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Microsoft built the Windows 8 system from the scratch and the footsteps were followed by Windows 10 as well. The entire operating system is very different from its predecessor, Windows 7, from a functional point of view and UI front. The Metro, now known as Modern, UI was optimized to serve both tablets and desktop users in Windows 8. The lack of start orb and many other UI overhaul may put new users in dilemma. Whereas, Windows 10 is a complete package of better UI and UX overall. 

However, it is just a matter of time before you get used to Windows 10 modern UI approach. In case, if you are still struggling to get used to of the new OS then you can download Windows 10 book for dummies to help you out. Of course, you can rely on genius geeks to serve you with the best information.

The new control panel, system settings, notification settings, app store, search function and tons of other changes have been astutely integrated into the system. In the past, we mentioned some of the smart ways to get back Windows 7 look on Windows 8 (here and here).

But if you’re a geek and do not like to rely on such cosmetic changes, then you should definitely read Windows 10 for dummies book to get accustomed with the new Windows 10 OS.

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Windows 10 for Dummies [Free eBook]

The eBook is available for free in PDF format and it’s just under 12 MB in size. There are several sections that give you a detail explanation about the user interface and how it works. Following chapters have been included in the eBook.

Chapter 1: Getting in touch with Windows 10

Chapter 2: Using the Start Screen and Apps

Chapter 3: Adjusting Windows 10 Settings

Chapter 4: Working with User Accounts

Chapter 5: Getting Comfortable with the Desktop

Chapter 6: Finding What You Need on the Web

Chapter 7: Emailing Family and Friends

Chapter 8: Exploring Apps of Your Daily Life

Chapter 9: Exploring the Microsoft Store

Chapter 10: Taking Photos and More

Chapter 11: Enjoying Music and Videos

Chapter 12: Maintaining Windows 10

Chapter 13: Connecting a Printer or Other Devices

Chapter 14: Organizing Your Documents

Chapter 15: Backing Up and Restoring Files

It is a 339 pages long eBook that is graphically enriched and gives you every bit of information that helps to understand Windows 10 system thoroughly (an expert level book as well as good for Dummies).

Well, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the original Windows 10 for dummies eBook and get acquainted with the new OS by Microsoft. You can also visit our Windows 10 app gallery to download some of the best apps for Windows 10 system.

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Ricky Shah
Ricky Shah

Ricky started GeniusGeeks in 2009 and there's no turning back since then! His flair of writing Windows OS related technical articles has been his hallmark! When not writing, he's often found exploring productivity and project management tools!

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