10 Best Emoji Keyboards for Android that will make you go Bonkers!

Emoji Keyboards for Android

As Emojis play an important role in texting, have fun texting with today’s best 10 Emoji keyboards for Android. Android has been popular for the sole reason that it gives the user, an ability to customize the phone the way he/she wants. While this customization is helping the Android base expand at a splendid rate, it has around a 1.5 billion incredulous activated user count in its bag and a whopping market share of 82%.

Millions of devices are being sold and activated daily across the globe, and the number will be double within no time if the acceleration goes with the same pace. Coming to the vast domain of features that can be customized, replacement of the stock keyboard is the one that most of the users do as soon as they get hold of the Android device.

Amusingly, the effect has even reached the Apple that the iOS is recently allowing the users to install the keyboard apps (third party). Other than that, GBA4iOS is also a third party app for iOS users. However, Android users are blessed with many options to download emoji keyboards for Android (While most of us only know a couple of the keyboards like the Google Keyboard or the Swift Keyboard).

What are Android Emoji Keyboards?

A smartphone user (Mobile user, actually) who doesn’t know about emojis are like aliens living on the earth. It is ignorance if you don’t make use of emojis as the world these days is running on them. This can be proved with the recent update of Facebook adding “Love,” “Wow,” “Sad” and “Angry” emoji options to the default “Like” option for the uploads.

Emoji Keyboard for Android

Therefore, it only makes sense for us to choose one of the emoji keyboards for Android with best emojis along with the adequate functionality. But, a big drawback of using the reputable apps is that they have access to your passwords while meddling with your privacy concerns. The Emoji Keyboards for Android contain emojis just like characters through which you can simply send them with a single tap on the keyboard’s interface.

Why use these Emoji Keyboards for Android?

Imagine having a hectic day, and just when you reached home, someone who’s so dear to you has pinged you on say, WhatsApp. Even when you don’t have a tiny bit of energy left in you to have a conversation, you will be forced to reply them in such situations. By having an emoji keyboard for Android, one can send the emojis to express what they feel, how they are and sometimes these emojis also help you in saying things which can’t be put in words.

For example, while texting your crush; you can casually send a “Kiss” smiley or a “Heart” smiley without actually saying that you like them, leaving it for them to interpret. Therefore, considered to be the best as virtual facial expressions; the emojis play a major role in our day to day lives.

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Keyboards for Android

That being said, here are 10 best Emoji Keyboards for Android that you can install to replace the default keyboard. Have a look!

List of Top 10 Emoji Keyboards for Android

  1. Google Keyboard for Android
  2. SwiftKey Keyboard
  3. Go Keyboard for Android
  4. SlideIT Keyboard
  5. Minuum Keyboard
  6. I Type Free Emoji Keyboard
  7. Touchpal Cute Emoji Keyboard for Android
  8. Swype Keyboard for Android
  9. Hacker’s Keyboard
  10. Flesky + GIF Keyboard

So this is the full list of Emoji keyboards for Android smartphones and tablets. Now let’s see each and every Emoji keyboard’s features and the official source to download Keyboards for Android devices!

#1. Google Keyboard

Google does its best in any field and it’s the same with the app development. This best Emoji Keyboard for Android is clean, simple and elegant that around 70% of the Android users use this keyboard because of the various emojis, material design, themes, languages, gesture typing and text to speech option.


  1. It can complete a word with gesture typing (even the longer words) where you can select the word through sliding.
  2. You can dictate the text through the voice typing.
  3. Prediction is sophisticated with automatic corrections and word suggestions.
  4. Importantly, it gives you hundreds of emojis to choose from by pressing the “Enter” key.
  5. If a word is typed once, it will be added to the personal dictionary without any manual interference.
  6. By sliding fingers, you can use the gesture delete option and also the gesture cursor control option as well.
  7. By tapping on the “?!☺” key; you will be temporarily taken to the symbol/emoji interface.

Google Keyboard for Android

On the whole, the layout can be customized where you can upload your pictures along with advanced preferences which make the emoji keyboard preferable. If you’re a heavy texter, it is recommended to use the Google Keyboard for its user-friendly navigation and ease of use.

Compatibility: Android 4.4 and above.

Price: Free (No in-app purchases)

Download Link: Google Keyboard

#2. SwiftKey Keyboard

Known as the prominent best Emoji Keyboard app for Android devices, it has one of the amazing UI with the traditional swiping features. There are many layout options with different sizes including the thumb mode. The thumb mode bifurcates the left half of the keyboard with the right half. It is also excellent in offering many languages and where you don’t have to swap between them.


