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Metro Wordpad – A Refreshing Note Taking App for Windows Phone

There are plenty of note taking apps available for all the platforms of computing regardless of whether it is Android or iOS or Windows.  Every user is becoming smarter by using smartphone and such apps has made smartphone an irresistible force.…

Win Nokia Lumia 510 Giveaway

Win Nokia Lumia 510: Geniusgeeks Birthday Celebration [Closed]

While in the waves of Internet, many blogs don’t get the proud to keep running, after a few months of their launch; it’s your immense love and support that has given your favorite blog ‘GeniusGeeks’, proudest moment to celebrate its…

Instagram Client for Mac Linux and Windows

Instagram Client for Mac, Linux and Windows Users

  An open source Instagram client for Mac, Linux and Windows OS users has appeared on the web. An application named 4K Stogram is a first ever full-fledged cross-platform instagram client out there. The recent excrescence of services that provides…

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