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Best TeamViewer Alternative for Windows and Mac users

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free teamviewer alternatives

Technical team often seeks help finding decent TeamViewer alternatives to enhance their support system, but often proves to be a wild goose chase for them. The precarious OS or software troubleshooting from remotely is usually despicable without help of a remote desktop application. When it comes down to remote desktop sharing application, no one can come close to what free tool TeamViewer has to offer. It can also be used to share files, meetings, presentations, document sharing in real-time, collaborative work environment and much more. Even after lots of rumination, it is somewhat difficult to come to any solid alternative of TeamViewer that can completely replace it. Well, it hasn’t been confined to just industry, but even casual users are very well aware of the power of TeamViewer.

End-users often install and use such application to let experts troubleshoot problems on their OS without being present physically. It also gives an opportunity to geek people like us to perform certain tasks (horrific tasks) on a friend’s PC. TeamViewer is available on multiple platforms, but we’re interested in exploring alternatives for Windows system only (some of them are available for Mac OS too).

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Such utility has become an integral part of any small or major support system. Troubleshooting computer remotely is not confined to TeamViewer users only. Following TeamViewer alternative offers you one of the industry’s best features. Some of them are even available for free while others are available for trial or with some restrictions. It is expected that your PC is connected to the internet and is up and running during the whole operation. Even setting up the account and giving access to remote administrator or user is as easy as 1-2-3.

Free TeamViewer Alternatives

Before moving ahead you must also understand that by giving access of your PC to third person put your security in danger. You are putting your PC security at stake just to resolve the problem. Be wise and do look at each and every step performed by the remote user.

logmein teamviewer alternative free


LogMeIn is one of the toughest competitor and alternative of TeamViewer. The application is available on various desktop platforms and mobile handsets. It uses the 256 – bit encryption to keep your system away from prying eyes. As mentioned earlier, the free LogMeIn version comes with certain restrictions, but it performs most of the basic operations facilely. Tasks like desktop viewing, copy-paste between computers, wake on LAN, reboot/ reconnect in safe mode, chat, IP address lockout can be performed in the free version of LogMeIn. The paid version allows you to perform file transfer, remote printing, drag and drop transfer, background login and many other complex errands.

LogMeIn also has a dedicated Android and iPhone application, which will allow you to manage PCs remotely from your mobile handset. It is available for both Mac and Windows OS.

ammyy remote desktop application


Like LogMeIn and TeamViewer, Ammyy is free for non-commercial use. There are a plethora of features integrated in this nifty little remote desktop application. It also follows a standard industry encryption system for enhanced security. Meanwhile, the intuitive and user-friendly interface of the Ammyy helps both admin and end-users to easily perform various tasks on a PC. File manager with 140Tb file transfer cap acts as an icing on the cake. Besides, all the regular features, it also offers voice chat capability, sharing of presentations and conference to make it the most useful application. Those, who would like to start distance education can greatly benefit from Ammyy free version. Setting up a virtual class it as easy as it sounds.

Newbie can also refer heaps of video tutorials available on the site to understand the software fully. Visit Ammyy. Unfortunately, it is available for Windows system only. It loses its battle to LogMeIn since it is not cross-platform application.



TightVNC offers a robust solution of remote desktop management tool without being too much complex. The tool is as simple as it can get. The best part about TightVNC is that it is available for free to use for both personal and commercial purposes. However, it comes with limited features compared to any other previously mentioned TeamViewer alternative. It is also cross platform application available for both Windows and Linux system with a Java client. Java has its own security concerns but we’re not here to discuss them. All in all, TightVNC is a great free open source TeamViewer alternative for limited use only. It is best to be used for personal use or for educational purpose only. It lacks rugged features available in paid software.

Grab TightVNC from here

chrome remote desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

The reason why the Google Chrome browser is getting a huge round of applauds from tech world is because of the number of solid web store apps it has to offer. A couple of months back, we provided a list of Chrome alternatives, but we have to admit that it is always good to stick with Chrome browser due to the sheer fact that it has a huge number of useful web apps that are not available on Firefox or other platform yet. Chrome remote desktop is browser based TeamViewer alternative that works from Chrome browser (or from some of the alternatives listed previously). The web store application is still in BETA mode, but works flawlessly. It lets you login and control PCs remotely through Chrome browser or Chromebook. It is truly cross-platform and works on virtually all the OS like Mac, Windows, Linux. All you need is an active internet connection and Chrome browser installed on your desktop.

radmin teamviewer alternative software


Radmin is probably amongst the best TeamViewer alternative out there. However, it comes with a catch. It is available for 30 day trial only. It allows you to access network computer over LAN or remotely via Internet. It does allow file transfer, copy-paste, multi-user text and voice chat with 256-bit AES encryption to ensure the maximum theft protection. Radmin is more of a preferred option for professional rather than home users. Even, multiple user session with multiple monitor is also feasible with Radmin. It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista, Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) system.

Radmin also provides a lifetime license of $49 which is very affordable. It is an obvious choice for any small scale corporation whose budget is on the lower side.

There are many other useful TeamViewer alternatives available in the market, but above will serve the purpose. As always, you are free to suggest your favorite product via the comment section below.

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