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How to Remove Live Weather Widget from Taskbar on Windows 11

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Want to remove the weather widget in the Taskbar? Here is what to do?

Many users have reported that they don’t like a yellow dot on the taskbar. By removing the weather widget, you can get the old taskbar back. Windows 11 comes with some new and redesigned widgets but still, users are not like them.

When you update to Windows 11, you will see a small yellow dot on the left side of the taskbar. Now it is there because of the live weather update widget. If you don’t need it, you can simply disable it and fix the issue.

How to Remove the Weather Widget from Taskbar

It is very easy to remove the weather widget and it tasks only a few minutes.

To remove the weather widget, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the widget gallery. To open it, click on the Live Weather option in the left side corner of the taskbar. You can also press the Windows + W key on your keyboard to open the widget gallery option.

open the widget gallery by clicking on the ‘Live Weather’ tile

You can swipe to the right from the left edge screen to access the widget gallery.

Step 2: In the widget gallery, find and hover over the weather card.

Step 3: Then find and click on the three-dot icon > choose the Remove widget option from the menu.

choose the ‘Remove widget’ option

This action will remove the weather card and its widget from the taskbar.

How to Disable Widgets Button in the left taskbar

Windows 11 taskbar includes widgets. If you are not using these taskbar widgets then you can disable them.

Step 1: First open Windows 11 settings using Windows + I button on your keyboard.

Step 2: In the settings, find and click on the Personalization option from the left sidebar.

click on the ‘Personalization’ tab

Step 3: In the Personalization tab, find and click on the Taskbar in the right sidebar.

click on the ‘Taskbar’ tile

You can also right-click on the taskbar > select Taskbar settings.

Open taskbar settings

Step 4: In the Taskbar settings, find the widgets option and then turn it off using the toggle. You will see that widgets are now disabled in the taskbar.

Disable Widget

This will remove Remove Live Weather Widget in your Windows 11 taskbar.

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Remove Live Weather Widget is helpful if you like to check the Weather regularly. If you are facing issues with your taskbar or lag issue then you can disable Weather widgets using the above methods.

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