video you love to, you can easily upload them to Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo directly from the Wondershare Filmora software itself.

Here’s how the main menu looks with all the features as explained above by me. Have a look at it 🙂

Wondershare Filmora

Now that you know the basic features of Filmora Download, let’s have a look at the step by step guide on how to use Filmora video editor effectively and present your videos professionally!

How to Use Wondershare’s Filmora Video Editor Like a Pro!

To start, you need to either import a video from your computer or record a video of what you want to edit. Once it’s done, you need to use the features available in the Wondershare Filmora video editor by following the below given steps. Here you go, get ready to become a professional video editor 😛

Add Music from Filmora’s Library

Well, just like you have various music tracks in YouTube, Wondershare Filmora has some of the finest music tracks to add it in your videos. If you don’t want to add a music track from the Filmora’s music library, you can add your own track to your existing video. This will eliminate the original video background sound and add the new music track to your video 🙂 Here’s how the music library of Wondershare Filmora video editor looks like 😛

Wondershare Filmora Music Library

Start & End in Style with Text Credits 🙂

The first impression is the last impression, they say! I just neglected such things when I was a student. But when the same came to video editing, I just came to know that how important is to start and end a video in style to engage your audience. Filmora video editor gives you awesome text credits to style your video perfectly. You can add any text to your video which you like from it. It has different fonts, colors, variations and much more to kickstart your video in style! 😀 This is how it looks in your Filmora Video editor.

Fimora Text Credits

Awesome Filters to Play with Wondershare Filmora!

Well, when it comes to filters, especially in Android apps, nothing can beat Prisma these days. But that’s just for images! When it comes to video editing filters, Filmora editor has got some fu***ng awesome filters! 😛 It has over 140 filters 😮 to play with. Now when you have these many filters to edit your video, you are sure to enjoy each and every share in the video editor. Just give it a try to few of them and see which one works the best for you!

Wondershare Filmora Filters

Overlays to Give Your Videos a Spark!

Now that you have already added filters to your videos, you just need to give a spark to your videos by putting some layers on it! To change some part of the video with a different overlay can be tricky, but looking at the image below, I don’t think you will face any difficulties 😛 It’s as easy as ABC to add overlays to your video using Filmora video editor.

Filmora Overlays

Spicing Up Your Videos with Extra Elements in Filmora

When you complete Wondershare Filmora download and complete all the above steps, it’s time to spice up your videos with some elements. These effects can completely change your video from low quality to highly effective video for sure. 😀 But make sure that you use them at the right place and don’t mix it up with text credits where you start and end the video. You can use these elements of Wondershare Filmora video editor in the middle of the videos so that the users don’t get bored if the video is too long.

The transition part has nothing much to do with your videos mostly. If you are using 3 to 4 different parts of a video and combining it into a single one, then these transitions can turn out to be handy! Of course, there’s nothing bad in using in all videos, but use them wisely 😛

Split Screen Feature of Filmora Video Editor

Now this might be quite common when you prepare presentations in PowerPoint. Isn’t it? I am talking about split screen feature. Same goes with the videos as well. It gives a nice look to your video once you apply the split screen option in your video after the Filmora download. There are 20 types of split screen formats available in Wondershare Filmora video editor. When you want to compare two different things or multiple things, a split screen can ease your work. Instead of manually editing in photoshop, Filmora does the work within a fraction of seconds with split screen feature. 😀

Wondershare Filmora Split Screen

And once you are done with applying all the effects and filters, it’s now time to save your video and export to a particular location or direct on the social media channels that support video posting. Here’s how the Filmora’s export window looks like and you can clearly see various options given by the Wondershare video editor 🙂

Wondershare Filmora Export Option

So this is how you can use Filmora Download video editor from Wondershare in an effective way. If you have any doubts regarding using this awesome video editor, you can comment down your queries without any hesitations. 😀 Now that you know how to use Filmora video editor, I am going to provide you Wondershare Filmora download link to you. So, here you go!

Wondershare Filmora Download Free

You can easily complete Filmora download process by clicking on the links given below. This video editor is also available on Wondershare’s official website for Windows & Mac users.

So this is all about the Wondershare Filmora video editor download of the full version. We hope that you loved the Filmora video editor review and I am sure you are going to be a professional videographer one day after using this awesome software! 😀

Don’t forget to share this awesome video editor with your loved ones so that they can use Wondershare Filmora on their desktops and Mac too. You can also have a glimpse at some of the best video editing software if you are not familiar using Wondershre Filmora video editor.