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My Boy! GBA Emulator APK v1.7.3 Free Download for Android

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My Boy APK

You heard that right! My Boy APK is now available on your smart phones. Download My Boy APK  to run the GameBoy Advance games designed exclusively for mobile phones or tablets. This is the sole emulator that supports link cable emulation which enables a decent speed.

My Boy APK is capable of emulating all aspects of hardware properly! To play your favorite GBC games, you need to acquire My OldBoy emulator to keep the game going. My Boy GBA Emulator APK is compatible and drains less battery. It has a high level of BIOS emulation with an easy to use user interface.

Once you get the full version of My Boy GBA emulator with multiple screen layout profiles, you can obtain fast forward gaming experience. Type My Boy APK Download to get acquainted by the fastest gaming emulator My Boy APK Games or just follow the below given procedure to safely download My Boy GBA Emulator APK for free!

My Boy APK

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Key Features of My Boy GBA Emulator APK

Let’s move down to know the unique features of My Boy APK emulator Android App for all the young enthusiasts who have dedicated themselves to Game Boy Advance games. You may be curious to know what the emulator brings, let’s jump down quickly:

  1. The emulator enables fastest emulation as compared to other emulators saving your battery life.
  2. The high game compatibility feature allows to run every game on the emulator.
  3. High level of BIOS emulation, thus no BIOS files required.
  4. It grants excellent video filters, high quality graphics for an entertaining game.
  5. The emulator can be fast forwarded or slowed down, according to the user’s convenience.
  6. Powerful screen layout editor and offers on-screen keypad.
  7. External controllers like MOGA controllers, supports thrilling gaming experience.
  8. It has a clean user interface that is helpful in acquiring an amazing game every time.
  9. IPS/UPS ROM patching.

The My Boy GBA APK is another name for mesmerizing and amazing gaming experience. To experience all these features, you need to download this game. I bet you will love this game!

My Boy GBA Emulator

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Additional Information of My Boy GBA Emulator APK

The My Boy GBA Emulator APK has become a popular emulator with 50 lakh happy users. Get rid of the old My Boy APK v1.7.2 to download the newer My Boy APK v1.7.3! This emulator is one of the best and favorite gaming emulator. The game comes with some unique and advanced features like Boot from BIOS, in case you have your own BIOS file. The My Boy APK has been able to fix random crash and avoid pre-loaded ads that minimize data usage.

 My Boy APK Download

Can’t wait more to download My Boy GBA emulator APK? We bring to you simple steps for My Boy APK download. Here’s what you must follow to install My Boy GBA APK:

#1. Firstly, unlock your Android device and ensure that internet is working properly.

#2. Now follow this link to download My Boy GBA APK on your Android smartphones or tablets.

#3. Once the APK file of My Boy GBA is downloaded, next step is to install it on your mobile phone.

#4. Just tap on install button and get started with GBA on Android.

So this is how you can download My Boy Apk file on your Android devices. But ensure that you have done the changes in the settings section where you allow the system to install apps from other sources. Confused? Have a look at the simple procedure below:

Security Setting Changes to Install My Boy APK

#1. Open settings on your device.

#2. Head over to security section by scrolling down the screen.

#3. Scroll down and turn the Unknown Sources option to ON so that you can install My Boy APK.

So these are a couple of changes you need to do for the installation of My Boy GBA Emulator APK on your Android devices.


If you are convinced with the features of My Boy GBA Emulator APK, then why keeps you waiting? Get the emulator for free from the Google Play Store! Hope this article has enough information related to the gaming emulator. Let us know in the comment section if you face any difficulties while installing or downloading the My Boy APK on your Android smartphones!

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