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Instagram Client for Mac, Linux and Windows Users

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An open source Instagram client for Mac, Linux and Windows OS users has appeared on the web. An application named 4K Stogram is a first ever full-fledged cross-platform instagram client out there. The recent excrescence of services that provides Instagram like experience has doubled the joy for the developer. A ravenous social networking beast name Facebook came as a savior and gorged the entire system only to later integrate some of the functions to into Facebook. In an expectation of making Facebook a better place for users they took a giant leap towards photo editing moorland. In a contest to beat down rival Google+ photo features, Facebook might have taken over the company. Instagram will be an ally of Facebook  to improve the end-user experience. However, few users think otherwise. Many of them fear that Instagram will sooner or later will evanesce.

Previously, we provided some of the services to print instagram pictures so you could use them wherever you want. Unfortunately, many of them were a paid service and you were expected to shed some money in order to get them. Obviously, many people preferred such professional service for the mere fact that they were offering too much for too little. But after the acquisition of Instagram, people realized the need of backing up their photos so they can keep their valued asset safely. 4K Stogram is an instagram client for Mac, Linux and Windows users that offers abundant features to the users. It is a standalone instagram client for Mac (and other OS too) that allows you to browse and download instagram photos on their respective PC.

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4k Stogram: Open Source Instagram Client

instagram client for mac

4K Stogram is as easy as an open source tool can get. All you have to do is simply input your username in the field and it will present all the photos related to that username. You can either instagram username or link to photo to browse them on your Mac, Linux and Windows PC. It will automagically fetch all the photos and display them as a thumbnail. There are no settings available to play with. Just click on the image you would want to see and it will hand it over to the default image viewer of your system. From here, you can download or save the image on your system.

instagram client for linux

4K Stogram automatically updates new photos by that user, so you can keep an eye on’em. Unfortunately, there is no option to download all the images in the batch, which is a big drawback of this open source tool. This is where we personally feel that a web based tool like Instaport are much more efficient than 4K Stogram, but then again 4K Stogram doesn’t ask you to sign into your account. You simply need to enter username to see all the photos present under his/her account. This instagram client is available on all the major platforms, and we expect it to get better as time goes by.

Have you come across any other better instagram client that is worth mentioning on Geniusgeeks blog?

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Ricky Shah
Ricky Shah

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