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Best Mac for Music Production: The Ultimate Guide!

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Music production in the 21st century has changed drastically. Now you don’t need such expensive music sets and rented extravagant studios to show your talent to the world.

With time, we have seen some renowned artists have switched over Mac rather than going for expensive studio setups. Apple’s Mac products are top-of-the-class devices that give optimal outputs not only with the depth of quality but with the variety of choices to modulate and edit your music to your taste.

The quest for the best Mac for music production ends here as we bring to you our top picks after detailed research.

Best Mac for Music Production

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mac for Music Production

There are a few things you need to keep under consideration before you choose to get a Mac for producing music. The device specifications of the Mac (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, or Mac Mini) depend on what kind of music program you are using and the sophistication of the processes of producing music.

The next move is to test the official machine specs of the software you will be running. This will assist you in deciding the minimum necessary specifications that your Mac should have.

Processor & Memory

A Mac should at least have a 2.2Ghz i7 quad-core processor that is suitable for music production. The formula defines how easily your music ventures will function.

Start with 8GB of RAM at the very least so that you do not have to suffer lag or any delay in your work. Using less than 16 GB of RAM requires having fewer voices for the instrument. Also, it will decrease your work speed and the processing speed of the Mac.


The next specification for you to select the Mac for recording music is the storage. On average, professional software is bound to give you GBs of space for you to work upon.

If you have to choose, start with the Macs that give you a basic 256GB SSD internally. That said, you can always have an additional hard drive or buy a Mac with extra inbuilt storage.

Graphics Card/Video Card

Your Graphics/Video card is a very important part for you to produce some good music. The card is often referred to as games or video editors but it is also needed to produce music and to help you not lag behind while working, so make sure you have the basic one at least.

All these are a few specifications which you should keep in mind which you select for yourself a good Mac which reads your needs.

So first, classify and know what are the specifications that you have been working with and try to choose the best Mac available and the highest of the category of the things as that will give you the perfect output that you desire.

5 Best Mac for Music Production

Here is our list of best Mac for Music Production.

1. New Apple MacBook Pro (2019) Intel Core i9

New Apple MacBook Pro is best for music production

The all-new Apple MacBook Pro comes with a 16-inch Retina display screen which glorifies the whole product. Space Grey color brings out the subtle edges and fine cuts of the MacBook Pro. The device is active and runs on high processors which gives excellent outputs.

The MacBook comes with a choice of 1TB SSD. The storage is enough for you to have lots of space to produce some mind-blowing tunes and not stop deleting the unwanted tunes due to less storage.

Ninth-generation 8-Core Intel Core i9 Processor dashes through the system with super speed making your editing ultra-smooth.

In the new edition, Apple has AMD Radeon Pro 5500M Graphics with GDDR6 memory and a Six-speaker system with force-canceling woofers which gives HD sound quality and it turns to be the best MacBook Pro for music production so far.

To top it, the MacBook keeps functioning up to 11 hours non-stop so you can pull off a good vibe night without having to worry about plugging it in. The added advantage of this new-gen release is the Four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports.

The slim body design makes it easier for you to travel and keep it together with you because let’s be honest, we never know when the inspiration hits us and we will get an amazing music idea.

Key Features

  1. The MacBook Pro comes with a Touch Bar and Touch ID.
  2. 1TB Ultrafast SSD gets you easy access to files.
  3. Up to 11 hours of nonstop battery life.
  4. Comes with an inbuilt Intel UHD Graphics 630.


  1. Super light and easy to carry
  2. High-end Processor
  3. Huge storage with good battery backup
  4. HDR 16-inch Retina Display
  5. Six-speaker system with force-canceling woofers


  1. Exclusion of M1 chip

2. Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip (2020)

Product Awesome Music With All New Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip

The all-new Apple MacBook Air has made the world stop with out-of-the-box specifications. The inclusion of  M1 chips in the processor was the big point of their release.

These new-gen MacBooks have brought music production to a whole new level with an 8-core CPU delivering up to 3.5x faster performance to tackle your projects faster than ever.

One-click and you are good to go with a 13.3-inch Retina display with P3 wide color keeping your graphics intact and sharp images.

The 18hour non-stop working battery life will ensure you can go on and on with your musical nights without giving a second thought on docking your device back to charging and this is what makes it the top-most MacBook Air for music production.

