Dream League Soccer PC

Dream League Soccer 2019 Download for PC & Mac

Dream League Soccer 2019 PC Download

It is a game of soccer as the name suggests. Dream League Soccer 2019 PC download has changed the gaming experience in the soccer field totally. You can build your own team, recruit real FIFA Pro licensed superstars. Your own stadium can be built as you desire.

In short, with Dream League Soccer 2019 PC game you can walk the road to Soccer stardom just like you dream to with your dream team may be consisting of top superstar players such as Diego Costa or Aaron Ramsey. Dream League Soccer 2019 PC is as realistic as you can imagine with such an experience you would feel challenged and be addicted to the game.

It has all new visuals, realistic animations, and 60fps dynamic game play. Your team would be put against the very best in the world and you have to play hard to rank your team to the top. There are in total of 6 divisions and over 7 Cup competitions. In my previous articles, I have shown how to download Pokemon Go on PC and Google Allo on PC. This tutorial is quite similar to that. So you will not face any problems if you have already tried download Android apps on PC.

Dream League Soccer 2019 PC Download Free

Dream League Soccer 2019 PC Features & Game Play

Dream League Soccer PC 2019 download is a great game to play if you are a Soccer fan. You can also play it on your Android phones as well as iPhones. If you haven’t had any experience with this game yet then what are you waiting for buddy? Download DLS 2019 in PC, Mac by downloading Bluestacks 3 and play it to the soonest. For playing in the phones you can directly download it from Google Play Store or from the Apple Store. And for PCs and Macs, we have already described above in detail how to download it.

You can also download Dream league soccer 2019 with the help of their apk files. Play and play and increase your skills like never before. You can also sign players using coins or even spot a bargain in the free transfer market. It’s also easy to change the kits by using DLS 2019 Kits & Logos of a particular team. Dream League Soccer 2019 download for PC provides you with full freedom in adjusting your team the way you want. So why not download Dream League Soccer 2019 for PC to enjoy the game on the larger screen? You can also download Freedom APK latest version from our blog 🙂

If you are looking forward to install DLS 2019 PC game on your Windows 7,8,10 or even Mac, then you need to follow the below given tutorial of Dream League Soccer 2019 download for PC:

Dream League Soccer PC Download

Dream League Soccer 2019 PC Download

To play Dream League Soccer 2019 PC you first need to download any of the Android Emulators in your PC. Some of the top leading emulators are Bluestacks, Andy, Youwave, etc. Here we have shown it using Bluestacks. You may use any emulator of your choice. Once downloaded, you can Hack Dream League Soccer 2019 to get unlimited coins for free!

  1. Go to Bluestacks official website to download quickly from here!
  2. On the right side you will get to see a blue colored “Download” button. Click on the download button.
  3. Depending on the speed of your net connection, Bluestacks starts downloading itself.
  4. After the download is complete, double click on the executable file to start the installation.
  5. There will appear some instructions on your screen. Follow through them and Bluestacks will be completely installed.
  6. A shortcut will be created on the screen which means Bluestacks for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 is ready to use.
  7. Go to the search box and type “DLS 2019 Download”. Search for it via Google Play Store.
  8. Your target application must be selected from the shown results and then install it.
  9. After the installation is complete it will be shown under all apps.
  10. Start using the app from the app drawer of Bluestacks.
  11. Use your mouse’s right click and left click according the on-screen instructions to play Dream League Soccer.

Dream League Soccer for PC DownloadStart playing the game to the fullest with a totally new experience.

DLS 2019 Download for Mac

  1. Search for Bluestacks for Mac and download here.
  2. Go to the official site of Bluestacks for the download.
  3. Official website- bluestacks.com.
  4. Wait till it is completely downloaded.
  5. Open Bluestacks and login to your Google account.
  6. Now you can start using Bluestacks Emulator.
  7. Now open Bluestacks app on your Mac and click on Search icon.
  8. In the Search box type Dream League Soccer and hit Enter.
  9. From the shown results, click on the correct app icon.
  10. On clicking you will get to see the install button. Click on it.

Dream League Soccer 2019 game will be soon installed depending on your internet connection speed. Once it is ready to use, start playing on your Mac and experience like never before.  If you have already played this game, you can play Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 on your PC by using Xbox Emulator for PC which is a football game for Xbox 360 gamers!

Conclusion of DLS 2019 Download for PC

We hope you liked Dream League Soccer 2019 download article and found it pretty useful. Let us know your experience with this app. In case you have any doubts, feel free to ask us by commenting in the comment section below. We would be more than happy to be able to help in any way we can. Any suggestion from your side, all are welcome. Share as much as you can and recommend Dream League Soccer 2019 PC game to your friends and family members too.

How to Remove PUBG Health Reminder

[Fixed] How to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG Mobile Game?

PUBG Health Reminder

PUBG Mobile has been setting a trend in India and lately, over the times, we have seen that parents are worrying about their child’s addition towards the game. I personally urge people not to play this game for more time. It’s for fun, don’t make it an addiction. And this is why PUBG Health Reminder feature is being tested in India.

But if you want to ruin your future and want to remove health reminder in PUBG mobile, then no one can stop you from doing it after reading this post. But let me first tell you why this is happening only in India. Recently, Gujarat Government has imposed a complete ban on PUBG Mobile game and the people who were found playing this game were arrested by the local police.

PUBG Health Reminder

Keeping in mind with this, the PUBG developers are now testing a “Health Reminder” so that kids don’t overplay PUBG on their respective devices. In this PUBG health reminder, a pop-up appears once you have completed 6 hours of play. And this is annoying most of the addictive users in India today. This is leading the players to search “How to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG Mobile Game?”

Before you know the process I would like you to inform that you might see a notice “The Payment Has Been Cancelled Your Account is at Risk PUBG” when you try to remove the health reminder. So try this at your own risk!

