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PPSSPP Games: 5 Best PPSSPP Games for Android & iOS

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Wondering what are these PPSSPP Games? Don’t worry, today, I am here to show you how to play PPPSSPP games on your Android & iOS devices using a PPSSPP Emulator. Still confused? Let me explain you in detail with a list of best PSP games in this article! PPSSPP means PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portability.

The Play Station games are available just for those who have PS2, PS3, PS4 or PS5 devices with them. But do you know that you can too play these PPSSPP games on Android and iOS by downloading a simple emulator? Yes, you heard that right! You can easily play many popular PPSSPP games on your Android mobiles, tablets, and iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) too. So get ready to experience the Play Station games on your smartphones!


I know that everyone reading this are very excited to get their hands on some amazing PPSSPP games. Before we get to the download section, let’s see which PPSSPP Games you can on your Android & iOS devices. You must check this because few PSP games are not supported by PPPSSPP emulator.

Best PPSSPP Games for Android

If you ask me, I would probably try to play each and every game I love on my Android device. But make sure that they are working fine with PPSSPP emulator 😛 I did the same without checking the games that work fine on my Android. Here you go!

  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. LittleBig Planet
  3. Final Fantasy XIV
  4. Grand Theft City: Liberty City Stories
  5. Tekken 7

So these are some of the best PPSSPP Games for Android to be discussed today in this article. Let’s move on to each game and see what’s so special about it!

#1. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z! If you have already watched the Dragon Ball Z previous episodes, I don’t need to explain you much about this game. Isn’t it? But for those who are new to this game, let me explain you in short. This PPSSPP game has new expansive environments with huge open areas that can really boost your power. The multiplayer option is an amazing one to battle out with many out there! So what keeps you waiting? Download PPSSPP Emulator on your Android or iOS devices and play the game now! 😀

#2. LittleBigPlanet

The game is pretty simple! It’s a puzzle game where you can create your own levels for the other players and challenge them in LittleBigPlaner game. These levels created by a user can be expanded to other games as well which is pretty interesting feature of this game! You, as a player, have to save the planet from the destroyers!

#3. Final Fantasy XIV

Who wouldn’t like to play this game on their Android devices? Well, there might be few lazy ones 😛 but other than that, like me, everyone out there must be a fan of this game. Aren’t you? This role-playing video game took the world by storm when it was first released back in 1987 🙂 And the next version which is Final Fantasy XV is all set to release on 29th November 2016! So don’t be too late and play Final Fantasy PPSSPP game on Android now!

#4. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Do you remember this game? It was released in 2005 when I used to play this on my Windows 98 operating system! Those days <3 I just can’t forget them! If you want to get back your olden days, you must download PPSSPP Emulator for Android from below-given guide and play Grand Theft Auto LCS on Android now! You can also play this game on your iOS devices by following the tutorial for PPSSPP for iOS download. Now let’s move on to the last and one of the best PSP Games for Android & iOS!

PSP Games for Android

#5. Tekken 7

Remember the Tekken Movie released in 2009? I was a big fan of that movie and since then, I have been playing all the versions of Tekken on my Android device. And today, you have got a chance to play the latest version of this game which is Tekken 7 on your smartphones using PSP Emulator 🙂 It’s a fighting game that keeps you on your feet all the time once you start playing it! That’s all in short about this PPSSPP games for Android.

So this is the list best PPSSPP Games to play on Android & iOS devices! I hope that you loved reading in detail about these games! Now let’s quickly move on to the first section which is how to download PPSSPP games for Android using PPSSPP Emulator!

PPSSPP Games for Android

Play PSP Games on Android using PPSSPP Emulator

Now that you know the best PPSSPP Games for Android, it’s now time to take action and download PPSSPP Emulator on your Android devices. So here are few steps you need to follow:

#1. You can directly go to Google Play Store and search for PPSSPP Emulator and you will be able to see the official result to download it. Or simply download PSP emulator from the official website.

#2. If you want to make it simpler, you can download the APK file from here.

#3. Make sure that if you want to download the PPSSPP APK file, you need to enable the unknown sources in the app settings to let your device install this APK on your Android device.

#4. Once you download the APK or the official Google Play store app named as PPSSPP – PSP Emulator on your Android device, open it and start playing your favorite games.

This is all about PPSSPP Games for Android! Now let’s have a look at the iOS part of PPSSPP games download section. So here you go!

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How to Play PPSSPP Games on iOS

Before you download the PPSSPP Emulator on your iOS, let me tell you that your device needs to meet some system requirements which are a must! So have a look at it first and then download PPSSPP Games for iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone.

Minimum System Requirements for iOS to Download PSP Emulator

  1. Ensure that your iPhone or iPad has iOS 6.0 or above versions
  2. One more important thing to note is your device must be jailbroken.
  3. Your device must have Cydia app store in it to get PPSSPP Games.

So these are few things you need to take care of before you download PPSSPP Games on iOS else, you will end it messing up everything on your iPhone or iPad. So here’s how you can easily download PPSSPP games on iOS devices!

#1. Firstly, open the Cydia and navigate to the manage tab!

#2. Then, tap on the sources, edit and tap on Add the repo.

#3. Now enter this URL http://cydia.ppsspp.org/ in the tab.

#4. Once you add the repo in Cydia, go to search box, and type PPSSPP

#5. You will see 3 packages available such as PPSSPP, PPSSPP (Dev-Working) and PPSSPP (Dev-latest).

#6. I recommend you install the first one which is PPSSPP which is considered to be a stable version of PPSSPP Emulator for iOS.

#7. Now that you have installed PPSSPP Games on iOS, it’s time to play and have a blast! 😛

So this is how you can download PPSSPP Games for iOS devices. I hope that you loved reading this overall content of iOS and Android section.

Conclusion of Best PSP Games

This is all about some of the best PPSSPP Games for Android & iOS. Let me know if you have any issues regarding this post or while downloading the APK/Packages on your Android or iOS devices respectively!

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