This new version of this magnificent machine gives you the uncharted opportunity to find your jam and produce some really cool music with a humongous 512GB SSD storage.

With 8GB of unified memory, everything you do is fast and fluid. If you are recording, the device even gives a fan-less operation so there is no external noise to add to your music hence giving you a sharp and toned melody.

Up to eight GPU cores with up to 5x faster graphics for graphics-intensive music production and gaming make this machine a BEAST!

Key Features

  1. The M1 Chip high processor.
  2. Superfast SSD storage launches apps and opens files in an instant.
  3. 16-core Neural Engine for advanced machine learning.


  1. M1 chip
  2. 18 hours of battery life
  3. 512GB SSD Storage
  4. Lightweight


  1. Small display size
  2. 8GB RAM (more RAM can be added after purchasing, if needed)

3. New Apple Mac Mini with Apple M1 Chip (2020)

New Apple Mac Mini with Apple M1 Chip for Music Production

Apple practically displays this beast in the video as a good music producer!! They show such faith in one of their latest released Mac types, the all-new Apple Mac Mini with Apple M1 Chip.

This device is an easy to carry, handy Mac with 8-core CPU packs up to 3x faster performance to fly through musical files and edit quicker than ever.

This variant of 256GB SSD is enough for all the producers to go endlessly making some fantastic tunes without having to worry about the constant threat of less storage.

The advanced cooling system sustains breakthrough performance as you can go for hours and hours without having your device crash. Connectivity is made easier with Two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports, one HDMI 2. port, two USB-A ports, and Gigabit Ethernet, so you can just plug and play.

8-core GPU with up to 6x faster graphics for graphics-intensive editing and constant music production makes it a contender for Video production as well apart from music production.

The sleek and slim design allows you to carry it with you to your friend’s house easily so you can have a whole band together without having to worry about carrying those huge instruments.

Next-generation Wi-Fi 6 for faster connectivity makes your downloading and uploading of music tunes easier and faster which helps you connect with your band without any lags.

Of all Macs, this is probably the best Mac Mini for music production. Have a look at some of the key features listed below.

Key Features

  1. Super small and easy to carry with you.
  2. Superfast SSD storage launches apps and opens files in an instant.
  3. Good connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 and various ports.
  4. Contains M1 fast chip making your processor ultrafast.


  1. M1 chip
  2. Sleek design
  3. Good connectivity
  4. Superfast Cooling


  1. Less RAM

4. Apple iMac (21.5-inch)

Apple iMac (21.5-inch)

The first release of the iMac was at the time of Steve Jobs. This beauty comes with a 21.5-inch (diagonal) 4096-by-2304 Retina 4K display for fantastic vision. The stunning 5mm thick display screen makes it look so delicate and yet when you will be producing, your Mac will run like a beast.

Quad-core 8th-Generation Intel Core i3 Processor charges up this classic hardware to make your music production easier and smoother. With Radeon Pro 555x Graphics processor, you can make your tunes without having to worry about lags and constant work on them.

Since the screen needs a plug-in charger, there is no need to worry about the battery dying on you so you can work endless and bring musical life to your imagination.

The Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard which come externally are a piece to adore as you have to connect them with Bluetooth which allows you to give inputs to your desktop even from a faraway distance.

Two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports give an easy plug-and-play edition to your iMac. The beast comes with 1TB storage so you do not have to give a second thought towards storage while experimenting with your musical cords.

Key Features

  1. A huge 21.5 inch display.
  2. 1TB SSD giving you a humongous space to fool around with.
  3. Stunning 5-mm-thin design giving it a sassy look.


  1. 1TB SSD
  2. 21.5 inch display.
  3. 802.11ac Wi-Fi


  1. Desktop
  2. Less RAM

5. Apple iMac (27-inch)

Apple iMac (27-inch) is the best Mac for music production

You felt like 21.5 was much? Just wait till you see the 27-inch Apple iMac with top specs being the best iMac for music production.

First things first, the 27-inch (diagonal) 5120-by-2880 Retina 5K display is mind-blowing and you will love to see all your keys and editing options clearly separated and visible. Radeon Pro 570x, 575x, or 580x Graphics processor makes your experience musical and faster with smoother controls.

From gaming to music production, this is certainly one of the best iMacs for music production. 6-Core 8th-Generation Intel Core i5 processor is fast and smart making your work easier.