How to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG

#1. Once you’ve played more than 6 hours of PUBG Mobile game, you will see a pop-up of health reminder saying that “The game has been stopped. Please come back at XYZ (Estimated Time as per your timezone).”

#2. Now make sure that you don’t click on OK button until the game starts. If you do so, it will ask another question after some time as shown in the below image.

How to Remove PUBG Health Reminder

#3. If you click on YES, you will banned by PUBG for sure and your account will be at risk. Instead, you need to click on NO to make sure that your PUBG account is working smoothly.

How to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG

As you can clearly see that the YES button is cleverly placed on the right side where most of the users click. So focus on the NO button where you need to click.

Final Verdict on Health Reminder in PUBG

So this is how to remove health reminder in PUBG. This is the only fix to this issue as of now. If there’s any other solution, I will be uploading it soon!

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s important to understand that why PUBG has taken this step. It’s for you, it’s for your future. It’s done because you’re utilizing your precious time in a game that earns you nothing at the end of the day. So make sure that you play this game just for fun and don’t get addicted to it. 

Naked Camera App

Nomao Naked Camera APK: Is This for Real?


What makes smartphones complete? A phone dialer, instant messenger or SMS, and … a Camera?? Well, the internet is already flooded with the hustle about this new camera app called, Nomao! So, is is just like another camera app that just does nothing but put some extra filters and sits on your phone’s memory forever? NO! Nomao camera app is about something else.

Nomao APK download gives your camera some X-Ray scanner like capabilities that enables you to see through objects. It wouldn’t be wrong if we call Nomao camera app as a Naked Camera App. You can see that Nomao camera app lets you see a particular object. Sounds impossible? Well, lets us dig deeper into the Nomao Camera app details, its functionality and how you can get Nomao APK on your smartphones.

 About Nomao App – Naked Camera

The concept behind the Nomao APK download revolves around the fact that the app lets you see and capture what behind a particular object. For example, you can see what a person is wearing, and that possibly makes it a naked camera app. Let’s see how Nomao APK works and how you can use it. Before you know how to use Nomao Camera App on Android devices, let’s have a look at some features and then Nomao APK download process. Here you go with features:

Naked Camera App

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Features of Nomao App

Below listed are some exceptional features of Nomao Official App.

  • For some security reasons Nomao camera app isn’t available officially on the Google Play Store and iTunes store, so you need to sideload this app on both iPhone and Android devices.
  • The app interface is quite simple; the app offers general camera controls just like any another camera app.
  • Nomao camera app uses built-in morphed images and then sticks them in the face of individuals. By this way, you are just editing the actual appearance of a person by adding the naked body of somebody else.
  • It will be a fun way to create some laughter amongst your friends.
  • Make sure to be alone while you click pictures of individuals so that to prevent any issues.
  • Be sure to comply with the privacy of other people and not to hurt their emotions and sentiments. People might get offended, you see!
  • And let’s get to the reality, for now, Nomao camera app is just another great prank app. We all can make out whether a simple camera can have that X-Ray type imaging or not. So, you can use this app as the best prank camera app.

How to Download Nomao APK

As already said that Nomao camera Android app isn’t officially available on the Google Play Store and iTunes Store, so there is a need for Nomao APK download and IPA file and to sideload them separately. Sideloading is an easy process where you install the app file from a source other than the official source.

Nomao APK Download for Android

Installing Official Nomao Camera Android App 2019

For things to go in a smooth fashion, make sure to make the phone ready for the installation of the Nomao apk download file.

  • Go to the device settings and then Security. Look for the option called Unknown Sources, and make sure that it has been enabled. You can use the toggle option to enable it if it is disabled.
  • After you’ve done that, download the Nomao camera Android app apk file from the links provided. Alternatively, you can do a quick Google Search and find several Nomao APK download listed. Make sure that you trust the source of the Nomao.APK file.
  • After the apk file has been downloaded, tap on the file icon to initiate the installation.
  • Now, the app will get installed in few seconds and Voila! You’ll now see the Nomao Camera Android app icon in the app drawer, from where you can use the Nomao camera Samsung.

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Download Nomao for iOS

Unfortunately, there is no official version of Nomao camera app yet made available for iOS based devices. There are some alternative apps that you can use on your iOS device and get the similar functionalities.

  • Head over to the iTunes store and search for Nomao Camera app.
  • All the possible alternates to this app will be listed, and you can download and use any from the list.
  • Make sure to download only the free apps as you might feel cheated if you pay and the app won’t work up to your expectations.

How to Use Nomao Camera App

  • Well, after you run the Nomao camera Android app you’ll be displayed with a disclaimer message, you need to tap on ‘I agree’ button to get through.
  • Next, you’ll be displayed with an intuitive user interface with all the basic controls that you can use to pretend as if you are taking an image of a naked person.
  • Make sure to be alone while you are clicking photographs.
  • You can prank your friends, family, and colleagues using the Nomao camera app.
  • The app may appear buggy and often lags sometimes, don’t worry the developers of this app are continuously pushing out updates.
  • Make sure to update the Nomao camera app manually after some time as the app lacks automatic updating feature.
  • Try clicking photographs on your risk; people may get offended sometimes.

Final Words on Nomao Download

The app is nothing but a quick way out of your boring daily life. The Nomao camera app won’t takes naked photos but morphs images from the subject and pre-saved naked image. This can be a good prank to be made at school and colleges. The users must take utmost care while using this app and must take care of their subject’s privacy, try not to share the image on social media LOL!

The app interface is neat. The only drawback is that the app isn’t yet available for iOS devices so these users might have to wait until the developer releases the iOS version of the Nomao camera app. The chances are that Nomao camera app for iOS devices won’t ever make it to the iTunes store because of infringement in privacy policies, but who cares? It will be available soon at GeniusGeeks.


