The Nokia Lumia 925: Why you May Want One

The Nokia Lumia range is all about Windows and the phones have been growing in popularity since they first launched with the Lumia 610. The Lumia phones are Windows’ answer to the smartphone – they are smart, easy to use and stylish. Although, they do not own a large chunk of share, it is one of the most interesting smartphone OS. Nokia Lumia 925 is powered with the latest version of WP OS and is here to impress you. While many pundits consider Nokia devices as outdated, they are still better compared to many other devices. The gorilla glass screen and anybody make Lumia one of the aesthetically pleasing device.

Mobile Phone Comparison Sites Aids you to Choose The Best

The mobile segment is evolving. Smartphone are next computer. People are going nuts about the smartphone. Every other month smartphone giants like Samsung, HTC and other second league players release a new device only to confuse the consumer. The biggest boon which has unfolded in the history of mankind is the introduction of mobile phones. With its marvelous feature of fastest communication, it has become a necessity item in today’s era of advancement. A few years back it was just used for communication or text messaging. But gradually these small gadgets have done wonders. They are fully equipped with multi-purpose features like camera, video recorder, media player, FM radio, melodious ring tones, email, MMS, personal organizers, Internet browser, voice memo, GPRS, Bluetooth connectivity, USB support and many more. Apart from its features these gadgets are available in fascinating colors, sleek dimensions and lightweight features.

Metro Wordpad – A Refreshing Note Taking App for Windows Phone

There are plenty of note taking apps available for all the platforms of computing regardless of whether it is Android or iOS or Windows.  Every user is becoming smarter by using smartphone and such apps has made smartphone an irresistible force. It has become a synonym or replacement of the PCs and Laptops to certain extent. The basic need of taking notes and setting up a reminder has been taken to an all new level by such applications. We have already discussed Google Keep and its alternatives along with third party Got-IT for Android app, which performs a similar operation. If you are using windows phone, you are not disappointed either, as there are many options available. Few examples are Onenote from Microsoft and the evergreen EverNote. Today we bring something special for you– Metro Wordpad, a refreshing note taking app for Windows Phone.  Let’s have a look what will you get with Metro Wordpad?

Create Custom Ringtone for Nokia Windows Phone with Ringtone Maker

Nokia has once again proved why it reigns Windows Phone community by releasing excusive Ringtone Maker app for Windows Phone 8 users. As the name implies, it creates a custom ringtone on Nokia WP8, which can be set as caller tunes or other purpose. Of course, this would have been a deal-breaker app half a decade back, but considering WP Mango OS didn’t have a direct option to set own ringtones, this still seems to be a big deal. Nokia has contrived some exceptional, if not unprecedented, app for WP community users. It gave it an unassailable advantage over other OEMs. However, after recent crusade of Windows Phone 8, HTC and Samsung seems to be in winning position as far as new lineup of Windows Phone 8 is concerned.

Best Twitter Clients for Windows Phone 7/8 Users

Whilst social networking sites like Pinterest, Facebook have got an apportioned share of users, Twitter has still been on the top of the chart for those looking to get real-time information. The microblogging website has created its own identity, and most of the business people are on twitter now. Affection towards social networking website has now turned into a necessity, especially for serious businessmen. This resurrection of Twitter and Facebook has surprised many. Even, of late Google started stressing social media reach as an important signal for ranking websites. Well, for whatever reason, you are using twitter and Facebook, it is always good to have few clients handy. Especially, after the smartphone burst, many developers have come ahead to provide dedicated client that even supports multiple social networking website. As a fan of Windows Phone, the post will cover best twitter clients for Windows Phone 7/8 users. This is not the first time we’ve covered dedicated twitter clients on our blog. In fact, on several occasions, like twitter Mac apps and Windows clients, we’ve covered twitter clients on this very blog.

