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15 Best Action Games for iPhone & iPad!

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Action games are the most loved games for this GEN-Z era. The party of action packed fighting sequence and all those suave maneuvers that give you power to destroy your enemy virtually are simply amazing. These action games for iPhone have had such a huge impact on the users that more often than not people find it intriguing and addicting to want to progress further while defeating the opponents on the way.  

These action-packed games, over the time, make it to the top of the gaming section in the App Store. As we all know that action in itself is not a genre but it rather signifies a certain focus on kinetic, pacy mayhem. The choice of playing action games on iPhone has more often been done on some elite gaming consoles like PlayStation or Xbox which provides some ultimate gameplay experience. These fighting or battle games have ultimate graphics and need high processors for the user to have a mind blowing experience. 

With time the “gamers,” as  they liked to be called, have asked more and more from each and every device they use and that includes their smartphones including iPhone. The high-end gaming experience in the gaming consoles just isn’t enough so they expect the big guns like the Apple iPhone and iPads to give them some competitive and extravagant experience. 

Apple has always looked to bring in the best for its users and get the most out of their devices. This is very clearly shown in their choices to give its users the best iOS action games possible in the App Store with their liquid crystal display and high processors. 

From infinite runners to racing games and battle games, the iPhone action games vary. As such, it can be difficult to pick anything worth playing because of the sheer amount of games that come into this category, so we came up with our own list of the best action games for iPhone. While all of these games on this list come with in-app purchases that can boost gameplay, we made sure that pay-to-play games and those that were full of irritating commercials were avoided.

Best Action Games for iPhone and iPad

Top 15 Action Games for iPhone and iPad

We’ve tried to narrow down the search for the iPhone users to get the best action games for their iOS 15 device. We understand how intriguing it gets to see such fabulous features and not being able to enjoy some exceptionally good games. So we have sorted the games according to choice and in no particular order of picking, here are the best action games for iPhone users! 

1. Modern Combat 5

If you have ever been in the realms of the gaming world, you know that Mortal Kombat is one of the most crazy and addictive iOS action games on the mobile phone. The iPhone users always have the added advantage of having a flawless display to get the complete flavor of the gaem.

This shooting sequence game is a must try for all those sharp shooters out there who have tried their hands on those extravagant shooting games. You can choose from a whole different variety of characters ranging from such as Snipers, Assault team, Bounty Hunter, Heavy duty soldier, etc and experience the game first hand.

The best is yet to come, the game even gives you the option to play single player mode or go all hands on deck with your closest pals and shoot your way through tough and competing situations. The game lets you team up or even go solo according to the users choices and gives hours of endless playtime without letting the user feel apart from it. It’s an editor choice game and hence a must try action game for iPhone and iPad users.

Download Modern Combat 5

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2. Call of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty or COD as the gaming freaks say, has established that the series of games that were launched for the PC gamers and console users was outstanding and undoubtedly one of the best of their kind. This new Call of Duty Mobile game has recently hit the top charts. Check out for yourself for a high quality console level experience on your iPhones. 

This action-packed firing game enables the user a solo mode and multiplayer mode with 5 players in one team so you can call your whole gang up and enjoy some fun time together. It is bound to be addictive and unlike many other games, this is not a monotonous game where you have to go through the same computer programs again and again. 

Your faceoff is with actual players so get all hands on deck and sweep out the bad guys. Apart from that, you also get ranked for winning matches and the competitiveness just increases then on. For all the gamers, this is a must have iPhone action game on your device.

Download Call of Duty

3. BLEACH Brave Souls

BLEACH Brave Souls follows the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a youth with the unique power to tap into the spirit dimension to battle otherworldly creatures known as hollows, based on the hit anime and manga series. In catching the spirit of the series, the game does a fine job and features impressive visuals and responsive controls that will have you killing evil spirits for hours.

BLEACH Brave Souls is a typical hack-and-slash RPG, with all the features common to role-playing games, such as the ability to boost the base stats of your heroes by battle experience or to select the given character and unlock new items. Moreover the game offers you the ability to assemble from a roster of characters your dream squad to best match your fighting style.