Fildo 3.4.1 Released for Android, iOS & Windows Devices!

FILDO 3.4.1

Fildo is a music streaming app, which gives out an option to stream and download music from other sources. Fildo APK is one of the most popular applications for downloading and playing music, as it routes the search to different other applications to get the source.

This helps you in saving more number of music tracks and avoids using more data while storing different music tracks on a regular basis. Fildo lets you download different songs from different languages & countries and helps you searching music tracks easily, as the source of the music would be taken from different sources.

Fildo guides you find the required song in a short span of time. Fildo is different from other music streaming application, as it gives you all these features for free of cost. Fildo Acts as a link between users and actual music streaming sites, as Fildo APK does not store any kind music in its App.

Features of Fildo.APK

You will find millions of songs on the internet, and it is hard to search for every song available on the earth. There will be a list of music streaming websites and applications, which stores different kinds of music tracks or songs. As there are millions of songs in the world of internet, it is important to search for a particular song in a short span of time.

FildoIf you are a music lover and love to listen to different kinds of songs, then you can download Fildo app with the help of Fildo APK, which could help you stream and download videos in an effective way. The user-friendly application gives out a lot of features, where you can use the application to stream first and download later. This helps people to download the correct songs to their playlist.

Fildo Music application is better than most of the applications in general, as the app comes for free of cost and lets you download freely. Most of the applications provide you this kind of facility for premium customers, which will usually be paid on a regular basis or one time.

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How to Use Fildo App on Android, iOS & Windows

You can install the application with the help of 3rd party source and register the application for the first time either with the help of Facebook or Gmail user credentials. This helps you create your profile, which helps you to download the songs and maintain a separate playlist to listen to.

Fildo App

The application is filled with a lot of features, where people can create multiple playlists depending on the mood and the time. Creating playlists can be helpful when you are looking forward to listening to a certain type or set of songs of your choice without struggling to search for the next track.

You can download the download directly and can listen to it at any given point of time, click on the button Download sign in the music track screen and the songs gets downloaded in a quick span of time. This helps you to listen to the track when you are offline and from your profile directly.

Download Fildo APK 3.4.1 Android & Fildo Music iOS

The application is easily available in the most of the websites on the Internet and the application is available for free of cost and can be transferred from a different mobile device with the help of a lot of file transfer applications. The Fildo APK can be downloaded from the any of the websites and can transfer the file to install the application on your Smartphone.

Fildo APK

The following tips show you to way to download Fildo on your phone and use it.

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Fildo App Android 3.4.1

Download Now

  • Visit fildo.net and Click on ‘download last version’ by scrolling down
  • Download the application on your application on your phone directly or on your computer
  • Transfer the file to your phone by a data cable, if you have downloaded with the help of a computer.
  • Open the target folder and tap on the Fildo APK
  • Wait as the app installs and open the application
  • Enter your user credentials by creating one and start using the application flawlessly

Fildo Music iOS

There is an option for you to download the beta version of the application on different websites, but it recommended for people to wait till the app officially available on the website.

Fildo Music

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Fildo for Windows 10 Mobile

  • Visit the official website of Fildo.
  • Click on ‘Fildo Windows 10’ button by scrolling down.
  • Download the application on your application directly on your phone or your computer
  • Once done, install the App on your Windows 10 Mobile and enjoy unlimited Music MP3 Streaming using Fildo Music App now!

What’s New in Official Fildo APK Latest Version

Changelog from the official Fildo Music Android (Updated on 12th February 2019)

Fildo Apk 3.4.1

  • Fixed search for some names with spaces which doesn’t return anything.
  • Improved artist matcher for genres items.

Fildo Apk 3.4.0

  • Improved search (return to the previous system once we’ve fixed the bugs that came up in December).
  • Improved the listings of albums in artist view, now appear before the news (deleted cache).
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Fildo Apk 3.3.7

  • Allows dynamic configurations to avoid blockages when obtaining results. Basically, we’re trying to minimize the effect of the attacks we’ve been receiving recently.

Fildo Apk 3.3.5

  • Fixed error from 3.3.2 which makes 50% of audios return not available in your country (We are so sorry…)
  • Added new fallback search engine.
  • Downloader improve to find more more 320 audios.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Fildo Apk 3.3.2

  • Search engine fixed and improved, this means less “Not available in your country”.
  • Downloader will found more 320 audios.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Fildo Apk 3.3.0

  • Fixed and improved search.
  • Improved downloader engine.
  • Fixed cover image on downloads.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Fildo Apk 3.2.9

  • Fixed downloader, files with “(” or “)” in name doesnt download ever.
  • Fixed cover image on downloads.
  • 3.2.8
  • App fixed because it had stopped working completely, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Fildo Apk 3.2.5

  • Improved the downloads (now if you select 320 bitrate, more audios will be on 320bitrate).
  • Improved fallback search engines (this means less “this audio is not available in your country).
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Fildo Apk 3.2.0

  • Favourites are linked to your user, this means that when you log in you will retrieve your favourites.
  • Albums can be marked as favorites (artists too).
  • You can change the background between several predefined ones.
  • Improved the download screen (fewer bugs, you can also cancel individual downloads, etc.).
  • Minor improvements (in navigation, hot language change, etc.).
  • Added new language, Philippine.

Fildo Apk 3.0.7

  • Added again the autocomplete in the searches.
  • Added go to artist on songs.
  • Fixed navigation back to results, now search results will be keeped.
  • The magnifying glass in the search field is clickable so that users have fewer problems (you can send them on the keyboard or the magnifying glass).

Fildo 3.0.0

  • Yes!! v3.0.0 has been released.
  • Updated each internal component that they use.
  • Better performance.
  • Better covers cache (less data usage).
  • A lot of improvements, fix and a new small redesign.

