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How to Set Alarm, Change Snooze Time, Volume, and Sound on iPhone 13

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Punctuality is one of the significant virtues of a person. So it is exponentially essential to complete every task on time, from waking up in the morning to going to bed. To help us out, alarms must be your best friend. So if you also want to learn how to set the alarm on iPhone 13, we’ve explained the same in detail along with other valuable features of alarm such as how to change snooze time, change alarm sound, and adjust or change alarm volume on your iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Mini.

How to Set an Alarm on iPhone 13

To set the alarm for a particular time, you just have to follow certain simple steps explained below.

1. Launch the Clock app on your iPhone 13.

2. Here, you will see multiple options on the bottom from that select the Alarm option.

3. In the alarm, the section navigates to the + (Add icon) on the top right corner, and click on it.

Go to the Alarm section and press add button

4. Now, you will get to see a few options here, from the first will be Time, tap on the time, and select the time for which you have to set the alarm and besides the time there will be AM / PM option, so select the appropriate one.

Set your Alarm time on iPhone 13 Pro

5. Just below the time option you will see the Repeat option, click on that and select the particular day from the list of the weekdays for which you want to set the alarm.

Select the days for alarm on your iPhone 13 Pro Max

6. The third option will be the Label, which is nothing but the purpose of the alarm. You can mention why you are setting that particular alarm.

Set the label of the Alarm on your iPhone 13 Mini

7. You can also set other parameters here such as sound and snooze.

8. After completing this tap back to come on the Add Alarm window and click on the Save button to set the alarm successfully.

Press Save button to save the changes in the alarm

9. You can turn this alarm on or off by clicking on the toggle switch in front of the alarm. Also, you can delete it by swiping left on that particular alarm.

Delete Alarm by swiping left on iPhone 13

This is it! That’s how simple it is to set an alarm on all your brand new iPhone 13 models.

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How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone 13

No one is unaware of the snooze feature in alarm. However, in iPhone 13 snooze times are set at 9 minutes by default. However, Apple is not providing us the facility to change this snooze time in the alarm app, so we have to perform certain alternatives.

1. To snooze the alarm in iPhone 13, set multiple alarms at different time intervals (Keep the time interval with the time range in which you want to set the snooze). To set multiple alarms you can follow the method above that explains how to set alarms on iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Mini as well.

2. Another option to replace the snooze is to install the third-party apps from the Apple Store, that provide a changeable snooze feature. Set the snooze as per your choice and leave the rest to the app.

How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13 Mini

If you do not find the sound of your alarm much appealing and want to change it and set it as per your choice then you can change it easily just by performing the following few steps.

1. Open the Clock app and go to the alarm section from the bottom part.

2. Now, tap on the Edit option from the top-left corner and then select the alarm for which you want to change the alarm sound.

Press the edit button and select the alarm on iPhone 13

3. Here you will see the option named Sound, just click on it.

Click on the Sound Option in Alarm settings of iPhone 13

4. You will get the number of different alarm sounds to play them and select the appropriate one which you want as an alarm sound.

Select the Sound you want to set for the Alarm in iPhone 13

5. At last press the Save button from the top-right corner.

That’s all! You have changed the alarm sound on your iPhone 13 within a matter of minutes.

How to Change Alarm Volume on iPhone 13

If you feel that the alarm sound is lacking the adequate intensity to notify you properly or vice versa then it is vital to adjust the alarm volume.

  • Go to Settings App and scroll down to click on Sounds & Haptics.
  • Under Ringer and Alerts option, drag the slider left or right to adjust or change the volume on your iPhone 13.
  • Turn on the Change with Buttons option to use volume buttons on your device to adjust the alarm volume.

This sums up the step-by-step guide on how to turn up the alarm volume on iPhone 13.

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Did You Manage to Set an Alarm on your iPhone 13?

Considering alarm as the most useful feature of the iPhone 13 and also plays a significant role in our life, it is very important to learn the various operations of alarm. I hope, you have now learned how to set alarm on iPhone 13 perfectly. Stay tuned with us to know more about the iPhone 13 how-to guides.

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