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How to Open .One Files on Mac

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If you are new to macOS, note that .one file is a file created by the Microsoft OneNote app. Microsoft OneNote app contains multiple pages, organized perfectly. These files include texts, digital signatures, images, and more. It is a cross-platform app used for notes, project management, and more. You can use the Microsoft Note app on any device, including web, macOS, Android, and iOS app. It is a digital notebook.

When you create a new Onenote file, it will be automatically saved as .one file. You can easily share this note file with other users to edit and insert images and texts. OneNote uses local storage to store Onenote files, but now it is using Microsoft’s cloud storage platform. Because of this, your notes will be available across all devices. Some other applications that can open ONE files are Evernote, Notebook Importer, and Gorillaz.

How do I open an ONE file?

As we already mentioned, you can only access .One file using the Microsoft One note app in Windows OS.

Mac, iPad, and iPhone users can also access one file in the Gorrilzed Outline app if OneNote is unavailable. Gorrilzed is an online note-taking app just like OneNote, so it can easily access .One file.

How to read the .one file extension on Windows 10?

The ONE extension is used to save license files. The license is dongle-based, and it is available on both Windows and Linux. In Microsoft OneNote, you may write and modify free-form notes, whereas the manufacturer provides EddgeCAM and CAD ONE licensing files.

First, make sure that you have installed Microsoft OneNote App on your Windows 10. If you are using Office 365, then you already have it. If not installed, then download the OneNote app from the Microsoft site.

Then right-click on the .one file and then choose OneNote to open it.

If you can’t install Onenote or Onenote is not available, then you can use the OneNote web version. If you are using Teams, then you already have the OneNote app.

HTML conversion

Using this OneNote plugin, you may export OneNote files in a simple way and in clear HTML format. Once you’ve installed this plugin, look for a tiny word-like symbol in the top navigation menu and click it to convert to HTML.

Make use of Evernote

You can also read.one file and import them into Evernote using this program. Simply log in to Evernote and choose File –> Import –> Microsoft OneNote to import files from OneNote.

Convert to Word (.doc/.docx) files or PDF files

Convert to Word

You can also convert your .One file to .doc or .docx to access it. You can use Onenote to save file as a .doc using Save As option. You can also save your .One file to PDF format to view it on your Mac.

Programs that open ONE files


  • Microsoft OneNote 365


  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Gorrilzed Outline


  • Microsoft OneNote 365
  • Microsoft OneNote Notebook Importer


  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Gorrilzed Outline


  • Microsoft OneNote

If you can’t open .one file with Microsoft OneNote then update Microsoft OneNote.

If you’re having trouble opening ONE file with Microsoft OneNote, then maybe you’re using an older version of the software. If a newer version of Microsoft OneNote is available, check the Microsoft website. In upgraded versions of their software, Microsoft added compatibility for more contemporary file formats. Microsoft OneNote’s most recent version is backward compatible, meaning it can accept file types supported by previous versions of the software.

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Final Words

We hope that you got your answer. If you are still facing issues or unable to open .ONE file then comments below. We will guide you.

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