Fildo Apk

  • Fixed download audio speed and issues.
  • Added message GPDR for European citizens.
  • Improved playlists importer.
  • Minor fixes and performance improvements

Fildo Apk

  • Fixed download and streaming errors.
  • Now more audios will be available on 320.
  • Performance improvements.

Fildo Apk

  • Fixed streaming errors.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Small aesthetic improvements.
  • Fixed FC when enter on player view.
  • Reload last played queue when open Fildo again.
  • Fixed downloads on 128kb, now will download on 320 when available if you selected it.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Fildo Apk

  • Added new fallback search engines, now the reproductions should be more fluid.

Fildo Apk

  • Improved search engines integration (new fallback methods, less errors)

Fildo Apk

  • Fixed download bug.

Fildo Apk

  • Fixed bug that makes it impossible to play any audio.

Fildo Apk

  • Fixed fallback search engine integration, now fewer errors on streaming or download.
  • Fixed bug on play offline songs (songs with wifi lock icon, which should be played from local are played from internet).
  • Fixed Spotify integration.

Fildo Apk 2.9.8

  • Fixed playlists and top charts. (This has been fixed again on 2.9.9)
  • Minor bugs fixed and performance improvement.

Fildo Apk 2.9.7

  • Fixed main search engine integration, now fewer audios will fail.
  • Minor performance improvements.

Fildo Apk 2.9.6

  • Fixed exit Fildo from a menu when you have selected other language than English.

Fildo Apk 2.9.5

  • After 3 days of hard work, we have solved the problem of the black screen that some users had. Thanks to the user John Milonas for helping us to solve it.
  • Improved startup time.

Fildo Apk 2.9.1

  • Fixed minor bugs (2.9.1) rest of changelog is 2.9.0.
  • Changed how alerts are displayed to a better experience.
  • Fully translated to Dutch thanks to Meezy.mo 🙂

Fildo Apk 2.8.7

  • Fix playlists of the main view only show one result.
  • Fix list from the main view.

Fildo Apk 2.8.5

  • Fixed major bug.
  • Improved load time.
  • Fixed minor bug with header images.

Fildo Apk 2.8.4

  • Improved startup time.
  • Fixed problem with too long titles.
  • Fixed error on a fallback search engine which always returns 128 bitrates ignoring if the user selected higher bitrate (Bug found by J-C).
  • Fixed error when do some research make that Fildo closes (Bug found by @ynotonline).
  • Added full Romanian translation by ‘Ghily’. Thank you so much 🙂

Fildo Apk 2.8.2

  • First, we apologize for releasing 2 versions in such a short time, but new fallback method is mandatory.
  • Added new fallback method, now less results will be incorrect or return error.
  • Added full Serbian translation by Strahinja Bikic. Thank you so much 🙂
  • Improved English translation by ‘Sitryk’, thank you so much 🙂

Fildo Apk 2.8.0

  • Added full Turkish translation.
  • Added full French translation by leakcim56, thank you so much.
  • Fixed bug with load some images which ends with force close Fildo.

Fildo Apk 2.7.0

  • Improved design in the main view.
  • Changed source for TopArtist / Top Albums from the main view (Now will be auto-updated each week).
  • Fixed Kugou results (as much as possible outside Asia).
  • Improved internationalization of texts (English/Spanish).
  • Added new language Polish (Thx to Cezary, and sorry for the delay adding it).
  • If you want to collaborate doing a translation of text to another language please contact us by email or twitter.

Fildo Apk 2.6.6

  • Fixed errors with cache when installing new versions (From now on).
  • Now when you remove the headphones Fildo will stop the music.
  • Fixed QQ Music search engine, test it checking it in configuration view.
  • Fixed and improved player and player queue.
  • Improved data persistence.

Fildo Apk 2.6.2

  • 2.6.3 Just fix a small visual bug from 2.6.2.
  • Fixed design for huge resolution devices.
  • Now you can share your Spotify playlists with Fildo.
  • Fildo can open Spotify links like “open.spotify….”.
  • Now you can select different Bitrate for Wifi and Mobile Data.
  • Now the sound is paused when receiving a call and resumed when the call end.
  • Fixed if you paused/stopped the song Fildo don’t start again when you receive a call or something similar (Sorry for this bug :S).
  • Now tap on the play in a song from a list enqueue all songs from that to the end of the list, if you need to enqueue just one tap on 3 dots.
  • Fixed bug which makes that enqueued songs stop at some random point and don’t continue.
  • The rotate screen doesn’t send you to the main view of Fildo.

Fildo APK 2.5.0

  • Fixed “Song not available in your country” in 99% of cases, this means that very few songs will still not available, but they are not blocked in your country, just is not available in neither.

Fildo APK 2.3.2

  • Fixed Netease Importer.
  • Fixed a lot of minor bugs and 2 bugs which come from 1.9.8

Fildo APK 2.2.9

  • Fildo Music.
  • Minor changes on design.
  • Added the Indonesian language.
  • Added navigate the o artist, when tapping on artist image on player bar.
  • Added option to sign out.
  • Minor fix and improvements.

Fildo 2.2.5 APK

  • Added fallback search engine, this is transparent from user side… but now a lot of blocked songs works again.
  • Added the Arabic language.

Fildo APK 2.0.0

  • Changed Api Netease to the new one, fixed about 99% of songs which not plays (like all imported playlists…).
  • Fixed register a new account, now tell you if your username/email was used, and tell you if your account has been created (before this always say Account Created but… nop).
  • Added recover password (yep… we didnt develop this until now … xDD).
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Fildo Apk 2.1.5

  • Fixed Spotify importer for huge playlists.
  • Fixed Netease Playlists.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Fildo Apk 2.1.3

  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Added autocomplete on search, write what you want, wait for a moment and suggestions will appear.

