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Here’s How to Fix “Account Not in this Store” Error on iPhone!

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“Account not in this store,” is a common message among Apple users as it pops up when there is an issue in the App Store. And this has been happening since the time iOS 6 was introduced. Since then, the error has persistently occurred in iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15 too. This pest of an issue just causes you to get irritated. This error prevents users from buying, downloading, installing, or updating apps. 

The message “account not in this store” often appears when you are in a different country or region. Popping of this message is not a cause of trouble or issue for any iPhone user.

What Causes Account Not in this Store Error?

This error is caused due to a lot of reasons but pointing out which one of them was triggered is difficult to say. One of the most common issues for when this error tends to appear is when you are not in the same region where you created your Apple account. 

Account Not in This Store

5 Ways to Fix Account Not in This Store Error!

There are multiple ways to fix this error. These are simple and don’t need much patches or anything. Let’s have a look at them in detail!

#1. Change your Country Region

First and foremost, try changing your country’s region. This is usually the issue and that should do the trick.

Step – 1: Go to “iTunes and App Store” in Settings.

Step – 2: Tap on your Apple ID and then click on “Tap view Apple ID”.

Step – 3: Now tap on “Country and Region”.

Step – 4: Choose “Change Country or Region” and select the payment option and the address.

Step -5: Tap on Next and it’s done.

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#2. Change iTunes Password

Simply trying to change the iTunes settings from the application can be pretty handy too. Try making changes to the password which will reset your iTunes and could be an easy trick up your sleeves and sometimes gives results if not for everyone.

#3. Change the Country in App store

If none of the changes work, just change the country your App Store currently is in. Let’s say, you have been operating from the United States of America and are now on your family trip to India is causing an issue. Change the country only of your app store and that should allow you to install and buy things from the App Store. 

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#4. Check for Restrictions

There are times when you knowingly or unknowingly block certain features of your device. This in turn can stop your path on various occasions one of them being stopping you from downloading apps and showing this error. To change these settings, you have to go to the App Store settings and figure out what restrictions you have enabled and disable them. There are very less chances anything like this could happen, but it’s worth a try.

#5. Contact Apple Support

If none of the above given methods work to solve your issue, fall back to your most trusted Apple problem solver. Apple support makes sure they can help you with whatever issues you face related to Apple. This way you could try and get this issue resolved.

These are some of the ways we know that can make a change to your situation. We have tried and tested them and hence came up with them as they eradicate this annoying error.

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Summing Up!

Apple’s software is unbelievably one of the best. With that said, there are always chances for errors, flaws and this irritating error is probably just to safeguard you from illegitimate purchase by someone else. These were a few ways which helped us remove this error on our iPhone. 

Through comments below tell us which of these helped you solve your issue and if there are any more ways that you have found out, we are always happy to learn!

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