Rules of Survival Download for Android & iOS!

We’ve seen survival television shows, adventure games, and many amazing games. But have you ever seen a game like Rules of Survival? With the entry of Rules of Survival APK in the Android Market, we cannot get enough of it. The game has seen some amazing response in such a short time.

With people scrambling to get their hands on this game, we couldn’t understand why. So, what did we do? We found out why. This adventure game has impeccable graphics, superb sound realistic player movements. In every game, players search for the realistic aspects of the Rules of Survival APK game which add to the entire gaming experience making it the most aesthetically pleasing experience ever.

Features of Rules of Survival Game

Whenever a game enters the market, it doesn’t gain popularity without having a few amazing features. Similarly, Rules of Survival APK for Android also only gained the craze because of these features. Features are:

Rules of Survival APK Download

  • Single-Player and Multiplayer Mode
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Extreme Combat Levels
  • Over 120 opponents to battle
  • Unlimited weapons
  • Vast battlefield to fight
  • Various Challenging Obstacles
  • Light, Fun and Entertaining
  • Extremely Detailed Graphics
  • Amazing Sound Quality


The gameplay for Rules of Survival is quite different as compared to other survival and adventure games. While many adventure games may have a generic layout this one is different from the rests. You’ll find yourself on a vast, deserted island with over 120 survivors. What’s the main goal? It’s to survive. You’ll find that there’s a poisonous gas spreading around you, people keep dying and your only way is to survive. This exciting gameplay is what’s grabbing everyone’s attention.

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Rules of Survival APK Download for Android

Looking at the exciting gameplay and these amazing features, you’ll want to try this game out, right? Well, look no further. You can now download Rules of Survival game with these few simple steps.

Rules of Survival for Android iOS

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Before you download Rules of Survival APK for Android. Navigate to settings and check the box that allows you install applications from third-party sources.

Step 2: While the APK for Rules of Survival on Android can be downloaded from an alternative source. It’s important for you to download it from a genuine source. You can download Rules of Survival APK Android from here.

Step 3: Move the APK file to the internal storage of your Android device.

Step 4: Once you finish all the above steps, you can launch the application.

By following these few steps mentioned above, you can experience the realistic gaming experience of Rules of Survival.

How to Download Rules of Survival on iOS

Update: The game is no more available for iOS users. 

The installation process is very similar to that of the Android installation process mentioned above.

On your iOS device, open Safari and install the app by clicking on this link here. By following the onscreen instructions you can install Rules of Survival for iOS.

Final Thoughts

Rules of Survival APK download is a game combined with amazing graphics, expert sound, and realistic gameplay. This is a whole package that contains everything that you need to make it one the best adventure games in the market. You can get the best gaming experience with this realistic survival game. Whether you’re fighting it out with your friends or you’re doing it alone. Whether you’re going in with all arms or just your bare fists, you will have the fun of your lifetime. So, are you going to survive?

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