Anime fans would really enjoy the unlocking system of the game, which helps you to gather, control, and level up anime characters, such as Rukia Kuchiki, Kenpaki Zaraki, and Renji Abarai. And much like the loved anime series, BLEACH Brave Souls allows you to execute special attacks on any of the players, such as Ichigo’s Getsuga Tensho, to help you dispatch strong enemies with cruel effectiveness.

Download BLEACH Brave Souls

4. Into the Dead 2

Ever felt like shooting at opponents or some people was just too mainstream for you? Or maybe that it is not worth the effort of using buttons to navigate yourself through places and maybe you just want a good action packed game where you can go ahead and blast away on some bunch of dude who are NOT alive!! Yes you heard it right, this game is all about you having to fight out brain eating zombies.

To make a terrifyingly thrilling first-person running game, Into the Dead 2 incorporates elements of the running and zombie genres. Into the Dead 2 is a story-driven, stage-based runner, unlike its predecessor, that has you travelling a certain distance to make it to the next level for safety and progress. The goal of the game is to live as long as you can, and you have to do this, as in most zombie games, without being mauled by the hordes of zombies who stand between you and your anxious wife and daughter’s caring arms as you come off the terrifying plane crash.

Like the original, it is necessary to dodge zombies like an NFL receiver to go the distance and escape the post-apocalyptic nightmare Into the Dead 2. Fortunately, the game’s controls are adjustable, which so to speak, makes you reach the ground running. Crates with different weapons are spread around the field to add seasoning to Into the Dead 2.

As you play, you also gain points, which can be traded in for different rewards, such as animal companions. As in the original, as you advance through the game, there are lots of weapons to unlock and equip, and with 7 chapters to play through, you will surely need all the arsenal you can get your hand on to escape the zombie horde. This is probably one of the best action games for iPhone I’ve ever played before!

Download Into the Dead 2

5. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

If you’ve ever had the desire to push a giant robot through the streets of the city like a bull in a Chinese store, then Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade is going to be your favorite action game on iOS devices. This sci-fi game has all the hallmarks of a great smartphone game from the popular Warhammer franchise: great visuals and touch controls, intense missions, and complete customization of characters.

The intuitive controls make it possible for an array of enemy forces ranging from low grunts to tanks and robots to deploy a range of weapons and wreak havoc. The motions of your mech are automated in a predetermined path, making it far easier to focus on fighting.

Via fighting and game advancement, you will level up, and this rewards you with precious loot, money, and currency. You can upgrade your mech by changing its color and updating its armor with your in-game money, or by having more powerful weapons to make it more powerful on the battlefield.

Download Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

6. Brawl Stars

Over a period of many years, SuperCell has given us some really good games which have topped the table for over a decade. Games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale have won our hearts time and time again and again with the awesome team in place they gave us this action paced addictive game known as Brawl starts. The name in itself gets you going to give a shot at this.

Brawl Stars, a top-down fighting game with MOBA modules, pits you against players around the globe in competitive, three-on-three matches in various objective-based play modes. Gameplay on iPhone or iPad is incredibly fast-paced, and features brief matches of three minutes set on compact maps to ensure encounters. I’ve played it on my Android smartphone too but iPhone was fastest and smooth. 

Just about everyone will play competitively in Brawl Stars due to its easy controls. This serves to guarantee that you have a consistent stream of players to go against if you want to compete online. In addition, you can unlock and customize up to 15 characters with special skills such as melee combat, shooting, and flipping bombs, so you’re sure to find a favorite character that will complement your battle style.

With the creator being SuperCell, you can always expect updates and new layouts time to time which ensure you stay engaged and not lose interest in it.

Download Brawl Stars

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7. Angry Birds 2

It doesn’t get better than Angry Birds 2 for lighthearted behavior that’s guaranteed to cater to every age demographic. Sequel to its previous game, Angry Birds, this game is definitely the one which will keep you spellbound to the app trying to get higher and higher.

