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Magearna QR Code for Australia, UK, USA, Europe, Japan Etc!

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Magearna QR Code

Magearna QR Code for  Europe, Australia and Japan Users added in the content below. The code isn’t released for UK users as of now! So are you ready to use Magearna QR Code on your Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon game? If not, brace yourselves because Magearna QR Code is already released in Australia, US, UK, Europe (EU), Canada, Africa, Asia and many other countries! If you were facing problems while scanning the code on your device, you could read a detailed post on how to fix Magearna QR Code not working issue right now!

There are times when you dream to have the most powerful Pokemon in your Kit. And the time has come to get it by scanning the Code on respective devices! At times, it may not work, but don’t worry, just visit the above-given link to make it working again! You can also have a look at Asphalt Xtreme racing game if you are crazy at racing games 🙂

In this article, I am going to provide you the Magearna QR Code Australia, Magearna QR Code US, Magearna QR Code UK, Magearna QR Code EU and lots more (as of now Magearna is only available in North America)! So keep your eyeballs right here so that you don’t miss the chance of obtaining Magearna Pokemon in your Pokeball!

Magearna QR Code

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How to Get Magearna QR Code

Before you scan the QR code of Magearna, you must know the specialty of it! Aren’t you excited to get into your list after reading the news of QR Code event is now live officially?

I know that everyone out there was waiting for this event to happen and now that Magearna Pokemon has arrived, you must wait for a single second to get it! The reason I am forcing you to do is that, as per few reports, this QR Code of Magearna will not work after March 5th, 2017. So hurry up and join the race in getting your code now!

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Scan Magearna QR Code for Australia, US, UK, Europe, Canada Etc!

Seems like,  Magearna is just available for the users in North America. But you might be the luckiest from Australia, UK, Europe or Canada to try your luck by following the below-given process now!

#1. The first step is to complete the story of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon!

#2. Now, open the X Menu on your device and tap on the QR scanner option.

#3. Visit this link to scan the QR code, or just use the below-given image to do the same (For North Americans Only)! Europe, Japan & Australia  Users, scroll down below to get your code.

Magearna QR Code
For North Americans Only!
Magearna QR code Europe
For Europe Users Only!

Japan Users, scan the below given QR code:


Magearna QR Code Japan
           For Japan Users Only!

For Australian Users, scan below code:

Magearna QR Code Australia
For Australian Users Only!

#4. Try to scan this on your devices.

#5. Once you scan it, Head to the Antiquities of the Ages shops located in Hau’oli City to get your Magearna.

#6. Ensure that you save the game, once you get Magearna after scanning QR code and visiting the place!

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Conclusion of Magearna QR Code!

This is how you can easily scan the code for the respective countries! We will keep you updated once we get the Magearna QR code Australia, Magearna QR code UK, Magearna QR code Europe and Magearna QR code for Canada! Till then, stay tuned to our blog.

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