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Pokemon Go 0.69.0 APK Download for Android Devices!

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Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0

The latest Pokemon Go APK download version 0.69.0has been released on 18th July 2017. It’s named as Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0 update. The gaming freaks are always waiting for a new update to enhance the gaming experience. And this is what the developers of Pokémon Go did it. 😀 You can download Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0 for Android and Pokemon Go 1.39.0 for iOS devices from this post.

In today’s post, we are going to provide the download link for Pokemon Go APK update so that you can make the most out of the latest version of apk Pokemon Go mod game! 😛 Earlier, we have provided a tutorial to play Pokemon Go on PC in which you need to use Nox App Player as an Android emulator. Before you get the latest Pokemon GO mod APK version, let’s find out what’s new in the game after the update! 🙂

Pokemon Go APK

Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0 Newly Added Features!

If you are looking for an update, you better know what was in the previous version of Pokemon Go game. Isn’t it? So in this post, I am not going to repeat the features of older version instead, I will put the best features added in the latest Pokemon Go mod APK.

Note that, this Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0 version is just for Android users. You can read the Nox Pokemon Go update content after the features and download section of Pokemon Go APK. We have also posted about TuTuApp APK which gets you all Android & iOS paid apps and games for free. So here you go with the features!

  1. Added Brazilian Portuguese language support.
  2. Tapping on a medal will now show your progress toward the next medal tier.
  3. The first change you will notice is the Pokemon Finder menu has changed and is labeled as Sightings instead of Nearby Pokemon.
  4. 80 New Monsters have been added in Pokemon Go 0.69.0 APK Android & 1.39.0 iOS update in the form of Pokemon Go Gen 2 update.
  5. The latest Pokemon Go APK update has fixed that prevented Great, Excellent and Nice Poke ball throws to get XP bonuses.
  6. Battery issue which was a headache for the Pokemoners is now fixed for both Android and iOS users.
  7. The trainers can now change the nickname without any hassles. It was not possible to do it before. Thanks for the latest Pokemon Go APK update 🙂
  8. The developers have added a separate dialogue to remind the trainers that they should not play the game after a certain speed while traveling.

There are many other fixes in this version of Pokemon Go APK download. You will get to know about the same when you play the latest version of Pokemon Go APK Game on your Android devices. Now it’s time for iOS users to know what’s new for them to play in Pokemon Go 1.39.0 😀 Well, here you go!

Pokemon Go iOS 1.39.0 Update

If you compare Pokemon Go iOS and Pokemon Go Android game, you will not find a major difference when it comes to features! But when it comes to gameplay and the reliability, iOS game to be more smooth as compared to Android game. Well, these are just personal experiences, it might not be the same for all. Not talking more about the comparison, let’s see what’s new in Pokemon Go 1.39.0 iOS version of the game!

  • The stability improvements have been made to make the best out of Pokemon Go game!
  • Pokemon Go iOS game now runs smoothly to find the Pokemon all around you. 🙂
  • The game is not compatible with 5th generation iPod touch, iPhone 4s or earlier iPhone devices. It will work only on devices which have iOS 8, iOS 9 or iOS 10 installed in them.
  • The compatibility is not guaranteed for those devices not having GPS capabilities. So make sure that the GPS is ON in your device, else, you cannot play Pokemon Go game on your iOS device. 😛

This is what you have in Pokemon Go 1.39.0 iOS update of the game which was released on July 18th 2017. You can download the latest version of iOS game right from here. There’s no APK available for Pokemon Go iOS game 🙁 But yes, you can download the Pokemon Go APK Android from below given links 😀

Pokemon Go APK 0.69.0 Download for Android

To download Pokemon GO APK 0.69.0 for Android, you need to follow the procedure given below. Here are the direct links to download Pokemon Go APK 69.0 on your Android smartphones and tablets.Download here

So this is all about the Pokemon Go APK download 0.69.0 post. We hope that you play & enjoy the latest version of the game and take your gaming experience to a next level.

Conclusion of Pokemon Go APK

So this was all about APK Pokemon Go. Do share it with your loved ones so that they can get the latest version on their Android devices and iPhones.

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