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How to Search an App in Windows 8 Store?

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search apps games in windows 8 storeOf late, we have started providing some of the useful apps for Windows 8 users. However, people often ask me, how one can search an app in Windows 8 store? The metro UI of Windows 8 is intuitive, but often leads to confusion since users are used to the traditional Windows UI seen in likes of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Initially, the new user interface inspired from Windows Phone metro tile will bemuse the people so we decided to lend a helping hand to users so they can get used to newest and greatest OS from Microsoft. It is an utter unjust to write off the future of Windows 8, not just yet.

The traditional start button has been replaced in Windows 8. This makes it difficult for veteran avid users of Windows OS to find out different stuff- be it applications or games. Microsoft has also introduced Windows 8 store from where users can download new apps for Windows 8. In case, if you’re wondering what kind of apps are already available then you can follow below posts to see what’s in store for you

Of course, over the period of time expect us to cover more applications. We’re also in the process of writing a detailed review of some of the Windows 8 apps already available in store. Keeping aside all this matter for time being, let’s move on to see how one can search for an app in Windows 8 store? This is a first of our Windows 8 tutorial. Interested people can check out our list of best Twitter Clients for Windows 8 users.

Search for App in Windows 8

Following are the steps to search for apps in Windows 8 store.

Step 1: Go to start screen. Press Windows button and make a search in case if you do not know how to go to start screen in Windows 8.

Step 2: From here, select Store option (click on the little basket icon).

windows 8 store

Step 3: This will take you to the Windows 8 store. To search applications/ games in Windows 8 store Press Windows+Q from the keyboard. This will bring search option. From drop down menu select Store again. It will filter out other search option and search for apps in Windows 8 only.

windows 8 store search

Step 4: It will bring a ‘Search Bar’ with Store written on the top. It also implies that it will look in Windows 8 store for the typed search-term. Take a look at the screenshot to understand what I want to say. After all, a picture speaks more than a thousand words.

search app in windows 8 store

Windows 8 store also provide an option to filter out the result based on categories, prices and relevance. Those options further provide sub-option to choose from. For example, if you’re looking for a game then select Games’ option from ‘All categories’ option. Similarly, you can narrow down your search based on price say for example FREE games.


All in all, it’s quite easy to search for an application on Windows 8 store from the search option itself. All you need to do is fire up Windows+Q key and you’re good to go. Installing an application from Windows 8 store is equally easy but we will cover it sometime later.

Meanwhile, feel free to drop a comment if you’re stuck at any step or do not understand our detailed steps. We would love to illustrate them in a more simpler way in case if you are not comfortable with text based tutorial. We are sure the above step by step guide will help you to search for your desired app in Windows 8 store.

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