Win Nokia Lumia 510: Geniusgeeks Birthday Celebration [Closed]

While in the waves of Internet, many blogs don’t get the proud to keep running, after a few months of their launch; it’s your immense love and support that has given your favorite blog ‘GeniusGeeks’, proudest moment to celebrate its third birthday. Three consecutive years of hard work, three years of providing you useful information, and three years of your unconditional support has enforced us to celebrate this auspicious occasion with a style. We promise you to keep serving you with the best of the best information. In fact, it’s your immense support that motivates us to keep working hard day in and day out. genius geeks logo The third birthday of GeniusGeeks is matter of joy for us, and for you. A kid celebrates his birthday with family and for us, you are our family. Although, the big G, Google, has no service that can enable us to enjoy an online party with you, we are celebrating the third birthday in our own style. So here, on this happy occasion, we announce a giveaway of the esteemed, Nokia Lumia 510 Windows Phone for our lovely readers. All of you will have an equal chance to win Nokia Lumia 510. Don’t mistaken it as your chance to get it for free, in fact, you have already paid it with your priceless love and support. This Lumia 510 Windows Phone is just our token of love and a way to say thank you, our readers, for your wonderful support. Keep your love and support in the same way so that we can keep serving you with the best information and giveaway.

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New Elementary OS Luna Beta 1 Looks Stunningly Beautiful: Download Now

One of the most anticipated Linux distro, elementary OS Luna beta version 1 is here to stun you. Years of research and hard work has been poured into this version, so that it looks totally different from all the previous version. The developers have worked meticulously in creating elementary OS Luna beta 1 to change the user’s perspective about Linux OS. Luna is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS dovetail with improved Linux kernel and modified GNOME 3. Even, new shell and desktop environment called Pantheon has been incorporated to provide an efficient way to interact with the system. There are many more subtle changes that have been incorporated into this build. They are defining features of the next generation Linux distro that is not only stunningly beautiful, but also impressively easy to work with.

Pokemon GO Windows Phone for All Windows Phones

Reinstaller: Reinstall Windows Phone App and Games Easily

reinstaller app for windows phoneSomehow, apps that offer quick reinstallation or can restore your data quickly are always in high priority on the customer demand list. Reinstaller is a half baked solution for Windows Phone users, which can help them to reinstall Windows Phone apps and games with few hiccups. Windows Phone users are in dire situation compared to Android and iOS counterparts, where there are many featured rich applications available for them. Despite of the lack of auto installing feature, reinstaller is getting a wide recognition since it was the first of its kind app to offer such feature. In case, if you have reset your phone for one of more reason or have purchased a new phone on which you want to reinstall all Windows Phone apps and games installed from previous device, then Reinstall can help you out by lessening the burden on your shoulder.

Nokia Xpress: Web Browser for Lumia Windows Phone

Nokia Xpress, a new web browser for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone has just came out from the Finland headquarter. The duo of Microsoft and Nokia are working assiduously to make Windows Phone ecosystem better. No wonder, Nokia keeps developing new exclusive apps for Lumia series Windows Phone users to keep them interested in the loop. In the past, several other Windows Phone browsers were released and most prominent apps in this vertical are UC Browser and Next Browser. Almost, all the browser for Windows Phone aims to improve the user experience by providing better rendering, image quality, JavaScript loading etc.

What is Cloud Gaming? All You Need to Know About Cloud Games

what is cloud gaming

The next revolutionary technology is all set to take gaming industry by surprise. Also known as Cloud Gaming, the new cloud service aims to add elegance and comfort to the gaming industry. The cloud service vanguard first changed the definition of how we used file sharing, document sharing service, and now the same propitious threat is posed to the gaming industry as well. On a serious note, it could save your pocket from big in purchasing a gaming console and dedicated gaming PC, graphics card, cooling fans, game CD etc. This also saves you time which otherwise was spent in buying a game disc from the vendor. The flip side of the coin is that it not only saves you some money and time, but also saves the environment from bio-hazards created from CD dumps.