  1. Just swipe to enter the text with the SwiftKey Flow option.
  2. Autocorrect is precise without any errors that it kills your typos efficiently.
  3. Learns your nicknames, phrases and slangs.
  4. Typing can be done faster with the A.I powered predictions.
  5. 80+ designs, themes, and colors.
  6. A domain of 100+ languages with bilingual auto correction.
  7. An alluring best emoji app for Android which predicts the favorite emojis.

SwiftKey Emoji KeyboardIt requests access to your default text messages for better word predictions, and few of the features are only supported by the specific version of the Android.

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and above

Price: Free (In-app purchases)

Download Link: SwiftKey Keyboard

#3. Go Keyboard

If you’re a slow texter; Go keyboard is the Emoji Keyboard Android for you as it offers suggestions, voice-to-text feature, shortcuts, swipe to enter feature with a domain of 60 different languages and many layouts like the Qwerty, Qwertz, Azerty et.al. It supports around 10,000 themes. Therefore, you can make your device beautiful with this.


  1. Using this Emoji Keyboard for Android, you can turn the text into emojis and emoticons. Communicate with different emojis that you have never seen before like the “^ω^” keys.
  2. If you are into cool pictures, you can get hold of millions of stickers in this app. Amazing isn’t?
  3. It has a big set of 800 emojis, emoticons, and stickers including weird smiley face like the (ʘ‿ʘ) using which you can express yourself precisely.
  4. There are around 10,000 themes which are updated weekly.
  5. It is smart enough to recognize errors, and it provides you the right spellings, suggestions making you type faster and easier.
  6. Interestingly, it offers 100 fonts like the Rayna, Basileia, Elgtion and Toshiyana allowing you to customize more.
  7. Also, it never collects any personal info and therefore ensures privacy and security at an enhanced level.

Go Keyboard

On the whole, the Go keyboard is best used for people who try to experiment with their texting instead of going for the same platonic texting routine.

Compatibility: All

Price: Free (In-app purchases)

Download Link: Go Keyboard

#4. SlideIT Keyboard

Excellent for dramatically texting with high speed without even having a learning curve, it stands out among the Free Emoji Apps for Android that ease the typing effort with the sliding option. It has many features, and the recent SlideIT 7 version which was released after fixing many bugs and issues supports many languages with next word advanced predictions.


  1. Around 60 skins are available to install from the Android market.
  2. With 6,000,000 downloads; it is selected as the best seller and also the Google editor’s choice.
  3. It has an entire interface with all kinds of emojis making you exclusively expressive.
  4. It offers disambiguation along with user-friendly smart predictions.
  5. It has a database of thousands of layouts and 70 different language packs.
  6. It has the speech-to-text feature through which you can just speak to text.
  7. The keyboard can be customized using your picture as a background.
  8. One can import the contacts to the keyboard’s database from the phone.

SlideIT Keyboard

In case if you’re looking for the time-saving keyboard for sending bulk texts, SlideIT is the best Emoji Keyboard App for you.

Compatibility: Android 2.2 and above

Price: Trial for 15 days

#5. Minuum Keyboard

MINUUM™ is the smaller and smarter keyboard and if you’re someone with little fingers, this is a boon to you. Through this best emoji keyboard for Android, one can type sloppy and as well as fast with the right emoticon at the fingertip. You can enable the one-handed typing or entirely change the keyboard layout to save the screen space.


  1. The Minuum Emoji Keyboard offers bonus panels like the clipboard tool panel, the cursor control panel, the search and share panel (through which you can access dictionaries like the thesaurus), the typing speed panel and the Android emoji keyboard panel with 856 emoticons.
  2. The smart auto-correction minimizes all kind of errors.
  3. You can use the key magnification feature to enlarge the character entry.
  4. You can also get a full-sized keyboard by dragging the character bar.
  5. Much to your amusement, it also offers emoji suggestions with vocabulary control.
  6. If you have the split-screen feature, you can multitask with this effectively.

Minuum Emoji Keyboard for Android

On a whole, this can be used best for professional purposes as it offers high level of accuracy.

Compatibility: All

Price: Trial for 30 days

Download Link: Minuum Keyboard

#6. A.I Type Free Emoji Keyboard

With a 40 million worldwide user base, the free emoji keyboard transforms your texting experience. The app lets you type faster and grasp your slang within few minutes. The highlights include fonts, colors and themes, layouts, 800 emoji icons etc.


  1. The Emoji Keyboard download contains thousands of attractive and free themes, layouts that can be downloaded from the market.
  2. You can also design your layout or your theme and upload them on the market for millions of users to download them and rate them.
  3. The scrollable emoji layout helps you navigate through the 800 different emojis and the 1000 graphical characters. The latest version also supports GIFS, elevating the visual acuity.
  4. It offers completion, prediction, auto correction in 50 different languages along with suggesting smart auto smiley for your content.
  5. You can also use the effective top fifth row to add numbers, emojis, and punctuations to the primary interface.
  6. It also dictates the words as you type them through voice narration feature.