Fildo Apk 2.1.1

  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Added “Local” tab under search results. Yes, now you could search your downloaded music and play it 🙂

Fildo Apk 2.1.0

  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Added bitrate selection under configuration (96Kbps, 160Kbps, 320Kbps).

Fildo Apk 2.0.9

  • Performance improvements.
  • Improved the way to create new playlists, now you can create it just selecting any song.
  • Improved Offline mode. You can use Fildo without the internet as an offline player with your previously opened playlists.

Fildo Apk 2.0.5

  • Fixed error on Spotify Importer.
  • Fixed error if you haven’t Google Apps.
  • Now under playlists results you will get Netease playlists plus Fildo ones.
  • Fixed minor bugs that crash the app randomly.

Fildo Apk 2.0.3

  • Fixed download error which makes that you can never download some songs.
  • Fix error on player/lyrics that make app crash after 6/7 songs.
  • Fixed rotation, now no rotate if you lock rotation.
  • Fixed “Download All” on “Various Artists” album now download under 1 folder not each song under his artist folder.

Fildo 1.9.9 Apk Hotfix 4

  • Fixed 2 major bugs, only this version or higher can save playlists.
  • About 1/4 of playlists has been removed to avoid a bug present in earlier version of Fildo.

Fildo 1.9.9 Apk

  • 1.99.2 Hotfix for 1.99.1, because 1.99 bug was for devices lower than 5.1, not 5.0…
  • 1.99.1 Hotfix for 1.99 version bug on devices under Android 5.0.
  • Fix error on 7.1.1 with some devices.
  • Added “Cover” to Player Queue View.
  • Added “Cover” to the player bar.
  • Added Mark as Favorite on artists (You will get your favorite artist on Home screen).

Fildo 1.9.8 Apk

  • 1.9.8 just fix bug added on 1.9.7 sorry.
  • Fixed cover art bug.
  • Fixed FC bug on reopen fildo.
  • Fixed stop playing after while with turn off screen bug.
  • Renamed Kogou a Kugou.
  • Updated every internal component (better stability)

Fildo 1.9.6 Apk

  • New design.
  • Fixed minor bugs, and added others to fix in the future xDDD.

Fildo 1.9.4 Apk

  • CoverArt now only will be added if don’t exist, if download mp3 has CoverArt, fildo leave it.
  • When using “Download All” fildo don’t notify one by one. Now use only one notification which shows total progress.
  • Fixed Kogou search. Previously gave an error in 75% of times.
  • Finally, fixed duplicated songs when import Spotify playlist with more than 100 songs.

Fildo 1.9.3 Apk

  • Fixed several minor bugs
  • Added FLAC quality for download (when available) on songs from server Kogou

Fildo 1.9.2 Apk

  • We are sorry to notify that VK has been removed because VK will close public audio api this in a couple of days. Read more….
  • Added new impressive server… Kogou, this server works as Netease, you could search by artist, album or song, and you can do playlists with a song from NetEase or/and kogou server :).
  • Fixed Spotify Importer

Fildo 1.9.1 Apk

  • Fixed 3 bugs related to force close errors.
  • Fixed bug on Add song to the existent playlist.

Fildo 1.9.0 Apk

  • Improved internal HTTP requests.
  • Downloads now are under “Downloads/FildoDownloads” folder to avoid filling the downloads folder with files and folders.
  • By default Fildo only will use Netease and VK, you can add QQMusic or Huawei under “Configuration” but remember these doesn’t work all the time.
  • Fix bug with splash screen when you started app previously (stay forever on the splash screen).
    Now you can add or remove a song to existent Playlist.

The source of above-given change logs are taken from the official website.

Conclusion of Fildo App

Fildo is a multi-featured music, which can be used to listen to music tracks by streaming with the help of the internet or the same can be downloaded. Unlike other music applications, Fildo gets users connected to different music applications, from where the music track gets downloaded. This helps people to get different songs by not wasting time. Fildo application can be used in windows and android by visiting the official website and can use it for free of cost.

What is Momo Challenge Game

Momo Challenge Game: Momo Challenge Phone Number 2019? DEADLY!

Momo Challenge

Update: This year, in 2019 the victims are from the Philippines (ph), Espanol (Spain), Deutschland, Singapore, Italiano, Dubai, Belgium, South Africa and many more countries. This year the kids are going crazy to find momo challenge phone number 2019 to know what’s the deadly suicide game all about. But make sure that you’re not playing it as it can take your life! BE SAFE!

Old Content:

It’s almost a year that Blue Whale Challenge took the world by storm. It took many lives all around the world and many are now reporting a new game named Momo Challenge Game! It’s even deadliest as compared to Blue Whale.

Caution: As per the many reports, teenagers are finding it fancy and playing it. In the end, losing their lives. So don’t ever let your child play this game and save them. It can be fun playing it but it can risk your lives obviously! So don’t ever play it!

Momo Challenge Phone Number 2019

The Argentina Police are linking the death of a 12-year-old to the game. The girl filmed her activities immediately prior to the suicide on her phone. Authorities suspect someone encouraged her to take her own life, the Buenos Aires Times reported. The officials are hunting for the “adolescent with whom she exchanged those messages” and have issued a warning to the parents to monitor the browsing activity of their children.

“The phone has been hacked to find footage and WhatsApp chats, and now the alleged adolescent with whom she exchanged those messages is being sought”, Police said in a statement, adding that they believe the teenager’s “intention was to upload the video to social media as part of a challenged aimed at crediting the Momo game” for the suicide.

If confirmed, the girl would be the first victim in Argentina of a new and dangerous trend on the WhatsApp messaging app. The girl filmed her activities immediately prior to the suicide on her phone. Authorities suspect someone encouraged her to take her own life.

