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Watch Dogs 2 APK Data + OBB Download for Android!

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Watch Dogs 2 APK

An upcoming game as it is, Watch Dogs 2 APK is being released on the 29th of November for the Windows, and if you have any of the PS4 Console or the XBox One, you can get the game on 15th of November 2016 itself.

It is a sequel to the first version of Watch Dogs which has been released in 2014 and is developed by the same Ubisoft Montreal. There are no words yet about Watch Dogs 3 release but till then you can surely enjoy playing 2nd version of the game on Android!

Set in the backdrop of San Francisco, the game is about the former criminals who become Watch Dogs along with Marcus Holloway. Marcus is a citizen of California who gets blamed for a crime and wrongly accused by ctOS 2.0, and as a result, he decides to take revenge on them by hacking into their system with a group of followers called DedSec.

Watch Dogs 2 APK

The game includes multiple missions, frequent visits to California, one on one combats, authentic hacktivism and many more exciting features in store. However, the Watch Dogs 2 APK is not yet being developed and therefore, to convert it into Watch Dogs 2 Android; one has to follow the below-mentioned procedure.

Features of Watch Dogs 2 Android

  1. Players can walk through the city, catch the trains, ride cars, motorbikes, trucks and boats to play the game. The driving mechanics are accessible and overhauled.
  2. The player can carry weapons and even shoot them during driving. Marcus can be Acrobat and parkour in the city.
  3. The areas that are covered in San Francisco include Oakland, Silicon Valley, Downtown area, Coast, Civic and Marin with different aesthetics.
  4. The area is twice that of the area in the first version of Watch Dogs and thereon the player can take an aggressive approach or a defensive approach based on the conditions.
  5. There are many weapons included in the game’s domain like the billiard ball attached bungee cord, the melee weapon, the Thunderball through which the player can stealthily evade the enemies to paralyze.
  6. Players can compete through hacking alone if you’re a lover of the hacking.
  7. When people do crimes, the officers get alerted and try to arrest the players. Based on that, there are three different systems; the Stealth, Trickster and the Aggressor modes.

Watch Dogs 2 Android

What’s New in Watch Dogs 2 Android as compared to Watch Dogs Companion App

  1. Usage of gadgets has been increased with Marcus hacking into various technical and electronic devices that belong to the ctOS 2.0. For example, Marcus has the ability to manipulate data of the nonplayer and get them arrested by the police.
  2. Different to Aiden, Marcus also has quadcopter, an arsenal of equipment, remote hacking devices, scouting equipment, controlled car, 700 different clothing items for fashion and disguise in store.
  3. The game supports multiplayer mode where players can interact with random players in the open world through emote system.

Download Watch Dogs 2 APK Data + OBB File

As mentioned above, Watch Dogs 2 is only designed for Windows, PS and XBox consoles. Therefore, to play it on Android is not simple. In order to convert it into a complete Watch Dogs 2 APK download; one has to download the Watch Dogs 2 OBB file that contains the Watch Dogs 2 APK data which helps in loading the game without any complications.

Watch Dogs 2This folder contains bundled Watch Dogs 2 Data + OBB data in the form of encrypted images and graphics and therefore is mandatory.

Watch Dogs 2 Download APK on Android Free

#1. Download the Watch Dogs 2 APK file.

#2. Now, start downloading the Watch Dogs 2 APK + OBB real mod file which contains data that is needed for the game.

#3. Access the downloaded folder and follow the step by step instructions to download Watch Dogs 2 on your Android devices.

#4. Wait, till the installation is done and extract the data from the Watch Dogs 2 Data+OBB file downloaded above.

#5. Launch the game and play it without any restrictions.

Final Words on Watch Dogs 2 APK Download

Therefore, hack as much as you want with the Watch Dogs 2 APK data by embedding into the systems of ctOS 2.0 and by taking trips to California from San Francisco with a bunch of friends. The best part of the game is that it involves few road trips too. If you have any complications in installing the game, comment below so that we can help you. Have a splendid time by surfing Genius Geeks in future!

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