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How to Turn Up Volume on iPhone 13

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Enjoying music on your iPhone is incomplete (at least for music freaks like us) if we do not hear them at a loud volume. Not only while listening to music but while watching videos on Youtube, or on a voice call, low volume literally irritates us. New users try to fix this issue by turning the silent mode on/off, but this is not the ideal solution. Alternatively, you can fix the issue of how to turn up the volume on the iPhone 13 by following the below-explained ways!

3 Ways to Turn Up Volume on iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 13 Mini

Here are some of the ways to increase the volume of the iPhone 13. Follow this method accurately.

1. Turn Up Volume on iPhone 13 Using Hardware Keys

One of the fastest ways to increase the volume whether it is ringer volume or media volume on iPhone 13 is from using the hardware keys.

  • Turn your phone towards the left side, you will see the two buttons here. These are the volume buttons.
  • Now keep your iPhone 13 unlocked and press the Volume Up button (upper button) to increase the volume.

Press Volume Up button to increase volume

That’s all. You have now increased the volume on your brand new iPhone 13.

Note: Whenever you’re not listening to media, if you press the volume up button, it will increase the ringer volume. But when you’re listening to the media on any iPhone music app, it will increase the media volume and not the ringer volume.

2. Use the Control Center to Turn Up iPhone Volume

You will get multiple features on the control center to turn up the volume.

  • Swipe down from the top-right corner to launch the control center.
  • In the volume slider, swipe up and down on the slider to increase and decrease the volume respectively.

Turn on the volume from the control center

  • Now press and hold the slider to access the more incremental levels as per your needs and customizations.

Press and Hold Volume Slider

3. Use Siri to Increase Volume on iPhone 13

If you do not want to indulge in the hardware process then try hands-on Siri, where you can turn up the volume verbally.

  • Find the Lock button on the right side of the iPhone 13.
  • Press and hold the side button to launch the Siri on the screen.
  • Now, say “Increase the volume” or you can also mention the intensity with which you want to increase the volume, i.e. here I want to increase the volume by 10 percent, so I have spoken that “Increase the volume by 10 percent.”

Use Siri to Increase the Volume

  • Volume has automatically been increased here and Siri has given the confirmation by giving the notification “OK, media will play louder.” Alternatively, you can ask to lower the volume with similar command using Siri on all your iPhone 13 models!

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Did This Help You to Increase or Lower the iPhone’s Ringer or Media Volume?

Here, are the ways which we have found the best for you to turn up the volume on your iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 13 Mini in the easiest way. Surging volume is the very essential thing as we have discussed before, so it is a must thing to learn if you are using any device from the iPhone 13 lineup. Still, if you face any difficulty you can ask us your query on our official Twitter account. Also, stay in touch with us to learn tips and tricks to use the latest technological devices effectively.

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