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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Download on PC via Steam!

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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

There are several games available on the internet for PCs and MAC devices. Recently a new game has surfaced on the internet that can be downloaded via Steam. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, is in early access category on steam and you still can get your hands on. The game is developed by Rob Weaver who was working on a virtual reality title seven months ago, and somehow the project morphed into this game, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

About UEBS

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator (UEBS) lets you place your army. The army may consist of soldiers, animals, zombies and even Santa Clauses. And later you can set them up for a battle. The players can put hundreds and thousands of huge challenges by changing their army and strategies. Let us learn more about the gameplay, its review and how you can set it up on your machines.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Download

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Gameplay

  • As the name of the game suggests, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator features a battling army that can be chosen and then strategized in such a way that you can create your custom battling scenarios.
  • The game is made in such a way that the character appears as if they’ve skeletons beneath the flexible skin. The realistic appeal to the game has been given, and the developer is calling it as ‘skin to meshes and bone’ feel.
  • As the character moves the mesh bends and then the bones act and show their movements. This whole takes up a lot of resources on your computer. And this is one of the many reasons because of which the specs required for playing Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is too damn high.
  • The game has been made as flexible as possible.
  • You can create your characters and can add n number of powers and use n number of battling strategies in the game.
  • There are over 10,000 units that can be used in the army while battling.
  • Moreover, if we go by the words of the developer of the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator game, he says that there is no limit whatsoever on the number of army men that you can incorporate in the battle. It depends on the ability of your computer power.
  • You get the ability to choose from any armour that you can imagine of, the graphics of the game are top-notch. Every bright surface seen in the game illuminates its surroundings and effects the lighting overall.

How to Download Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

The Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator the pre-release version has been listed on the Steam library that is available for Windows machines. Steam is an online platform that lets you play games online; you can build your online communities and can interact with fellow players.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator need your system to fulfil some of the necessities as it takes up high on the resources. Here are the details of the system specifications required for the running Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator game.

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UEBS System Requirements

Operating System: As it runs via Steam, your machine must have the Steam engine installed for the proper functioning of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. The Steam engine supports almost all the operating systems, Windows and MAC OS are also supported for downloading Steam. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, unfortunately, supports only the Windows Operating system (Windows Vista and above)

RAM: At least 8 GB of RAM is required for the game to work properly.

Processor: Intel Core i5 4590, AMD FX 8320 or greater.

Graphics: Any high-quality graphics card with at least 1 GB of graphics memory is required to run Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. AMD Radeon HD 5770 1024MB | NVIDIA GTS 450 1024MB | Intel HD4000 @720P.

Direct X 11 and above

Hard Disk Space: Near around 5 GB of free space is required for the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator game, for installing game files and game save data.

As the game is under the pre-released category only a few of the many Steam account holders have access to the game. And the game will be made available to you if you are ready to pay $15.99

Although there are several websites that have uploaded the game to several other servers so that it can be played on any machine without Steam. Those websites can be highly dangerous at times, and we would not recommend you to download the game from there. You should avoid piracy.

 Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Free Download

  • Head over to the Steam link provided and make an account.
  • And then you can download the Steam software of your windows machine. You can do so by the green ‘Install Steam’ button, that is available on the top right part of the main page of the Steam website.
  • Once the steam software is downloaded and installed, you need to log in to your Steam account.
  • Now, go to the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator page on the Steam software or the Steam web page using a browser. Enter in the login credentials and purchase the game by paying $15.99
  • Now the game purchase will be added to your steam account which will reflect on the Steam software on your PC.
  • You can then fire up the Steam engine software and download the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator on your PC.
  • The download may take time depending on your internet connection speed.
  • The game once downloaded will be installed automatically, and the steam application will make you run the game from there only.


There are several YouTubers that have played the game already; you can search YouTube if you want to have a glimpse and detailed reviews about the game. You’ll be able to see the custom army that they’ve formed and how they are battling. In a near future, you might even get hack and cheats of the game from here. Let us know, in the comments down below if you face any issues during the installation of the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator game on your Windows PC; our team will help you out.

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