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Google Panda WordPress Plugins and Tips to Receover from Panda Update

Ultimate Google Panda WordPress Plugins and Tips to Recover from Panda Slap

  It’s been little over a year since Google decided to roll out dreadful Google Panda algorithm to curb the spammers and improve the search quality. With myriad of automatic tools people have tried to manipulate the SERP result. So called tarnishing and manipulation of SERP results have forced Google to take some harsh steps that has not only affected spammers but thousands of innocent bloggers too. Like many bloggers, I was affected badly and on one scary night I throw in the towel and abandoned my…

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Google Drive Installation Guide

All You Need to Know About Google Drive: Google’s Venture in Cloud Service

Google introduces its new venture in crowded cloud service segment called Google Drive. In a race to win more consumers Google has finally decided to put its foot on the last gear and unveiled Google Drive service to the public. In a nutshell, Google Drive is yet another wannabe Dropbox with additional support from the search behemoth. Few years back, people had to buy additional HD to fulfill their ever growing space requirement, but Dropbox and few similar services changed the whole scenario. Users can realize the…

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Atari Wants You to Bounce Some Ideas Off of Them

Do you remember when Pong came out? If you do, can you use your senior’s discount to buy me movie tickets? Okay, maybe you’re not quite that old yet, but seeing as Pong is celebrating its 40th anniversary, you’re definitely getting up there. Atari, a TriplePoint client who is also pushing 40, is celebrating the classic console creation’s birthday by giving it a makeover, and urging you to be the one who designs its new look. They’ll pay you a hundred grand if you do a good job — plus a publishing deal. You…

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SoftKinetic is Not SoftSpoken

Earlier this month, at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, many new advances were revealed in the field of gesture recognition technology. While engineers are still working on an automated system to cut you off after you drunkenly expose yourself to a slot machine, TriplePoint client SoftKinetic had some actual new tech to show off, including new golf swing tracking systems, and improved drivers to allow you to use gesture recognition cameras at extremely short distances. It is recommended that you not use these two advances at the same time. We at Frisky Mongoose are known to…

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Casual Connect 2011: Games Industry Fishbowl?

With Casual Connect, the fish analogy is easy. You’re gathered in Seattle, surrounded by the sea, partying in aquariums, and hell, I even roomed with a finned friend this year. Our hotel pet (affectionately and temporarily named Sarah) stayed in her fishbowl out of necessity. But will the casual gaming industry do the same? Are we in a fishbowl, and is that even a bad thing? Depends on who you ask… Sarah the goldfish might say to bust out of the family-friendly fishbowl and swim as fast as…

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Metro Apps Launches Smarter Smartphone Publishing Program in UK, EU

The comScore 2010 Mobile Year in Review includes a few factoids about which mobile users are smarter: according to the report, in the US, smartphone adoption reached roughly 1 in 4 mobile subscribers (27%). In Europe, however, that number was closer to 1 in 3 (31%). So, why are the rates for app usage higher in the US? It’s a question that UK-based Metro Apps is looking to address with their new Smartphone Games publishing program — a system geared towards helping smartphone app developers reach a more mainstream market. Metro Apps happens…

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Céiron Wars Open Beta Launch Date Announced

Céidot Game Studios is happy to announce an official open beta launch date with a mini-movie for Céiron Wars, which is an RPG-Strategy game based on a dark atmosphere of Céiron universe. Before the open beta, players whose commanders are created via our pre-registration tool will be able start the game with special bonuses. We strongly encourage you to prepare your commander character before the launch date in order to obtain your bonus items and stat points. Check out the sweet new mini-movie Players who will not…

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Download the Cafe World Game Bar, Receive 5 Cafe Cash and Spices!

It’s that time once again – time for Zynga to announce a promotion that will see users of one of their games receiving an instant prize for downloading the Zynga Game Bar. In this case, it’s Cafe World users who are receiving a bonus, in the form of free Cafe Cash. For those that have never downloaded the Zynga Game Bar in the past, you’ll need to do so by clicking on this link. So long as you are running an updated version of either Internet Explorer or…

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Googleify Your Fascinate & Google Maps Walking Navigation: Android News

In the world of Android, there are always plenty of news stories surrounding the rapidly growing platform that has taken the mobile world completely by storm. Today, we have some tricks that will allow you to Googleify your new Samsung Fascinate from Verizon and share the news about Google Maps Navigation on Android now having walking instructions. Googleify Your Samsung Fascinate The weird: The Samsung Fascinate from Verizon comes with Bing as its default search engine with no way to change it. It also does not come…

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