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5 Entertaining Things You Can Do On Your Android TV!

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Android TVs, also known as Smart TVs, have been a part of the global upscaling of the living room entertainment experience. If you chalk up the numbers, about 70% of the cumulative aggregate of the TV sets shipped worldwide in 2017 was actually Smart TV. As per predictions by marketing analysts, almost every television set would be connected with a smart network for a scalable viewership by 2025.

With Smart TV being new for certain users, you must have easy access to the entertaining options available with Android TV.

Here are some tips & tricks to help you use the Smart TV in an effective, convenient, and fun manner.

1. Access the Sideload Applications

If you scroll through the applications available on your smart TV, there aren’t many options available for you besides the generic ones. However, with the sideload apps, you can run the applications that haven’t been added to the Google Play Store library.

Android TVs are no rocket science. You can easily sideload any type of APK file & have it operational within seconds. It also means that you can simply get access to any geo-blocked application or similar apps that couldn’t make way into the Google Play Store.

To simplify things, grab the TV App Repo or Sideload Launcher to launch the needed apps without having to dive deep into the TV’s settings menu.

Things to do on Android TV

2. Run Play Store Android Apps on TV

For Smart TV newbies, it might be disappointing to uncover that you do not have access to all the Android applications that can be enjoyed on your smartphone as Android Television sets do require a separate coding for the applications.

If the app you need to use hasn’t modified itself to the demands of Smart TV, it won’t be listed over the Play Store. However, you can cheat your way through this and indulge in an easy process to run play store Android apps on your TV. This process can be easy with a simple installation of Chrome on your TV from the computer and then you can easily open APK files without any hassles.

Next, use the browser to navigate through the Play Store web version easily. To ensure a glitch-free experience, make sure you visit apolloedoc.co.in to find the best smart TV for your daily entertainment needs. After all, it’s about entertaining yourself and you shouldn’t got for a smart TV that doesn’t suits your need.

3. Finger-Free Operation with Voice Search

To make things easier and tech-friendly for its users, Smart TVs offer a universally accepted voice search option. So, how does it make your Smart experience easy? All you need to do is press the remote control’s voice search option when scrolling through the TV’s home screen section.

Voice Search on Android TV

Now, doing this will search your query all across the supported (Voice-Synced) applications, along with Chrome installed over your Smart TV. Additionally, you can activate this search feature by venturing into the individual applications in case you plan on limiting the results. However, opting for a universal search is reliable in most of the cases.

4. Doubles Up as Chromecast

Chromecast has been a popular streaming device for your favorite media for quite some time. This device can easily be plugged into the Smart TVs HDMI port to enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies on the big screen. You could do the same with your Smart TVs.

Now, this isn’t any fancy workaround to allow you to stream your personal content from the laptop. Rather, the Chromecast is built within the set-top box, and this feature works automatically. There is no need to manually activate anything. However, most users are unaware of this feature and cannot make complete use of their Smart TVs.

In order to cast any content from the Android phone over to your Android TV, all you have to do is swipe in a downward fashion on your mobile’s notification bar & then tap the “Cast” option. Now, doing this will automatically list all the casting devices available to be synced with your Smart TV.

In case you want to cast the content available on your laptop, your Android TV should have the Chrome browser installed on it. Click over the 3-vertical dots located towards the upper-right corner. After this, select the “Cast” option to see the list of the devices compatible with your Smart TV.

Following this, select the down-pointing arrow located next to the “Cast” option that allows you to shift from browser tab casting to complete desktop casting and vice-versa.

5. Use your PS4 or Xbox Controller

Certain Android TV sets, such as the Nvidia Shield is generally sold in a package that consists of a high-quality game controller. However, this facility is something that might or might not be available with other Smart TVs. In case you are planning to use your Android TV for gaming purposes, you will most definitely need this controller.

Surely, you can buy a Bluetooth controller at affordable prices on Amazon. However, in case you already are a proud owner of the PS4 or Xbox, these devices can easily be paired with the Android box for the ultimate gaming experience. These controllers, in conjunction with your Smart TV, work flawlessly.

In order to initiate the pairing process, go to the Settings-> Add Accessory pathway on your Smart TV. It will scan all the Bluetooth devices available within its range. After it finds the Xbox or PS4 controller, click over its name with the help of your TV remote.

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With these tricks up your sleeve, get ready for the ultimate entertainment experience. From customization of the applications to suit your preferences to gaming with your favorite buddy, Android TV lets you do it all and more. Moving with technology is the need of the hour. Unless you keep yourself updated, you might miss out on the good things in life. So, make use of these 5-amazing tricks to experience entertainment the right way. In case you know more tips & tricks, do share the same with us by commenting in the section below.

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