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How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop

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ScreenShotting is one of the most important aspects when you are using a laptop. A screenshot is a method in which you capture the content of the screen often in the form of a photograph. Asus is one of the leading contenders when it comes to laptop brands and companies. To take a screenshot on your Windows laptop is pretty easy and there are a lot of ways to do it. So the question stands, how to screenshot on an Asus laptop??

Asus laptops like many others run on Microsoft’s Windows OS. That ensures that Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 can run most of the time. This makes it relatively easy to take screenshots since the general process of how to take them over all the various versions of Windows is fairly similar.

The good news is, that we have found various ways for you to guide on how to take a screenshot on Asus laptops. There is no doubt about the methods as we have ourselves tried them out and picked out the needles from the haystack. Here in this tutorial, we are going to list down various ways in which you know how to take a screenshot on an Asus laptop.

10 Ways How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop

Here we are going to list down 10 ways how to take a screenshot on an Asus laptop. Each method is unique in its own way and hence it is suggested that you go through all the methods step by step and then decide for yourself which one to go with.

#1 Use PrtScn Or CTRL + PrtScn

Tap on the PrtSc button just at the top to take a screenshot. If that doesn’t work, the device can enable you to press and hold the Control button at the bottom left of the keyboard, and then click the Print Screen (PrtSc) button at the top right corner of the keyboard, at the same time to screenshot either laptop or desktop. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to screenshot on Asus’s laptop using the PrtSc button.

Step – 1:- Open the page you want to screenshot on your screen.

Step – 2:- Now click on the Print Screen button on your keyboard and that should take a screenshot of your screen.

Click on PrtScn key

Step – 3:- Now open paint and paste the selected screenshot there.

Step – 4:- Finally, save the file on your Asus laptop.

#2 Use Windows + PrtScn

On an Asus laptop, it is a more intuitive way to take a screenshot. While it is enough to take the screenshot using the PrtSc button alone, what is interesting about taking a screenshot this way is that it means that the screenshot has been captured and preserved. To complete the screenshot process, the user simply has to hold onto the Windows button and the PrtSc button together. You will hear the click sound once the screenshot is taken and voila, that’s how to screenshot on an Asus laptop.

Step – 1:- Stay on the page that you want to screenshot.

Step – 2:- Now press and hold the Windows + PrtScn at the same time.

press the Windows key and the Print Screen key

Step – 3:- You will hear the snip and a small flash on the screen indicating the screenshot has been taken.

Step – 4:- To verify, go check in your screenshot folder and see if the screen is saved there.

#3 Use the Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is readily accessible on every ASUS laptop. It is a special capture tool that can be used in any version of Windows OS, especially offered by windows. This tool not only lets you take a screenshot but also cuts the screenshot taken to delete unnecessary sections of the captured content. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the snipping tool.

Step – 1:- Click on the windows key on your keyboard for you to open the menu.

Step – 2:- Now type “Snipping Tool” in your search bar and open it.

Search for Snipping in the start menu

Step – 3:- Once the top is open, you will be presented with various types of ways in which you can take a screenshot. Choose the way you want to take your screenshot.

Step – 4:- Once you have selected the area for which you want to take the screenshot and then save the screenshot on your Asus laptop.

save the screenshot

#4 Use the Windows + H key

The ‘Windows+H’ key is a workaround for the screenshot of the active window to be exchanged directly. By clicking this shortcut key on your keyboard, you can share your active window directly with someone without saving it. If you want to learn on an Asus laptop how to screenshot and then post it directly without saving, simply read the steps given below and follow them.

Step – 1:- Open the window/page of which you want to take the screenshot.

Step – 2:- Now press the ‘Windows + H‘ keys simultaneously on your keyboard.

Step – 3:- After that, from the right side of your PC screen, the Sharing window would open. You have all the sharing tools in this window that are available on your PC. You just need to press on any of them to share a screenshot.

#5 Using Extensions

There are also, as a simple PrtSc screenshot can not always work with unusual use of visual content, more solutions available in the app marketplace to take screenshots on an ASUS laptop depending on consumer specifications. Lightshot, GoFullPage, FireShot, Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder, etc, are some of the well-known screenshot extensions. Usually, these are aftermarket screenshot options offered for free. And it’s available on the Chrome Online Store.

