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Linux Comic Book Reader Comix Makes Reading Comics A Fun

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linux comic reader comixComics had been my weakness during my childhood days. Unfortunately, technology was not developed to this extent, so it was always a fantasy reading comic book on the computer. Well, Comix, a Linux comic reader is here to fulfill my long craving fantasy. But, then again I have passed the age of comic book reading, but that shouldn’t stop me from sharing it with our readers. Comic books are fun to read and are always best past time for many people including elders.

Comix aids the purpose and lets you read comic books on Linux systems. It is an open-source project and is not only a great Linux comic book reader but also an image viewer. The program itself is very light and very flexible. It can read comics from Zip, Rar and Tar archives. Since, it is written in Python, it supports a wide variety of platforms. It not only supports aforementioned formats, but also JPG, PNG, GIF, TIG, BMP, ICO, CBZ and many other image formats. The best part is that it is available in as many as 20 different languages. The development of the project is decaying and hasn’t been released from the past several years, but the old version is still a gold.

The reading comfort options like full screen mode and double page mode help users a lot. Other options like fit images to Windows width, height or both also give you comfort of reading comics on your system. Comix Linux comic reader supports most of the famous image format. Magnifying glass to take a clear view at the images can help to visually challenging people as well normal user. Few other less useful options like rotating and mirroring might be useful for small group of people. All in all, the Comix Linux comic reader is one of the best free comic readers available out there. Of course, you may not find it visually appealing, but that’s not Comix is meant for. It supports Linux, BSD and virtually any other UNIX-like OS.

Even, MComix project has appeared later, which is a fork on the comix project and aims to fix bugs and add new features to the device.  So if you’re worried about stability issue, you can go ahead and try MComix. Those who are into reading books and comics should also check out our helpful guide to download free Kindle books.

Glance at Features of Comix

  • Full screen mode and double page mode
  • Fit image to window width, height or both
  • Rotation and mirroring
  • Magnifying glass
  • Image enhancements
  • Both left-to-right and right-to-left reading modes
  • Bookmarks support
  • Archive comments support
  • Archive editor
  • Comic book library to navigate to books quickly
  • Reads most common image formats
  • Reads ZIP and tar archives natively, and RAR archives through the unrar program.

Comix: Linux Comic Reader

Download Comix and install it on your system.

It can be accessed from Applications –> Graphics. The main Window looks something like below. From here, you can browse your images. Left tab will display all the images or pages of comics, and right hand pane will display the larger view. There are various image enhancement and viewing option available to facilitate better viewing of the comic book and images.

comix main windows

Preference option facilitates the option to change background color, customizing thumbnail size and magnifying glass properties. There is also an option to change the transparency of the image in case background color/ image is hindrance in viewing the images.

comix editing preference

Those who are not comfortable with image quality can set RGB colors, change brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness. You can then bookmark your images or comic book to read them later. You can quickly search the books or add them to the library. Overall, you will be able to manage most of the portion of the book. Even, you can edit them.

comic bookmark linux

QComicBook also offers similar features along with manga viewing option. It is a worthy alternative of Comix, besides MComix. The most recent version of QComicBook was released on 30/05/2012, which means that it is being developed actively. Of course, there is nothing drastic that would entice you to use it. Nonetheless, it is a worthy replacement of Comix. We would love to know whether you have tried any other Linux comic reader besides Comix.

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