A.I Type Free Emoji Keyboard

Looking for a privacy-rich app? This keyboard is the right choice for you.

Compatibility: All

Price: Free

#7. Touchpal Cute Emoji Keyboard

Bored with the same pale and dry words every day? Well, express yourself more with the Touchpal Cute Emoji Keyboard that offers 800+ emojis on the whole. The emojis are cute and colorful, and they are shown perfectly on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Talk, WeChat, Line, SMS, Emails and many more applications.


  1. It contains a domain of 800+ keyboard emojis, smileys, and emoticons. The emojis come in three different styles, say Android Robot(the default black and white), Kitkat (Android 4.4 and above), Facebook.
  2. It supports many fancy and beautiful Keyboard themes that can be downloaded from the market and it supports around 97+ languages.

Touchpal Cute Emoji Keyboard

Therefore, download this cute Emoji keyboard and add pleasure to the texting experience.

Compatibility: Android 4.2 and above

Price: Free

#8. Swype Keyboard

Swype is currently considerably more adaptable with fresh themes, layouts, and many Emojis. Swype is about you and which is why it is the best Emoji app for Android. Whether you’re a quick tapper, correct typer or love to Swype, it shows signs of improvement, quicker console encounter that gets more brilliant the more you utilize it. Swype bolsters Hindi, English, Hinglish and more Indian dialects.


  1. Press and hold the Swype Key to get to the Swype Store and tweak your console.
  2. Swype permits you to rapidly peruse through many Emojis and express your feelings outwardly.
  3. It contains many new themes like the Holi, many flags along with game subjects giving you a chance to alter your interface altogether.
  4. Using Swype, you can customize your vibration length, the size of the interface, long-squeeze time et.al.
  5. Swype underpins more than 80 downloadable slangs and dialects.
  6. Swype Keyboard’s Living Language stays up with the latest with a constant, swarm sourced and news determined dialect demonstrate that gives you prompt access to our consistently redesigned dialect word reference.
  7. Along with that, it offers prediction, correction, suggestion along with the voice typing feature.

 Swype Keyboard

Therefore, on a whole Swype is best used for multilingual usage.

Compatibility: All

Price: $0.99

#9. Hacker’s Keyboard

In case if you’re missing the keyboard layout that is used on your computer, Hacker’s Keyboard is specifically recommended for you.


  1. It has separate keys, punctuation marks, arrows just like the regular computer keyboard.
  2. It is designed based on the Gingerbread AOSP keyboard, and therefore it supports multitouch option for many modifier keys.
  3. If you’re using ConnectBot or similar software for SSH access, this keyboard is best suitable for you.
  4. It contains Esc/Ctrl/Tab keys along with the arrows for devices without a D-Pad or trackball.
  5. The dictionary comes as a plug-in with multiple languages.

Hacker's Keyboard for Android

You can also resize the Hacker’s keyboard to just four different rows and make it look like an Android keyboard instead or you can use it as laptop keyboard by rotating it into landscape mode.

Compatibility: All

Price: Free

Download Link: Hacker’s Keyboard

#10. Flesky + GIF Keyboard

Being the most entertaining Emoji Keyboard for Android, it is also the fastest keyboard which allows you to send GIFs and therefore has become more popular during the recent times. It also offers different extension options like the Shortcuts, Invisible Keyboard, Editor, Rainbow Key Pops, Number Tow, Android Launcher etc.


  1. Using the Flesky extensions, one can incredibly customize the keyboard and make it more functional.
  2. It offers 40+ themes, three customizable sizes and also allows you to type with intuitive gestures and record-setting speed.
  3. The themes include The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Frozen and various other favorite movies and shows including the Game of Thrones.

Flesky, GIF & Emoj iKeyboard for Android

Being one of the top Emoji Keyboards for the Android users, people become fan of Flesky within minutes after downloading, and the credit goes to the ‘invisible’ keyboard extension plugin.

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and above

Price: Free (In-app purchases)

Download Link: Flesky + GIF Keyboard

Conclusion of Android Emoji Keyboards!

Now that you’ve gone through all the Best Emoji Keyboards for Android along with their overview, features, compatibility, and prices; select the one which suits you the best and also the one which allows you to express yourself most than the standard keyboard for Android and download it now!

Also, explore through the various extensions, plugins, themes, colors, layouts and customize your keyboard with the available in-app purchases to elevate the typing experience and to make it impeccable.

If you have any issues in installing any one of these best Android Emoji keyboards, approach us in the comment section below so that we can get back to you with further guidance related to the problem. Till then keep smiling and make your friends cry using different emojis on Android keyboard. Don’t forget to take a look at Android Category to download more apps on your Android devices!

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