The objective is to use the slingshot to hurl the birds at the towers of the piggies in this arcade game. Multi-stage stages are available that guarantee hours of fun. And you can race against other players to make it more fun.

To tickle the competitive spirit, there are also regular competitions and lots of other features. Of course, it cannot match the fast paced action gaming with the modern day games but it does has its own group of fans and that’s what made me to list Angry Birds 2 in today’s list of best action games for iPhone! 

Download Angry Birds 2

8. Marvel Contest of Champions

The Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the most awaited games for all the marvel fans out there. If superheroes are your jam, this awesome superhero fighting sequel game has to be checked out. You are challenged to take on the Marvel supervillain, Kang-The Conqueror, by The Elder of The Marvel Universe, The Collector.

To form a final squad of warriors, you must fight your way through classic Marvel universe locations and gather your favorite superheroes and villains. Indulge for hours on end in extreme fun and action. The whole multiverse is waiting for its new leader where you get to build the team of your favorite superheroes. The game is not just all muscles, you have to put your mind in it and team up what is best for your lineup.

There is a chemistry amidst the superhero characters which you choose and their attributes are different too. The whole game is one big tour around various adventures and there are daily challenges as well as crystals which unlock new items and heroes. Explore the world of champions now on your iPhone or iPad!

Download Marvel Contest of Champions

9. Shadow of Death

Shadow of Death is a simple side-scrolling RPG, essentially a stickman game on steroids, that will have you hack and slash your way through hordes of shadowy creatures in a quest to reverse the calamity that has befallen your once-beautiful world. The game evokes the feeling of doom and gloom when you play, with beautiful graphics and effects, and has the capacity to draw you in without realizing it.

Gameplay is quick as a side-scrolling game with basic controls which will have you killing monsters off the bat. However don’t be fooled, as the game gets pretty tough right from the beginning as you will have to fight your way through all kinds of creatures that can deal harm close up or from a distance.

Fortunately, when you level up, your character grows more strong, and beyond unlocking more powerful powers and advantages, you may even wear stronger arms and armor to more effectively cut down monsters. Not just that in addition to enlisting monster friends like ice wyverns to fight for you, you can also rescue and use other fallen heroes like the cursed mage Quinn Nephilim.

Download Shadow of Death

10. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Who doesn’t love Sonic? It’s Sonic the Hedgehog, the supercool blue speedster who runs around the place with a constant smile on his face. The spiky hair and all those endless adventures he went on with his amazing friends. The all new Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom allows you to choose your favorite character from Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Sticks, or Shadow, the whole band is at your disposal. 

The game is a thrilling contest where you have to race to win and make a successful team of up to three characters. There is always a choice to change your runner midway through the race if you wish to do so keeping a track of your progress.

You can even unleash new special powers like Sonic’s Dash Ring Magnet, Knuckle’s Slam, and Amy’s Ring Hammer. Further, you can earn more rewards in the daily challenges and special events. Each character has its own special ability like Sonic pulls out his magnet to pull all the gold rings towards him. This enticing game is surely a must have for all the Sonic and racing fans out there using iPhone or iPad. 

Download Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

11. Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS

Move into a dystopian future where a dangerous alien invader is threatening mankind and it is up to you to save the day. Embark on over 200 journeys across four planets with variety.

From pistols and assault rifles including shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles and more, you have a number of firearms at your hands. To kill enemies and win not only fame but also plenty of loot, join forces with mates.

Explore various game modes and various PvP arenas for multiplayer and you’re sure to enjoy every minute your spend playing this action game on your iPhone. 

Download Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS

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12. Pokémon Rumble Rush

One of the newest games to come out of the popular franchise is Pokémon Rumble Rush, and it sports simple gameplay that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. In it on behalf of the Adventurers Club, you’ll take on the part of an explorer charged with combating and capturing Pokémon of all stripes while visiting uncharted islands. 