What is Momo Challenge Game?

Momo Challenge is almost similar to what Blue Whale was, it’s all about completing a few tasks given in the app. There are certain tasks assigned by the app and they are deadly. The victim will hurt himself/herself to complete the tasks.

The Momo Challenge reportedly started on Facebook where members were “challenged” to communicate with an unknown number, The Sun reported. Once the initial contact with a user is established, the Momo account sends a number of challenged and activities that are to be completed to meet ‘Momo’.

It allegedly involves challenges that encourage children to engage in a series of violent acts that end with suicide. If a user refuses to follow the game’s orders, Momo threatens them with violent images, The Sun reported. The account appears to be connected to three numbers in Japan, Mexico, and Columbia writes IndianExpress in their report.

Police have asked parents to keep a track on their children’s browsing history and social media accounts so that they don’t fall into the trap and risking their lives. As there’s already a suicide from Argentina, we can expect this to go viral within no time as the Blue Whale challenge did last year.

Can You Get Momo Challenge WhatsApp Phone Number 2019?

Well, even if you get a chance to play the Momo Challenge game, you shouldn’t. This article is written just to create awareness among our readers all over the world that it’s a deadly game. So we are neither going to provide any download link for Momo Challenge nor any APK file . Sorry about that.

NOTE: We are no way affiliated to spread the rumors of this game. We are just here to let users know that this game is dangerous and can take your lives. So beware and avoid Momo Challenge game completely!

Blue Whale Dare Game APK Download

Blue Whale Dare or Suicide Game APK Download!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to lots of suicides happening in India by playing Blue Whale Game, the Indian Government has appealed all the Indians to stop playing this game. WE ARE NOT PROVIDING ANY DOWNLOAD LINK IN THIS POST. This page is just to provide a general information about the game to create awareness among the people. We highly recommend you NOT TO PLAY THIS GAME. DO SPREAD THE WORD! 

Blue Whale Dare Game

Update: You can play this Blue Whale Game on PC by downloading Bluestacks 3 (for PC users Only) (Play at your own risk) The world has gone retarded, and every day new challenges have been coming up. However, not all challenges tend to be sensible for example, the Ice Bucket Challenge that has gone prominent around the world.

While browsing the web, I have recently come across a challenge where men around the world are challenged to castrate themselves through wild means, and the one who has done it with a severe degree of violence wins the challenge. It is better to download Emulator like Bluestacks. Here is the download link for Bluestacks which works only for PC users. It works on Desktops & laptops only.

This time, they have taken the thing to a next level by inventing a game called Blue Whale Dare Game Suicide Challenge which targets the depressed around the world. By taking up the challenge, people are now turning the suicide into a thrilling adventure. Recently, a 14-year-old in Mumbai has jumped off the terrace with the same psychopathic networking spreading to the India. And this isn’t going to stop because several other cases have appeared all across the globe including UK!

The Blue Whale Dare Game has turned out to be macabre among the Internet, and the recent launch of the Blue Whale Dare Game makes it a perfect story for a third-grade horror film. There’s a social media group under the same name which encourages the people who are depressed to take their lives innovatively with the rush of thrill in their body. One has to download the app and register for it with his credentials.

Blue Whale Dare Game APK Download

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History of Blue Whale Suicide Challenge Game

The Blue Whale Suicide Game has started long back in Russia, around 4 years on Vkontakte, a social networking site. It has become quite famous in Russia, as it took 130 lives. The first suicide under Blue Whale Suicide Game APK had allegedly taken place in 2015 when Philip Budeikin, a student of Psychology invented it. He was thrown out of the university because of the same and when confronted why he has done that, he said he was attempting to clean the society by provoking people who don’t value their lives. However, it’s Ilya Sidorov, a postman, aged 26 who was the mastermind behind this game and who later got arrested in Moscow, Russia for encouraging the teenagers to hurt themselves.

Game Play of Blue Whale Suicide Game

After doing that, he will be given around 50 tasks for the next 50 days including watching horror flicks, carving whale shapes on the hands and limbs, inflicting self-injury, being awake at really odd hours. As the days pass, the tasks keep getting tougher and tougher. On the 50th day, the admin of the game will ask the person to commit suicide, and if anyone wants to back out, their family members are threatened so that they will abide the rules without any exit.

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Psychology of Blue Whale Suicide Game

Dr. Pulkit Sharma is a psychologist who says that one has to ban such apps and social networking sites saying that it’s important to restrict such disturbing content. Whenever a person is fragile, they tend to go into a very weak state of mind and any external factor can have a huge impact on them acting as anchor point. When you come across a depressed person and tell them that he can live and there’s hope; they think you’re bullshitting them but when you tell them to die, they immediately do that with a degree of liberation. Blue Whales Suicide Game APK is one such app which thrives on this factor.

Blue Whale Suicide Challenge Game

Blue Whale Dare Game APK

It’s only obvious that Blue Whale Suicide Game is not released on the Google Play Store because of the content it holds. Therefore, if you are looking forward to getting hold of the app, you have to download it from third party sources making sure that they are clean and that they can’t harm your device.

  1. Initially, visit the System Settings>Security and access the ‘Unknown Sources’ to check the box beside it. This will allow you to download the apps from third party sources.
  2. Once you have done that, open the browser either on your mobile or the web and enter the URL in it, in order to load it. As the page loads, make the Blue Whales Suicide Game download from the link.
  3. Access the notification bar to locate the APK file. If you’re using the web browser, you need to transfer the file to the mobile first and then click on it to install the app.
  4. The installation will take a minute or two. Be patient till it gets done and access the app from the tray menu in order to use it.

Wrapping up, it might appear all amusing and happening, at the first with all the tasks giving you a new dimension. But it is important to note that nothing is greater than the life and as a warrior, one has to struggle through it to inspire others instead of ending it. Be aware of what you’re doing before it gets too late. Good days will always arrive as pain is also very much temporary just like happiness.

