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How to Turn Off or Turn on Silent Mode on iPhone 13

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While attending an important meeting in your office or attending a lecture in your classroom, your iPhone 13 rung loudly out of the blue and you become the center of the attraction? Has this ever happened to you? The majority of us may have gone through this kind of situation once, and it is really a very embarrassing moment, isn’t it? So, learn here how to turn off silent mode on iPhone 13.

Other than calls, in iPhone 13, we receive a number of notifications across the day such as messages, alarm sounds, app notifications, and many other alerts. Such notification sounds can be destructive and can become a hurdle in your work. Moreover, when using a screen recorder on iPhone 13, if this notification sound pops up in between, it can interrupt your recording too.

So to avoid all these situations, here are 3 easy methods to enable silent mode on iPhone 13. Take note that these methods work exactly the same on iPhone 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 13 Mini models. Other than that, it works perfectly on older iPhones running on iOS 13, iOS 14, and iOS 15 as well.

3 Ways to Turn Off/On Silent Mode on iPhone 13

Here are different ways to enable or disable silent mode on iPhone 13.

1. Turn Off Silent Mode on iPhone 13 using the Hardware Switch

This is the quickest way to turn the silent mode on in your iPhone 13.

  • For this turn your iPhone 13 towards the left-hand side you will see three hardware buttons there.
  • From these, the first will be the switch, which allows you to turn the silent mode on and off.

Press the Switch to put your iPhone 13 on Silent mode

  • If you notice the switch is in orange color, it indicated that Silent mode is already on and vice versa.
  • On the contrary in you turn the switch on the other side, in other words when no orange mode is showing side, it means that the silent mode is turned off.

That’s it! This is the simplest way to turn your iPhone 13 into silent mode.

2. Enable or Disable Silent Mode on iPhone 13 via Settings Menu

From the settings menu as well you can turn the silent mode on or off.

  • Firstly, open the Settings app.
  • From the options navigate to the Sound & Haptics option and open it.

Select sound and haptics option from settings

  • Now you will see the option named Ringer and Alerts click on this.
  • Here, you will get multiple options with one slider under the RINGER AND ALERTS.
  • Move that slider to the left side to put your iPhone 13 on Silent Mode. You can move to the right side to increase the volume intensity.

Swipe the slider towards left side

  • If you want your iPhone 13 entirely silent, not even vibration then you can click on the toggle switch and disable the option named Vibrate on Silent.

3. Use Assistive Touch to Turn On/Off the Silent Mode on iPhone 13

Assistive touch is one of the handy features of the iPhone 13. You can reach out to the multiple options with it. Let’s see how to turn the Silent mode on/off.

  • Launch the Settings menu and open the Accessibility option.

Select the Accessibility from the Settings

  • Here go to the Touch option under the PHYSICAL AND MOTOR heading.

Select Touch Option From Accessibility

  • Tap on the Assistive touch option.

Click of Assistive Touch from Touch menu

  • And turn the toggle switch on to enable the Assistive Touch menu.

Click of Assistive Touch from Touch menu

  • As soon as you will turn it on, you will see the floating button on the screen which is the Assistive Menu.
  • Now click on this Assistive menu, select the Device option, and then the Mute button to put the phone in silent.

In Assistive Menu Click on Device and then Mute it

  • Again tap on the mute button to Unmute, in other words, to disable the silent mode on iPhone 13.

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Were You Able to Enable Silent Mode on Your iPhone 13?

At certain venues, it is essential to keep our iPhone 13 silent to maintain tranquility. Consequently, it is necessary to learn how to turn on/off the silent mode on iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 13 Mini. We hope you were able to enable and disable silent mode on your iPhone 13. Stay tuned to our iPhone space on GeniusGeeks for more such tips and tutorials!

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