For Pokémon Rumble Rush, discovery is necessary. This is accomplished by using Guide Feathers, which expose regions previously unknown and the Pokémon that occupy them. You’ll battle with Pokémon of different kinds from there to collect as pets or donate to the Explorers Club.

It is worth noting that in Pokémon Rumble Rush, unlike other Pokémon titles, there is no way to evolve the critters, instead you can only capture established types like Pikachu or its evolved version Raichu outright. That being said, the game features a basic system to boost the health or strength of a Pokémon by accessories such as gears, which can be refined from ores that you can obtain from defeated bosses as a random loot.

Download Pokémon Rumble Rush

13. Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind is also known as Laplace M, a huge online RPG that first acquired popularity as a PC title. In this iOS action game, you will take on a hero’s position in order to save the planet from disaster. As it is popular with MMORPGs, before embarking on your ambitious journey to ensure that you stand out from the sea of players populating the world, the game lets you customize the appearance of your character.

Tales of Wind also has many character types that you can play as from a spell-casting mage, or a cleric who specializes in the healing arts, to an assassin or fighter who excels in melee combat. You can also team up with other players for harder missions, and summon monsters to help you clear dungeons that might be beyond your skills.

And if you’re a Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon fan, you’ve been taken care of by the Tales of Wind. It contains a mini-game that will encourage you to farm your own land to grow and exchange crops, take care of livestock, and more. So you should certainly give this little gem a shot on your iOS device if you’ve been looking for a quality RPG with lots of content and a good storyline to boot.

Download Tales of Wind

14. Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets

Why should action just take place on earth? Any of the battles in the sky are much more engaging than simply shooting people with a handgun. Step behind the wheels of a flying jet and fend off jets or heavily armed battleships against opponents.

You’re going to fly over most populous towns, so make sure you just kill your enemies. You can join the online fun of 7 on 7 fights if you get bored with fixed missions. Connect forces with other players online to see who has perfected the art of jet flight.

If you’re looking for some aerial combat practice, this is one of the best iPhone action games you would ever play in your free time!

Download Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets

15. Among Us

SHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Yes that is how this intriguing game started which is by far the best find in the year 2021. This game just shot to sky so fast that everyone has started downloading it and playing it endlessly.

It may not have the exact definition of action, this game is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling games which keeps you constantly engaged in it and never leaves. If you have honestly not installed this amazing game on your device till now, what have you been doing? The motive of the game is to be alive and finish the task while one of the players with you is an imposter trying to kill everyone and win.

The variations and the sheer fun of jollying around with your best buds while fighting to prove your innocence makes this game fun and unstoppable. The best iPhone action game in 2021 quarantine period? Surely, this is the top contender!

Download Among us

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Our Top Picks

All the games that we mentioned above had something or the others that won them a place in our top 15 Best action games for iOS. There were many reasons as to why these games made it on the top and on personal experience you all can rate them differently. These were our top picks from the list which are a must try as for us they are the best iPhone action games – 

#1. Among us

There was no doubt for this game to be there as it has made it to the top on the list of best action games for iPhone and hasn’t fallen since. For all those who haven’t tried this game yet, just go and have a whiz, you are bound to like it.

#2. Call of Duty Mobile

As we mentioned above, Call of Duty has been a very successful franchise of games and their release for the mobile (iOS and Android) game was no different. The game gives you amazingly good graphics and a wide range of choices for action packed shooting sequences.

#3. Marvel Contest of Champions

 Being a Marvel fan, this game has certainly won a lot of hearts with its champions and characters. The gameplay is simple and inductive while you would constantly feel like getting more and more crystals to unlock your favorites. It is very simple to start and the free gifts and daily rewards ensure you don’t get too bored of the game and make constant and steady progress.

So these were our top picks from the above mentioned list of best iPhone action games.

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These best action games for iPhone have been shining bright and the players have really appreciated them. Do let us know which of these iOS action games did you like and if we missed out on some cool amazing game which you have tried already and would want on the list, comment in the section below. Stay tuned as we will keep bringing you the best of the best from time to time.

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