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Pokemon Go IV Calculator. Know Which Pokemon is the Best for You!

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Last year, July; an amazing launch (Pokemon Go IV Calculator) has been done on the stores which took the internet by storm. While Pokemon Go game literally shook the gaming world, the air it contained has been persisting till now and the proof is in the form of multiple updated versions which are being constantly released by the developers.

Also, apart from the real game version, there are multiple supportive apps, hacking tools which are being developed from time to time to help the users play the game easily. The most prominent tools that stood out are the Fly GPS Apk (to fake the GPS location), Hatching Apps, Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator et.al.

Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator

Similarly, one more app has been developed under the name of Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator. This Pokemon Go App helps you estimate the evolution process of the Pokemon you’ve caught.

App: Pokemon Go IV Calculator (also known as Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator)

App Genre: Utilities, Role Playing, Adventure, Gaming.

Initial Release: July 2016.

Latest Update: January 2017

Compatibility: Android 4.4 and above, iOS 9.0 and above.

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What does the Pokemon Go IV Calculator Do, if you ask? This tool helps the trainers decide which of the collected Pokemon should they evolve first followed by next. For example, if you have a Pidgey that can evolve into a stronger Pokemon even with a 350 CP than the 500 CP Pidgeotto?

Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator

Would you evolve the Pidgey or the Pidgeotto? But the question is how you would decide without knowing what kind of Pokemon they will turn into? This exactly is why you need the Pokemon Go IV Calculator as it shows which Pokemon with a certain CP can evolve into what Pokemon based on the Pokemon Go’s database.

Not all the Pokemon in the Pokemon Go have the same evolution procedure. While some Pokemon’s CP gets hiked by 50%, some of them get hiked by 300%. Therefore, the Evolution Calculator Pokemon Go helps you decide what Pokemon Go trainer should evolve first.

Pokemon Go IV CalculatorOnce you have decided to evolve a particular Pokemon, you might also have to check if it’s the highest on the defender list and if it has the adequate move set. In case if you have a great Pokemon, you also have to look the trainer gear to add things to the kit that not only gives you the stronger Pokemon but also makes you a better trainer.

Features of Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator IV

  1. The Pokemon Go IV Calculator includes all the Pokemon that are usually included in the database of the Pokemon Go.
  2. This calculator not only calculates the CP of the Pokemon but also calculates the XP of the Pokemon and also to which Pokemon, a particular present Pokemon gets evolved into.
  3. The app is free with no in-app purchases or no additional charges. It is a universal app that is compatible with all the devices.
  4. It has got a new Stardust Strategy which helps you with the Buddy Statistics so that you can choose the suitable Pokemon Buddy.
  5. With the Pokemon Go IV Calculator, you can also get the exact CP; XP points with a just little input. This tool is simple and fast and therefore even if you’re considering of evolving rare Pokemon like Magikarp in the most optimized way.

Having said that, the Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator helps you in the appropriate evolution of the available Pokemon into stronger Pokemon provided with the Combat Power and after including all the multipliers on the PA’s database.


With the help of this, you can avoid developing the weaker Pokemon and determine which Pokemon will help you reach further levels and save candies. Therefore, download the app right now from the given link and approach us if you have any issues regarding the installation procedure.

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Harshil Patel

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