How to Update Sky Q or Sky Q Mini Box’s Software?

Given the release of Disney Plus in the UK, and the lock-down due to Covid-19, people badly need some entertainment at home. And the fact that Disney+ has got a lot of new movies and shows (exclusive), it makes it even interesting to watch it on Sky Q. But for that, you need to update software of your Sky Q box right away!

It’s pretty simple to update Sky Q or Sky Q mini box. In fact, it automatically updates in the background if it has been connected continuously. You need to update it manually if the box has been disconnected for a long time.

Check Satellite Signal Before Updating Sky Q Software!

Before updating the software of Sky Q to the latest version, ensure that it is receiving the satellite signals. To check the signals, follow the below procedure.

  • On the home screen, head over to the Settings option.
  • Now select the Status option to check the Satellite Signal.

Check Sky Q Satellite Signal

If it displays “You Currently have a good satellite signal for your Sky service,” you are all set to update Sky Q software on your box. Let’s see how you can do it manually.

How to Update Sky Q Box Software

#1. Launch the Settings from the home screen and then choose System Info.

#2. Now move on to Software version in system info list and choose Setup.

#3. Next, choose Software download and it will now start the download of latest software version. It can take up to 10-20 minutes depending on the size of the software update.

#4. To know whether the software update on Sky Q has completed or not,  head over to Settings, then choose System info and roll over to Software version.

#5. Press the Standby button on your remote once it displays “Software Update Successful.”

#6. Once the Sky Q box restarts, follow the on screen messages to get the box on to the latest software version.

How to Update Sky Q Box Software

That’s how simple it is to update Sky Q box software. Just in case if you aren’t getting the satellite signal on your Sky Q box or mini box, you can refer this guide to solve the issue.

Stay tuned to for more updates on Disney Plus Sky Q guides and news.

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