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The Nox Player is one of the latest and most advanced Android emulators. Android Emulators creates an interface of a Smartphone operating system on a personal computer. It is like having a phone on the computer.

It allows its users to download, install and use many applications used in a Smartphone on their Personal computers. The Nox App allows people to run Android applications on both PCs and Notebooks. This App is one of the best android emulators! It is also free of cost. If anyone wants to play games like candy crush, temple run, etc. on a bigger screen, this is the perfect application to provide this experience.

Features & Recent Updates of Nox App Player Latest Version

  • Nox Player runs on the latest version of Android OS (Android 9 as of now) and is very user-friendly.
  • The application allows multiplayer options, multiple account access at the same time if the computer’s ram can support the processes involved.
  • Display settings customization available to users. The screen resolution can be HD or 720 according to requirement.
  • Other settings like graphics, performance, RAM use, and CPU speed settings also can be changed, unlike the popular Bluestacks emulator.
  • It is ideal to use to test out the application on the PC before installing onto the smartphone which would otherwise be a cause for unwanted security breach or viruses.
  • Access Key change is also possible. It offers Root access without additional processing.
  • Installing APK files just involves dragging and dropping the files into the application.
  • It is one of the best and the fastest simulator application and is free from advertisements.
  • The Nox application does not have an app drawer facility.
  • The Nox application data can be backed up on the PC or laptop so that no data is lost in the process of updating the application.
  • The application has a section that gives operation tips for user convenience.

Nox Player Download

Changes in Nox Latest Version

  • The latest version of the application has a redesigned UI. The design is more minimalistic and user-friendly.
  • There is a new feature called as a theme center that allows customization of the screen interface.
  • Many bugs and inefficiencies removed to improve performance and speed of the program.
  • Rotating option available to flip the screen between vertical and Horizontal versions.
  • Optimized Keyboard settings and file sharing in the NoxPlayer.
  • Pre-installs SuperSU to the device allowing instant access to the applications.
  • Another exciting fact is that the latest version of the application supports the game of Pokemon Go as well!

How to Download Nox App Player for PC

To Nox App Player download for the PC, there are two ways, online or offline. To install the latest of the Nox Player versions, the offline installer is the best option. Then afterward updations are better done online. Listed below are the steps to install Nox on a PC.

  • Go to the official website to download the application for the PC version.
  • Install it onto the PC and select start.
  • Once installed, download the installer updates too. Launch the application and create a new account on the application interface.
  • If the user already has a google account then an existing account can be used to login, otherwise it is required to create a new account.
  • Once logged in the person can now access the emulator and download other games and applications on google play.

How to Download Nox Player for Mac

When you arrive at the point where all your friends with Android phones find it super easy to Nox App Player download and you are left behind. This happens to everyone who uses i-devices basically. Now, with a Macbook, you must be feeling the same way as if you are too special for any app. If it is paid somewhere then download it using TutuApp VIP on your iOS which will allow you to download paid apps for free! It is all going to change with Nox App Player. Let us check how it can be fit in your Mac.

If the device to be installed is a Mac then the steps listed below can be used.

Nox Player for Mac can be obtained from the official Nox website or from here.

  • Once downloaded install the application onto the Mac. It takes some time, due to the size of the application.
  • Launch the application from the shortcut created on the desktop or alternatively searching for programs on the Mac for the Nox App Player can also get the application.
  • Launch and sign in to the google account already existing or create a new one.
  • Launch Google Play available on the Nox App Player download any of the applications available as per requirement.

How to Use Nox Player on Computer or Laptop?

Nox App Player can be used almost exactly like an Android OS. The application is mainly used to access smartphone applications on a PC or Mac.

The application can be used to play games, take pictures and access social media and app-only stores. Whatsapp is another useful tool that is widely used by everyone and can be downloaded, installed, and used with the help of the Nox application.

Minimum System Requirements to Install NoxPlayer

To be downloaded and use the application on the PC or Laptop, it has to satisfy a few minimum requirements.

  • A 2.2 GHz processor
  • A 4 GB Ram
  • 1 to 2 GB Video memory
  • 5 GB space on the hard disk
  • Graphics Card is optional and used for gaming

The only downside to the application is that it does not support some operating systems like iOS and Ubuntu. But apart from that, the Nox application is an excellent free Android simulator that maximizes the Smartphone-like experience and gives its users endless possibilities.

In the near future, the company is expected to release the application on later versions of the Android application of Nox App Player. The emulator is also expected to run on Linux operating system too.

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