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Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume – What it is & How to disable it?

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Android smartphones offer several customization options to increase the Android user experience. There is a useful feature that allows users to control both the volume of the Bluetooth device they’re connecting to and the volume of the phone with one volume control. The feature is called absolute Bluetooth volume control. The feature is enabled by default. But sometimes you have to disable it because many Android devices don’t have this absolute Bluetooth volume control feature.

What is Android Absolute Bluetooth Volume?

First of all, the feature only works with Android 6.0 and later Android versions. The feature allows users to control volume over Bluetooth audio volume. It means you can control the volume of the connected Android device. Apart from that, the connected Bluetooth device user can control phone volume.

Here is how it works?

When you connect with any other Android device, it sends Bluetooth sound to the connected device called Sink.

The sink amplifies the Bluetooth volume set in the source device. If 2nd device changes the sound, the source device receives a notification.

How to Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume

As we mentioned, somany Android users were waiting for this absolute Bluetooth volume control feature but now it’s released, users want to disable it. Some users have reported that this absolute Bluetooth volume control feature causes issues with Bluetooth connections and the transfer of files via Bluetooth. To fix the issue, first, you have to disable the absolute Bluetooth volume control feature on your Android phone.

To disable absolute Bluetooth volume control, first, you have to access Developer Options. If you can’t see developer options in your settings then you have to enable it. Here are the steps to enable developer options in Android.

Enable Developer Options

Step 1: First open the Settings app on your Android. You can Android settings from the status bar.

Step 2: In the Android settings, go to the about option.

Step 3: Find the Build Number option from the list and then tap on it seven times until you saw a message that says “You are now a developer!”.

Go to Developer options and Build number

Step 4: Once you see that message, go back to the main setting page.

you are now a developer

Check whether you can see developer settings or not.

Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume in Developer Options

Once you enabled developer options, it is very easy to disable the absolute Bluetooth volume control feature on your Android phone. Here are the steps.

Step 1: First unlock your Android phone and then disconnect Bluetooth connections.

Step 2: Then open the Android settings app.

Step 3: Go to System Settings.

Step 4: Now find developer options and click on it.

go to System and then Developer option

Step 5: Enable developer options first.

Turn on developer options

Step 6: Scroll down and find the Networking portion.

Step 7: In the Networking section, find Disable Absolute Volume setting.

Disable absolute volume and Turn off this feature

Step 8: Here disable Absolute Volume to disable absolute volume control on your Android phone.

Once you disable it, now you can control the volume of your Android device and Bluetooth device separately.

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Final Verdict

From now on, if you want to control the volume of your Bluetooth speaker, you have to do it manually with Bluetooth speaker volume control. Now you can’t access speaker volume control.

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