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How to Download Free eBooks for Kindle Fire Legally

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Getting a free eBook for your newly purchased Kindle Fire is not a big errand, but to get it from legitimate source is a big ask. The internet is a huge repository of information available in several different formats. Later, gadgets came in various sizes and equipped with various functionalities to read the content in different formats spread all over the internet. The latest addition to this arsenal is a Kindle Fire eBook reader, which aids in reading different eBooks available on the internet. However, the basic question to download free eBooks for Kindle Fire remained still there. Well, let’s try to solve the ambiguous puzzle in this post.


download free ebooks for kindle fire

The free eBook for Kindle Fire are in abundance but are waiting for you to explore them. There are a variety of sites, legit and not-so-legit, that distributes free eBooks from various genres. Of late, many e-book creators started jumping the bandwagon of eBook to serve the content in one of the easiest media of all time. Moreover, for environment savvy people, it helps the cause. Unlike, hard copy where plenty of woods, ink and other environmental elements used to create a book, an eBook consumes no such material. In a nutshell, it eliminates the use of physical books. Moreover, eBooks are easy to find and one can virtually carry millions of eBooks on their device without any burden.

The Amazon Kindle eBooks market is full of paid eBooks which makes it a tad difficult for avid readers to approach them. There are people of certain category who breaks the barriers and find some other way to get hands on those paid resource (call them pirates of eBooks land). But we’re not here to promote piracy nor to support them directly or indirectly. Following are some of the best resources to get free eBooks for Kindle Fire to live your life with dignity.

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Sites to Get Free eBooks for Kindle Fire

project gutenberg


Project Gutenberg has a catalog of over 40,000 free eBooks. The books have been digitized and proofed by volunteers to ensure the legality. Unfortunately, those eBooks are free for United States residents only. Any person outside U.S. should check their law before downloading or utilizing the free eBook resource on their Kindle Fire tablet. If you feel generous enough, you could donate a small payment through various resources to help the cause.

There are hundreds of categories and plethora of languages supported by this project. The site is also optimized for mobile making it possible for other device owners to read eBooks on their devices. They support a variety of formats and eBook readers.

free ebooks for kindle fire


Amazon itself is a great resource of free eBook for Kindle Fire. There are literally  thousand of free ebooks available in the repository of Amazon. Now, how do you find them easily? The simplest way to do that is to sort them according to price and ensure that lowest price is shown first. The second easiest method is to search for 0.00 on Amazon which will enlist all free ebooks for you (see here).

Of course, you won’t be able to get better titles for free but is still a good start for those who are looking to explore free resources.

book lending


There’s also an Amazon Kindle lending club which works in a similar fashion to the real world. Users can lend his or her ebook once to fellow partner or users. This is a great way to explore more eBooks or ask other members to lend their books so you can enjoy them for free. Of course, there are certain rules and conditions you’re entitled to follow.

share kindle fire ebook

ebookfling (Not working)

Similar to booklending, ebookfling  swap unlimited ebooks with thousands of other like minded people. The idea behind the site is to trade Kindle and Nook books to other members so you don’t have bear all the costs in buying your favorite books. All you have to do is create a list of all your Kindle or Nook books and send them to via email if someone requests it from you. This way you earn credits for your fling which can then be utilized to grab books from someone else.

In case, if you don’t have “borrow” credits, you can purchase them at $2.99 which is dart cheap compared to many books available on the ebook store.


There are many other projects similar to Project Gutenberg  over the internet (bookyards, feedbooks, baen) but most of the time project Gutenberg serves the purpose. Even, Amazon has a list of thousands of free eBooks for Kindle Fire. It is just a matter of time before you will realize how easy is to download free ebooks form various resources. In case, if your favorite ebook is not available for free, you can explore more resources like booklending or ebookfling to exchange the ebook with other people.

At last, feel free to share more resources with us from where our reader can share, lend,borrow or download free eBooks for Kindle Fire.

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