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iOS 15 Features

9 iOS 15 Features Every iPhone User Must Know!

Apple continues to improve its services and features year after year, from releasing new products to new software, iOS 15 this time. Moreover, with every product they release to the market, you can ensure that each device has a further improvement that can provide convenience and happiness to each user, enhancing their Apple experience.  Software updates are critical as they can affect how a user interacts with a device. If you’ve tried mobile app development, you probably know how it works and how much effort you need…
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Best English Learning Apps

5 Best English Learning Apps: Speak English Fluently in Quick Time!

For those whose native language isn’t English, learning it was a daunting task back in 90s. A lot of us must have fallen for advertisement like “learn English in 30 days.” Back then, it used to work like a charm for advertisers but now with the digital evolution, there are some best English learning apps available for Android & iOS users to help them speak English fluently and also improve their vocabulary. Apart from this, grammar skills can be improved as well with such English learning app.…
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Cannot Verify Server Identity on iPhone Fixed

7 Ways to Fix ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ on iPhone!

iPhone is one of the most prestigious smartphones you can possess these days. It is a style statement. Seeing pesky errors in your iPhone or losing your AirPods is just so irritating and hence you would not want any one of them to live further and solve them ASAP. It has been reported that the ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ error keeps appearing for the Apple iPhone users over time.  You sat to write your friend an E-mail or just read and go through your inbox and suddenly…
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How to Find Lost AirPods That are Offline

Here’s How to Find Lost AirPods That are Offline!

The AirPods have a peculiar style of disappearing anytime anywhere they want. Over a period of time there have been innumerous reports of people losing or not finding their AirPods or the newer version of it, the AirPods pro. More often than not, you have a hope of getting them back and have the question of how to find lost AirPods that are offline? Being very precious, we understand the need to completely do everything in your power to try and find out where your AirPods have…
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Best Action Games for iPhone and iPad

15 Best Action Games for iPhone & iPad!

Action games are the most loved games for this GEN-Z era. The party of action packed fighting sequence and all those suave maneuvers that give you power to destroy your enemy virtually are simply amazing. These action games for iPhone have had such a huge impact on the users that more often than not people find it intriguing and addicting to want to progress further while defeating the opponents on the way.   These action-packed games, over the time, make it to the top of the gaming section…
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Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone

10 Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone Free!

Music just like breathing is a necessity for today’s generation. Speaking of a human race as a whole, everyone is into music, maybe not the same genre but that doesn’t stop people from listening to music. Some like Metallic, while others go for Pop, there are fans of old classical and under the same roof someone is listening to Tropical Hip-hop. Music has become its own language and undeniable the language commonly spoken by all. That being said, it gets frustrating when you don’t have the internet…
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Fix Account Not in This Store

Here’s How to Fix “Account Not in this Store” Error on iPhone!

“Account not in this store,” is a common message among Apple users as it pops up when there is an issue in the App Store. And this has been happening since the time iOS 6 was introduced. Since then, the error has persistently occurred in iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14 too. This pest of an issue just causes you to get irritated. This error prevents users from buying, downloading, installing, or updating apps.  This message often appears when you are in a…
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Secret Codes on iPhone

15 Secret Codes on iPhone You Never Tried Before!

A lot of us have stayed unknown to the fact that secret codes on iPhone even exist. There are a lot of us who don’t even know how these codes work, what they are or most importantly, what they do. These are something which the companies themselves have installed and it is to use but more often than not these iPhone secret menu options are not even released for public knowledge.  There are  times when the companies try to hide them and these codes are something that…
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Open APK File

How to Open APK File on Android, PC, Mac & iOS!

What is an APK File? APK file is a package used by Google’s Android OS to install the package that contains Android app installer along with images, text, videos, and complete details of the app. Now, a lot of readers on GeniusGeeks have asked us about how to open APK files on Android, PC, Mac & iOS devices. Sensing the need of an hour, we’ve curated a perfect tutorial on how you can open APK file on your respective devices by using some applications and software. Editor’s…
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Sideloadly Download

Sideloadly Download for Windows & Mac: Working Alternative to Cydia!

A lot of Apple users were searching for an alternative to Cydia Impactor the moment it stopped working properly. Well, the good news is, Sideloadly is finally released and it works perfectly with a free or paid Apple developer account. With this, you can now download Sideloadly on your Windows PC or laptop and then install your favorite iOS apps or games to your non-jailbroken device. The UI/UX for Sideloadly is excellent and allows you to sideload iOS apps in a flash. If your jam is to…
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