Use LightShot Add-On Tool

Compared to the traditional screenshot process, some of these extensions have additional functionality, such as editing options, cloud transfer, copy to clipboard, full-page screenshot, etc. In addition to these functions, photo editing options, highlighting, resize and crop, annotations, blur sensitive information options, and export as PNG or JPG format are provided by some extensions/plugins.

#6 With Visible Mouse Cursor

If you want to take a clear mouse cursor screenshot, then this approach is for you. The Steps Recorder is a tool that is available on all window models. You will use this tool to render a screenshot of a visible mouse cursor on an Asus laptop. To learn how to screenshot on an Asus laptop with a visible mouse cursor, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step – 1:- Press the Windows key on the keyboard to open the menu.

Step – 2:- Now search for “Steps Recorder” in the search box and open it.

open Steps Recorder

Step – 3:- One small window will not open on your Asus laptop. In there select the start recording button.

start step recorder

Step – 4:- After this setup, every time you click on the screen the screenshot will be taken.

Step – 5:- Once you have taken the screenshot, just click the stop recording button.

Step – 6:- When you press on it, it gives you all the visible mouse cursor screenshots. To save all these screenshots, you just have to click on Save.

#7 Use Ctrl + PrintScreen Keys

This is the second shortcut on the keyboard that catches the PC’s entire screen. If the upper strategy does not work, then taking a screenshot of the whole screen is the solution. Now let’s learn how to use this shortcut key for a screenshot on an Asus laptop. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing so.

Step – 1:- Press the Ctrl + PrintScreen Keys simultaneously on your Asus laptop to take a screenshot of the full screen.

Press the Ctrl + PrintScreen Keys simultaneously

Step – 2:- Once you have selected the screenshot, you will have to open your photo editor and paste it in there.

Step – 3:-  Now if you want to edit then you can do so and then save it in the files.

#8 Use Lightshot

Lightshot is a program that offers the capabilities for a PC screenshot to be taken. You have to import it from the browser if you want to take a screenshot on your Asus laptop. Lightshot is a convenient plugin or program that requires the screenshot to be taken smartly and is available for both Windows and macOS.

Use LightShot Add-On Tool

So you can download it and take a screenshot on your computer with it. But if you don’t need an extra screenshot, don’t download it. When you have extra work to take the screen images, you should download it. The accurate screenshots you want to take will be taken. There are various other third-party applications that you can use other than Lightshot but we recommend that you go with this choice.

#9 Use Fn + Printscreen Key

One more way for you to be able to take the screenshot of the entire screen is by pressing the Fn + Printscreen keys together. In this method, you can get a complete screenshot of your screen. This method is very useful and easy to perform so you can easily learn how to screenshot on an Asus laptop. Here is a step-by-step guide for it.

Step – 1:- Start by pressing Fn + Printscreen keys simultaneously.

pressing Fn + Printscreen keys

Step – 2:- Now open any photo editing app like paint and paste the photo there.

Step – 3:- Once the photo is of your choice, save it and that is it.

#10 Use Alt + Print Screen Key

The main ‘Alt + Print Screen’ is the shortcut used to take a screenshot of the current display. If you use this shortcut key, you can grab the active window. So let’s see how to use this keyboard shortcut to screenshot an active window on your Asus laptop.

Step – 1:- You will have to press the Ctrl + PrintScreen (prt sc) on your keyboard to take a screenshot on the Asus laptop.

Use Alt + Print Screen Key

Step – 2:- Once you have taken the screenshot, just have to paste it in paint or any other photo editor.

Step – 3:- Now press Control + S to save your progress and to save your screenshot.

These were all the methods for you to be able to work your way through and know how to take screenshots on Asus’s laptop.

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There is no denying the integrity of the methods as they all have been tried and tested over and over again in the span of 30 days. Find for yourself which method is suitable for you and works. We suggest that you read through the options and then make up your mind to go with the correct option.

If you get stuck, let us know through the comment section below and we will find you an apt solution for your issue. Do tell us about the method that helped you solve the issue and how to efficiently su out.

Stay tuned for any further updates and hacks to make your life simpler and easier as we will keep updating you with the best and the latest in the market.

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