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Blazing Fast Linux Download Manager: An Impressive List [Updated]

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download manager for linuxThe concept of Linux download manager was derived from the phrase ‘ease of access’. The amount of ease they provide to the users is incredible and was not possible with a browser. Basically, a download manager splits the files and downloads them simultaneously or parallely to fasten the entire download process.  The resultant is faster download speed and the ability to resume the download from where it left off, with few strings attached to the latter part. The core objective is to fasten the download process and save the time of users which otherwise would have been a big headache for them. Waiting for your download to get over is a time-consuming process, but such applications help users to schedule the thing and if necessary shut down the system when the process is finished. Many advanced options give users the freedom to control download speed, number of simultaneous connections and upload speed. In essence, it gives you the ability to download files — be it music, video, document, or any kind of file, on your Linux system with usual option to manage them efficiently.

More advanced Linux download manager offers an ability to pause, resume downloads, manage downloaded files in different folders based on their extensions or categories, auto grabbing of URLs, bulk download, integration with third-party services, multi-thread support, download speed control, torrent support, flash element support, scheduling options and many others. In this regard, Windows users are blessed with heaps of freeware. As an avid Windows user, I personally use Free Download Manager or FDM, but there are many premium options available too. Since, we are here to discuss the options for Linux users, let’s explore some of the best Linux download manager that is readily available for download.

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Our extensive list is placed in haphazard order. However, we are trying our best to list out some of the best applications only.

fatrat download manager


The project started back in 2006, and since then FatRat has gained a huge follower base. A popular open source sleek download manager for Linux nicely sits on every popular browser, making it the formidable option for Linux users. However, development has slowed a bit of late, but is still a worthy crown winner. FatRat comes with full BitTorrent and Rapidshare.com download support. The integrate torrent search engine helps you to find torrents from the application and grab the download links automatically. FTP support with upload option and auto scheduler options are just icing on the cake. The browser integration supports Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera web browser. It is available in several distros, including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, ArchLinux and sabayon.

FatRat also supports multiple language. Besides active developer support. There is a plugin repository to help you additional functionality to the application.



A Java-based Linux download manager is available across multiple platforms. Java is platform independent and hence JDownloader. The featured rich client has tons of features integrated that makes downloading errand tad easy. There are many browser extensions available in Firefox add-ons store and Google Chrome’s web app store. The support for Raipdshare.com premium and free account makes it one of the best download manager out there for Rapidshare users. An extensive add-on repository offers a plethora of add-ons to enhance the functionality further. For example, JD Unrar, JD RemoreCintrol, JD Chat are few of the popular addons available for JDownloader Linux download manager. Apart from those, there are many other add-ons developed by individual developers for the respective browser which offers seamless integration.

uget linux download manager


uGet brings freshness and more colors to the table. If you think that Linux applications are dull, then think twice. uGet, a visually appealing Linux download manager and is gaining huge applause from the users. The open-source project is in active development and as of writing this version 1.10.1 is already out. The interface is identical to many of the Mac apps. uGet offers some robust features like download queue, automatic resume support upon active internet connection detection and more. Settings option will let you configure the downloads based on the categories, which then will get downloaded automatically to the appropriate folders on the system. The advanced option gives you an option to monitor and control the downloading speed. It even integrated itself with Firefox browser with Flashgot plugin. Advanced users can operate it from the command line as well. Visit the website for download and installation instructions.

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Download uGet (Edit: Website is no longer working)

Even, uGet is also worth mentioning Linux download manager for users who are comfortable with command-line interface. Linux users have few other options available for them, but many of them are not being developed actively.

Update 1:

flareget for linux


We would like to thank our reader Amitosh Swain first. flareGet was among one of the less unstable download managers for Linux. However, things have changed from past some time. It is a multi-threaded and segment download manager and accelerator. It can be integrated with many of the popular web browsers available in the market. Unfortunately, the browser integration plugin is sold at $10, which seems to be on a higher side considering there are already many good free alternatives available in the market. Keeping it aside, serious users who are fond of downloading files from various place might find this download manager worthwhile. Linux Mint and 64-bit version systems support has also been added.

The software is also available in multiple languages.  Some of the worth mentioning features are supported for flash download, smart scheduler, batch download, manage download/ upload speed, advanced segmentation etc. It can directly fetch the file from the clipboard so you’d not need to copy-paste your download links separately. New version 1.4.7 is expected to provide more stable download and promises to add more features. Overall, flareGet is a nice little addition that is worth keeping in your arsenal.

Grab flarGet

Just to help out our readers, we’ve taken an extra step and have updated some of the Linux download managers in the List.ly account. Even, you can contribute to it by adding your favorite download managers for the Linux system.

This is the reason we skipped other applications from this list. At the end of the day, we all want a stable application, don’t we? Would you like us to cover your favorite Linux download manager here? Sound off in the comment section below.

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