Note: We are not affiliated with any Blue Whale Dare Game or Blue Whale Suicide Challenge. This post is just for information and we don’t provide any download link to this particular Blue Whale Dare APK game. So even if you get a chance to play Blue Whale Dare game, try it at your own risk, we don’t take any responsibility for anything wrong happening.

Movie Time App

Movietime App Download for Android & iOS! Watch HD Movies Free!

Movietime App

So how often do you watch movies online? Well, if you’re addicted to watch crystal clear HD movies online, you are sure to fall in love with the newest HD movie app called Movietime! Users can now download HD movies and can also watch within in the MovieTime App once installed on their devices.

The Movietime App has a staggering interface and easy to navigate menu! That’s what every user wants in an app, isn’t it? Brace yourselves as you’re going to watch the best of all movies in MovieTime App for FREE! Yes, you heard that right! There’s no need to pay anything to watch movies in Movietime as you do in case of Netflix or Amazon Prime video. Here’s how the interface looks!


Before I show you how you can download Movietime App on your Android & iOS devices, let’s have a detailed look at the features of this HD movie app. Here you go!

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Features of Movietime

You might have used other HD movie apps like MovieBox HD, Cinema HD or Megabox HD in the past. But believe me, Movietime App is completely different from what all you had used previously! Here’s what makes it different!

#1. 100,000+ Movies & 10000 TV Shows!

Well, if you’re crazy about watching movies or even downloading movies, Movietime gives you more than enough content to watch online. It has more than 100,000 movies included in the app itself. And to watch these many movies, I am sure you’ll get older by then! Isn’t it? Not only that, but it also has 10000+ TV shows included in it. It’s just like icing on the cake now!

#2. Regular Updates!

Movietime doesn’t stop at those number of movies & TV shows but it gets regularly updated and keeps on adding latest movies 24X7, 365 days! Just imagine these many movies right at your fingertips! You need not go anywhere to watch HD movies now!

#3. Lightning Fast Speed!

When it comes to movies online, it’s a must that the app is lightning fast! And so is the Movietime App, it’s super fast in buffering and even downloading HD movies online! Be it a movie from any server or torrents, the movie buffers at lightning speed and downloads at the same pace too!

#4. Subtitles as Per Your Needs!

You might not be a fan of English but you love to watch English movies in your own regional language! Well, don’t worry, Movietime App has got it covered with subtitles as per you regional languages! Be it French, Spanish, German, Portuguese or any other language, you get almost all the subtitles for a particular movie or TV show on Movietime App!

Movietime App Download

#5. Watch Movies Offline!

Now, this is the feature which I love the most! Most of the movie apps offer to either watch online or watch the downloaded movie only when the internet is turned on. But in the Movie Time App, once you download a TV show or a movie, it’s all done! You don’t need an active internet connection to watch the movie which is already downloaded in the app. In short, you can watch HD movies offline!

These are some impressive features of Movietime App. Now let us see how you can download Movietime app on your Android devices.

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Download MovieTime App for Android

There’s a twist in the plot here! The app is not officially available on Google Play Store! Hence, you need to use third party source to download Movietime App on your Android devices. Here’s how you can do it!

#1. The first thing is to change few settings. Go to Settings > Security > Turn on ‘Unknown Sources.‘ This will allow the 3rd party apps to get installed on your device.

#2. Now download Movietime APK on your smartphone or tablet from here!

#3. Once downloaded, install the app and open Movietime!

#4. It’s movie time finally!

Browse through your favorite movies or search for any specific movie or TV show, select the picture quality, maybe 480P is enough for smartphones. As of now, the app is only available for Android devices. I will soon let you know once it’s released for iOS devices.

Final Words on Movie Time App

I am sure you’re going to love Movietime App is it offers a variety of content in a single app and that too for $0 (FREE)! So what’s holding you? Download Movietime app for Android now! Stay tuned for more Android apps at Genius Geeks!

AirVistara on Twitter

Exclusive: Twitter is Testing a New Feature to Send Direct Messages from its Feed (Conversation Threads)?

I have closely observed the changes made by Twitter in 2018 and I am quite sure they are changing the way we all use Twitter. With the changes made in the past years, the Twitter user base is only growing strong and why not! It has evolved as a best social media platform for everyone to express their views in a limited number of characters with some extraordinary features.

Send Direct Messages from Twitter’s Feed?

Well, I have observed one strange feature which I think most of you haven’t seen till date. Maybe, I was lucky enough to spot it yesterday. Here’s what I observed!


Twitter is Testing a New Feature to Send Direct Messages from its FeedIn the above image, it can be clearly seen that “Send a private message” button is in between the Twitter’s thread of @AirVistara (I follow AirVistara on Twitter). To be frank, I haven’t seen this feature before any day and this was the only time I noticed this new feature. Once I saw this, I started searching for a similar feature in other threads.

Now, this gets me in a dilemma that whether Twitter is testing a new feature or is this something done by AirVistara Twitter team? Well, I have tried to contact Social Media Examiner on Twitter through my Tweet below & they replied, “We haven’t seen this before! Thanks for sharing with us, we’re going to look into it!” Here’s my tweet!


In reply to this Tweet, one of my friend on Twitter, Netra Parikh said that “If they are following you, you can send them PM. If you are not following them, they can’t send you PM,” to which I replied, “But that’s the option which comes in DM, I saw this call to action, “Send a Message” in my Twitter Feed.”

My Observation on this Feature!

When I checked a few tweets of AirVistara & Indigo on Twitter, I observed that whenever a word “DM” is used in the Tweet, this feature “Send a private message” appears right below the Tweet!