The processor is going to make things happen for you as you will have a helping hand through the process. There is always the added benefit of the Magic Mouse and the Magic Keyboard.

These two are Bluetooth connectivity devices that enable easy access to controls from a distance for you to capitalize on your sudden surge of enthusiasm.

To add to its charisma, the desktop comes in 5mm thickness making it look amazing and comfortable for you to have a calm mind and a soothing feeling to get onto your musical chores. And that’s what makes it the best iMac for music production of all available iMac models!

Key Features

  1. 27-inch (diagonal) 5120-by-2880 Retina 5K display makes it look majestic.
  2. Two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports for easy accessibility
  3. 6-Core 8th-Generation Intel Core i5 processor makes this a swift workpiece.


  1. Big screen
  2. Blazing fast processor
  3. Good graphics


  1. Less RAM
  2. Less Mobility

Our Recommendation

We realize all these options are mind-boggling because one tops another from time to time. Though there always has to be the best of the lot, for us, the best Mac for music production is the Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip.

The reason why this tops all the others is that it is light, easy to move with, has the latest M1 chip making the processor that’s really fast, has adequate storage, and enough RAM to support your beautiful music.

Along with that, the 18 hours of constant screen time is always a plus when you are a methodical creator who produces music with inspiration.

All the other options are also good and without any doubt, we would suggest you explore them as per your needs. The variants bring in different uses but choose the one that goes with you.

Once you get your desired Mac to produce music, it’s now time to hunt down the most reliable music production software for your Mac.

3 Best Mac Software for Music Production

We saw all the devices you could get to make some amazing music. Now it’s the turn for which software to use when you want to produce your dream music. Here we list down the top 3 Mac Software for Music Production.

1. Garageband

Garageband App for Music Production on Mac

Apple’s Garageband is an extremely important DAW, especially among beginners. Highly suitable for those in music’s early stages, particularly younger ones, or those who just want to lay down some tracks and make some fun tunes.

However, only because of its versatility and ease of use for filming, some people who tour nationwide still use Garageband. In terms of starting from scratch as your first DAW, we’d go for this over Fruity Loops if you’re on a Mac.

With a user-friendly interface that enables the use of the in-built percussion, synths, and keyboard to imagine your development.

Editing the performance with song loops, music tutorials, etc. down to the note and decibel, the Garageband has it all to make some amazing music.

One can also check out alternatives to Garageband for Windows OS if you’re planning to produce music on a Windows-based PC or laptop.

2. FL Studio 20

Produce Classy Music with FL Studio 20 on any MacBook Pro

One of the most famous programs to date is FL Studio. FL Studio 20 is one of the best names you could think of before you launch your music-making journey.

It is a complete kit for high-standard music composition, arrangement, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. It has the usual pitch shifting, adjustment, time-stretch, cut, paste, and function protocol, but its interface is particularly appropriate for the beginner.

It’ll take a little bit of reading to get started, so you’re free to go once you’ve got the hang of it. There are plenty of YouTube videos dating back to 2005 out there, providing tutorials for practically every feature you need to explain.

Their new edition features over 30 out-of-the-box synth tools, meaning you don’t have to waste any money if you’ve just bought a controller and want any sounds to start fiddling with it.

3. Apple Logic Pro X

Craft Music with Apple's Logic Pro X on any MacBook Air

This is an incredible workstation for digital audio, particularly for those with a Mac. For Logic Pro, what stands out is the design.

Quite advanced to assist with the music-making process by including track consolidation (track stack), instrument layering, an intuitive plug-in control mixer, and a score editor to allow you to build your own MIDI tracks with just a mouse (comes with nine MIDI plug-ins that help you turn the sounds, such as chaining several plug-ins together, scale speed).

For some enjoyable playing and realistic sounding kits, it has a “virtual drummer” feature that features an immersive drum set for the visual execution of drums. It also has an arpeggiator that is stronger than a lot of apps out there, as well as being programmable.

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Which Mac You’re Planning to Buy for Music Production?

We would end this amazing piece by suggesting to you that before selecting, see carefully which Mac you want according to your needs and pick your own favorite.

Tell us which Mac you picked for producing music and we’ll match it with our list of best Mac for music production reviewed above. Stay tuned to Genius Geeks for more such awesome reviews of a plethora of gadgets and accessories.

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