AirVistara on Twitter

I see this option when I follow AirVistara on Twitter. Same goes for Indigo account which I follow on Twitter. Here’s the screenshot which used a word DM & displays Send a private message button.

Indigo on Twitter Feed

But there’s a twist to this feature! When I don’t follow any account on Twitter, say, for example, SpiceJet, I don’t follow them Twitter. In this case, they used the word “DM” but I don’t see any such feature “Send a private message” as I saw in AirVistara & Indigo Tweet conversations.

Spicejet on Twitter

So this was my observation in detail. I hope this feature will make it easy for the users to contact the people (especially contacting businesses) they follow & have queries to which they can send a direct message from Twitter’s feed itself!

Isn’t it strange? Well, there are no words from Twitter and none of the other social media experts as this feature is hardly being noticed by anyone in the social media world! I’ll keep you updated if there’s any confirmation on this feature.


Instagram Question Sticker

How to Do Ask Me Anything on Instagram using Questions Sticker Feature!

Instagram is on the roll with the latest updates this month. Over the times, the features of Instagram stories are getting impressive. Right from the recent launch of IGTV to showcase stories to the Emojo slider, the app has got everything for the users. And it’s now time to introduce you the recent addition, “Questions Sticker.”

What is Questions Sticker on Instagram?

Questions Sticker on Instagram allows you to post questions on your stories to which your followers can reply to. It’s a kind of AMA in short. Say, for example, if you post a story adding any of the Questions Sticker on your Instagram Story, the users can reply to the particular question. And as a questioner, you can post those answers in the same story itself.

Now as many of the Instagram users are not habituated to this new feature, many are eager to know how to do ask me anything on Instagram with this new Questions Sticker feature. So here’s the detailed guide on how you can actually do it.

Instagram Question StickerHow to Do Ask me Anything on Instagram?

To use this feature, you first need to get the latest version of the app which is Instagram 52. This update is available for both Android & iOS users both. Once you update the app, here’s the step by step procedure to do ask me anything on Instagram with Questions Sticker feature.

#1. Add Question Sticker

Once you post the story by uploading a video or photo, you can swipe up and add a question sticker if you have updated the app. There are many questions sticker available in the latest version of the Instagram app which you can select. Select one of them and add it to your story anywhere on the screen, be it on the bottom or at the top.

#2. Got a Reply?

Once you post the question sticker on your Instagram story, your followers who want to reply can reply to your questions. Now, where can you find those replies? The replies can be seen in the viewers’ list option, which is available on the lefthand corner at the bottom. Have a look at the below-given image to understand what I said here.

How to do Ask me Anything on Instagram with Questions Sticker#3. Add Replies to Your Story

Once you get the replies from your followers, you can select the one you like and it can be displayed in the story as well. Although the followers can reply as many times they want to your question, but you have the right to include or exclude those replies on your story.

Final Words on Questions Sticker in Instagram

Instagram announced this feature on Tuesday (11/7/2018) and the intentions are pretty clear here, to get more interaction with users. In fact, if you are an influencer who wants to know more about your followers, you can directly post AMA (Ask Me Anything) kind of stories so that you know what they need from you.

With this, the time spent on the app would be increased giving more opportunities to Instagram in becoming popular. Apart from that, user engagement is the main focus here if we analyze Questions Sticker feature technically.

So this is all about the latest feature of Instagram ‘Questions Sticker.’ Do let me know if you have any doubts with regards to how to do ask me anything on Instagram. Stay tuned to our blog for more tutorials on Apps, Games and Operating Systems.

Tutuapp verify

Unable to Verify TutuApp? Here’s How to Verify Tutu App!

TutuApp Verify

There are times when you face problems with your Tutuapp. Similar is the situation when you are unable to verify Tutuapp on iOS. But you need not worry, to fix this TutuApp verify error, we have compiled a simple and effective guide to get rid of this problem.

Unable to Verify TutuApp?

There are many reasons why Tutuapp might not work on iOS 11, 10, 9 or 8 as well on iPhone and iPad. Some of the errors you might face are “Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error on iPhone” or “The application couldn’t be verified.”

Tutuapp unable to verify

But you need not wait for more to verify Tutuapp because we are going to list a checklist by following which you can easily get rid of TutuApp verify error. This unable to verify Tutuapp error might appear when the tutuapp servers are down and they aren’t working. Most of the times, the developers fix the issue within 6-8 hours but it can be prolonged if the issue is big.

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To get the servers back to normal Tutuapp developers work in a very cool way to handle such issues. And it’s not for the first time, we have seen issues like unable to verify TutuApp in the past as well. Either it might be your snapchat ++ or MovieBox or TweakBox which is not working right now. But make sure that you don’t uninstall TutuApp just for the time being.

Yes, it’s frustrating but you need to be patient till the developers fix the server down issues. We can understand your eagerness that you can’t spend a minute without watching movies or without seeing everyone’s snaps on Snapchat. But it’s all about waiting now until the developers fix the issue of unable to verify Tutuapp!

If you have still decided to uninsttall TutuApp, you can try Tutuapp alternatives such as AppValley VIP or Panda Helper VIP

Here’s How to Verify Tutuapp VIP

A detailed guide on how to verify Tutuapp will be posted soon on this page. Kindly bookmark this page and keep watching. I am sure that the official developers of Tutuapp are working on this Tutuapp verify error.

Tutuapp verify

Once we get the complete guide on how to verify Tutuapp VIP, it will be posted soon here! Till then you can check this guide to fix Tutuapp can’t download or Tutuapp can’t install error on iOS devices. Meanwhile, if you want to download Tutuapp for Android, you can download it here right now!

Conclusion on Verify Tutuapp

We hope that your issue of Tutuapp unable to verify is now solved. Do comment below if you are still facing the issue or need any kind of help from Genius Geeks blog team.